Yes, I know its easier said than done, but it needs to be said…

Kwame Brown is a very sensitive individual, and that could very well be an understatement. Kobe pointed this out during his postgame comments Thursday night. Kwame’s play takes a landslide when his home crowd is against him. It happened in Washington and its happened here.

What Kwame Brown needs is support, even if that support is as real as Splenda. Think back to the Playoffs last year, Kwame has a solid stretch in Game. 4 and the crowd started to rally behind him. What happened? Kwame Brown probably played his best basketball in Purple and Gold.

Its no couincidence, Kwame’s sensitivity shows on the court. If you want the guy to play well, try supporting him out there. No matter how hard it might be. This entire team needs our support, ‘booooing’ the home team doesn’t help (look at the Knicks). That is stressed when the starting center of your team has the emotional sensitivity of a 5-year-old girl. Help the cause… don’t ‘boooo’ Kwame.

Bottom Line: Kwame Brown panics under pressure.

When fans start to ‘booo’ him, he wants to make up for it by doing too much. He wants to win us back and he’s not capable of doing that.

He’s our center until Andrew comes back, we have to deal with that.

Kobe Bryant said this about the incident after the game:

“I thought it was terrible,” said Kobe Bryant, who led the Lakers with 30 points and seven rebounds. “If they want to do that, they can stay home. He’s going to be our guy here for two months. He’s going to do fine, he’s going to play well the next game.

“Kwame’s sensitive. You boo him, it’s going to affect him. I told him I’ve got his back.”

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  • kobester1234

    yea but for god sakes he was a number 1 pick overall..this is his 5th or 6th year in the league and he needs to play like one.

  • daddy

    i agree whole heartedly, to fill the shoes of bynum is a monumental task. kwame brings a different dynamic to the starting 5, but its okay..we’ll pick it up!

  • hZm

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    We didn’t pick him #1, the Wizards did.

    It has already been established, Kwame Brown will never play to the potential he had coming into the league. Ever. The few people that are still holding hope to that need to come to the realization.

  • hZm

    [Comment ID #22639 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Who wants him? I believe Mitch and company have been trying to trade him for a while now.

    Not too many takers.

    I think we’re stuck with this guy.

  • two0one7

    Boo Kwame if you want, just know that Kobe doesn’t agree with you:

    – The team was unanimous in their support for Kwame Brown. There was a sequence where he missed shots and turned the ball over with the crowd booing his every move. No one in the Laker locker room was happy with how he was treated by the fans.

    – Kobe Bryant on Kwame, “I thought it was terrible actually. I don’t think they should react to that and if they do they should stay home. He’s going to be our center for two months and if anything they should support him. You can’t tear him down. He’s going to be our guy here for two months. We’re going to ride with him. I told him ‘I’ve got his back. I don’t care how many times they boo you.'”

    “He’s our guy. We’ve got to continue to pick him. He’s going to do fine. He’s going to play well. He’s going to play well next game – and they should chant his name next game.”

    Finally – “They’re Laker fans. They should be here to support us and help us win – not to boo a guy who struggled even more. Kwame is sensitive. If you boo him, it’s going to affect him. I think everybody here wants us to win – and we want to win. We have to do things that are going to encourage our guy to perform well and next game he’ll do much better.”

    – Other Lakers who spoke out on his behalf (in my earshot) were Lamar Odom, Jordan Farmar and Ronny Turiaf. Brown wasn’t in the locker room postgame by the time the media arrived.

  • drew


    We forget that athletes are people too and they all feel differently towards the way the crowd responds. Kwame is not going to do what Bynum was doing…duh, but Kwame has the potential to be a helpful part of this team, but he really needs the support.

    We forget that he is still coming back off the injury and getting back into game shape… i hate when everyone says he doesn’t try… we don’t know that maybe he is trying his best, but its really hard to live up to all these expectations… its not easy being a great player in this league.

    Early in the season Phil said Kwame was paying attention and committing to his workouts when he was getting back from his injuries. Last year Phil said Kwame would be looking in the mirror and all that stuff, but this year he was actually working out. Maybe its cause it is his contract year, but still he is trying.


  • AndrewT

    Kwame Brown should make it easier for us to cheer him. I don’t expect him to put up Bynum’s numbers but every time he grabs the ball I want to avert my eyes because I know there’s a fumble followed by a Tim Duncan face or deflated Kobe turnover or an uncontested blown layup or momentum killing failed open dunk on the way. Maybe he isn’t holding the ball right or something. If it really is the small hands, the guy should take some HGH. I heard taking it can make your fingers grow longer.

