Not much to be said about this but maybe a dash of hope.

ESPN.COM: Team Yao featured Yao Ming of the Houston Rockets, Yi Jianlian of the Milwaukee Bucks and Sun Yue of the Los Angeles Lakers (who looked very impressive).

  • rpouncy14

    Yea, He’s very impressive.

  • kyler_hay

    [quote comment=”13457″]Yea, He’s very impressive.[/quote]
    he the chinesse majic

  • BEC

    So what? It was a charity game, proves nothing. Anyone know if hes getting a roster spot with the lakers or will he still be playing internationally? Kind of curious how hed stand up against NBA talent.

  • lakerfan81

    He is playing internationally at least for one more year. I watched him play in the summer league and came a way with a few impressions. He is a very talented passer, a true PG (pass first) at 6’8” or whatever he is. I didn’t see him finish very much at the rim and he doesn’t shoot from the outside. He needs to improve on (among other things but from what I saw these are the main areas), strength, shooting, quickness. I haven’t seen him enough to make an actual judgment on him. I would like to see him play in the D league (or at least the European league) to get better competition but I think he has to stay with his current team.