RealGM: Sun Yue helped make a name for himself while leading China in this year’s Olympics and hopes to show himself to the world in the NBA, according to China Daily.

Yue was selected with the fortieth overall pick in this June’s NBA Draft by the Lakers, and the team has reportedly agreed to terms with the point guard on a deal.

“I want to show myself to the world,” said Sun. “I tried to do my best and play my part on the court. For me, every second counts at the Olympics, so I want to take the chance to let people know me.”

Sun played against his future teammate Kobe Bryant, during China’s opening round loss to the United States.

“I met Kobe and told him I’d like to play with him next season, he said ‘OK’, and ‘see you in training camp’,” Sun added.

The league’s MVP appears to be impressed with his newest teammate, as well.

“I think he’s very talented, actually,” said Bryant. “I was very impressed by him. I think he has great size, great length, good shooting touch, good ball handler, good vision, good pace.”

“I was surprised at his size right off the top. He was able to handle the ball. I tried to test him a little bit, see if he could go left, go right, that sort of thing. So I like him.”


    Glad to have you in a LAKER uniform YUE.

  • Whatsa

    That’s cute.

  • Billy Kupchak

    YUEEEE! :D

  • domidomdomz

    wow..i thought kobe didnt like him..i guess i was wrong..

  • PhilJackson


  • Jamie Spears Insider

    Good stuff!

  • Mamba2410

    I’m not sure if he’ll fit in our offense but he’s got great talent and potential, no doubt about that, he’ll be good in the NBA, hopefully he’ll be great for us.

  • lyk13

    Please call him Sun Yue, or Sun, Sun is the surname, or Last Name.

    Glad to have a fellow chinese on the Lakers…:D


    We can’t wait either…LET THE SEASON START NOW!

  • S-quire

    Wasn’t he drafted last year and not in “this year’s NBA Draft?” I was excited about him last year, I think he played some ball in Canada too?

  • lakers08-09

    yeah it was last year,when all you cup cake haters were on Mitch.
    You haters(& you know who you R)don’t know when you have something sweet.
    The thing is Prictchard is the best GM in basketball & has those two stud Spanish guys. The Lakers finally got the depth,so that they did not need the 2nd round picks right away.The Tank looked good.No one gave Mitch his credit in the draft.The Spurs have been doing it years.

  • xtro

    Dragon in L.A.!!

  • LakersFirst

    The best place to show one’s basketball ability is on the greatest, and most popular, NBA franchise ever … the Los Angeles Lakers

  • thomas

    lf he is anything close to what the chinese blew him up to be he will ba pretty good and get a substabtial amount of playing time because Phil likes big guards

  • yellowpurplefever

    This is a Great signed. He was not the 1st rounder or draft pick, so less pressure for him to succeed. I think he’s gonna contribute more than Yi of NJ. We will see if Phil gives him some quality time. The guy play for the ABA 2-3 yrs and many international matches, so mentally he’s gonna be there, but physically and conditioning he’s gonna need to work at training camp. Can’t wait for pre-season!!