    If he can’t ball, then he should help out in other ways. Like maybe hip checking Steve Nash against the scorers table, thereby taking both him and Nash out of the game. Yes he’ll get suspended, yes it’s a dirty play (tell that to the Spurs), but he’ll be cheered as much as Raja Bell is booed and the Suns will tank faster than the Lakers without Bynum. Think of what all that cheering will do for his confidence and performance!

    Bottom line is: the guy doesn’t make it easy for us to cheer for him.

  • Flush Odumb

    Flush Kwame, Lame-ar and Walton. They were absolutely pathetic. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  • Lakers

    I agree nobody deserves what Kwame got today. He at least tries. Kwame is honestly our only hope for this team to stay on track because we lack a center so common be supportive.

  • Sako

    Suggestion: Let’s ship him out, it’s not the lakers really want to keep him, how can we cheer him when he gets 7 turnovers in a game, he’s the most half-assed player in the league

  • hZm

    Bottom Line: Kwame Brown panics under pressure.

    When fans start to ‘booo’ him, he wants to make up for it by doing too much. He’s mentally weak. Just let the man play ball and support him no matter how hard.

    He’s our center until Andrew comes back.

  • drew

    No one said you had to cheer for him…i just dont think any Laker player should be booed….Thats the job of the other fans.

    I am always going to support my team and anyone that is part of that team….thats how it works. Kwame is going to be the center for this team until Bynum gets back and this team can still stay in the top 4 spots in the West without Bynum.

    A true fan does not go back and forth… boo him one game and cheer for him the next. The Suns won this game and it was not Kwames fault, yet he was booed.

    Nobody booed Kobe when he turned it over, nobody booed Fisher when he kept missing shots. Every player apart of the Lakers needs to be supported, including Kwame.

  • Charles

    agreed….support KWAME

  • OdoM7

    Agreed. I definitely think we need to part ways with this guy but as long as he, or anyone for that matter, is wearing the purple and gold you can’t boo them.

  • sirtoken

    Hey it’s great that the team is supporting Kwame, but the fans can boo a poor effort. Some of the above comments suggest we should go easy on the sensitive 9million 6yr center who was a number 1 pick. I feel the exactly opposite. He has been too coddled and is simply too lazy to improve his glaring deficiencies. People do respond too direction and negative reinforcement. Look at Bynum. His response to the honesty of Kobe motivated him to step up his game. However, Kwame at 7footer cannot make a two handed dunk!!!???? He cannot catch a pass. He cannot anticipate a rebound or box out. Why doesn’t someone in practice throw him 1,000 passes and have someone hit his hands to develop strength? Tell him to box out. Try actually moving toward a rebound? The guy is in the middle of his career and probably his last 9million dollar contract. So, he needs to step it up if nothing else but for himself. He has two months to get better or else he will be a lousy utility player before he leaves the league.

  • kb24mvp

    i agree hzm.i was watching the gm it it was the worst stretch of basketball i think ive ever seen 1 guy play,and centers are not suposed to have 7!!!TO’s,i think it cost us the game that 5min stretch, but when he was trying to get it together,cuz they were forcing it to him, they boooo’d him bad and thats just not cool.phil should have takin him out and let him get it together.we are the lakers it makes us look bad and doesnt present us as a good city it was unacceptable.heres a idea he had a couple mistakes instead of boooing him give him your support like we do when its obe or fish or sumtin give him a boost,you know he feels like sh!t,dont rub it in its not oing to make him play any better.what ever you wanna say also about his offense he still is top 5 low post defender in this league,and c.webb hopefully will help us along with kwame,and i was encouraged to hear kobe and LO and farmar stick up for kwame.

  • kb24mvp

    lamar was solid 19 19 cmon

  • hZm

    I was there at Game. 4 last year. I was cheering ‘Kwame, Kwame, Kwame’ until I lost my voice.

    I’ve never felt a player feed off the crowd as much as Kwame did that night. Looking at his past, its obvious the guy needs support. He’s never felt belonged since he’s been in the NBA, most of the time he hasn’t even been liked by home fans.

    I just don’t feel that bringing down our starting centers self-esteem will help out team in any way.

  • jack

    Kwame Brown is the perfect example why David Stern stopped drafting high school athletes directly to NBA skipping college. Kwame had great hands and a big length to go along with it, but he surely needed some time in college. He was a good football player too. Matter of fact, Kwame had a choice to choose either football or basketball. His height was a big factor why he came to NBA. Who knows he would have found his better talent at NFL? He really should have gone to college, rather than NBA. btw, where in the fcking world is Chris Mihm?????? He is a disgust.

    Thankx to my man Sasha, for saving us from a blowout.

    Kwame if you are listening: just play your game, don’t worry about anything. Just understand, this is your last chance to save your job at Lakers. I hope Kwame starts playing good. He should be allright. He will rebound from today’s game.

  • Rpoc

    I hate Kwame for his punkish play but it’s still stupid to boo. Like or not, he’s all we fraking got. That’s sad but you don’t make the situation worse dumbasses. Those fans can pat themselves on the back for creating more of those turnovers.

    He played below Kwame level and I never thought that was even possible.

  • Lakers

    yeah Kwame playing with high self esteem will help this Laker team. I am honestly disapointed on how Laker fans can sometimes be

  • bryan

    [Comment ID #22650 Will Be Quoted Here]

    19 pts, 19 rebounds, 5 assists…. your brain is as small as kwame’s hands.

  • drew

    hZm…THANK YOU for writing this piece. I always say this to my friends and they just say the usual… get rid of Kwame, get rid of Odom, get rid of Walton.


    Some of you Lakers fans must be spoiled and just used to easy wins all the time from the days and Kobe and Shaq…. this is not that team!!!



  • ShortDiezel

    I think the person that should be “booed” is PHIL JACKSON.. he did a TERRIBLE job coaching tonight..

    1. First and foremeost, Kwame Brown should not have started the game or any game moving forward. We all know by now what Kwame is capable of, and it is Phil’s responsibility to put him in a position where he can help the team the most, and thats not in the starting line up.

    Turiaf is a better all around defender especially on the pick and rolls, is more active on the boards, and has an outside jumpshot (which will take opposing centers away from the boards and blocking shots).

    2. Ariza should be a starter instead of Luke Walton. Luke is a facilitator, and sorry to say VERY WEAK. He can not finish, is mediocre on defensive, and very hesitant when he has the ball. His best asset is his ability to facilitate and pass the ball which the 2nd unit needs.

    Ariza on the other hand, is a slasher and a great defender so he will strive in the starting line up more than he would in the 2nd unit. A slasher needs good passers, and the Laker starting line up is more capable of getting him the ball where he can be successful. Also, we need him to defend the opposing team’s best players from the start of the game.

    3. Lastly, instead of keeping Kwame in the game, Phil should of taken him out after 2 turnovers. He knows how emotional Kwame is and how the fans already portray him. Phil set him up to fail. He should of sat him down so he could regather himself. It is easier to forget about 2 turnovers, then 7 in a row.

    4. Teach Lamar Odom how to finish. Every game Lamar misses easy lay ups. When you are close to the basket.. go up with 2 hands and THROW IT DOWN!!!!!

    5. The Lakers are at their best when everyone is AGGRESSIVE from start to finish. Penetration is key. It increases the probability of making a shot (since you are closer to the basket) or getting fouled. Getting foul shots gives us easy points and keeps key opposing players out of the game.

    We need to attack their best players. Fish and Farmar need to take it to Nash. Nash has NO defense and gets tired easy.

    Fans are going to be fans. I cover my eyes as most Laker fans do when Kwame has the ball, but booing him right now will NOT help the team. We are LAKER FANS, so we must support them especially during a sensitive time like this.

    Say word…

  • daddy

    flush odumb, you’re kidding right? try putting up 19 and 19 at the park..

  • sepehr

    People have to realize he is our center for the next 2 months, which is a very long time. Might as well encourage him to do good.We need to forget that he was a #1 pick and just think of him as an average player who has to play well on order for us to have any chance of making the playoffs this year (we are only 3 or 4 games above the zone and in the west things can change overnight). Kwame will not be traded this year since he has a huge salary (around 9 Mil), people on this website think this is Xbox and that Kwame can be traded for artest. Kwame will most likely be traded next year since his contract runs out the year after that and it will be a valuable asset to a team looking to rebuild and recover some salary cap (he’ll most likely be traded at the end of the year). So everyone relax and just hope that lakers can go 50% on this huge road trip.

    On a side note I liked how kobe passed the ball to Farmar on one of the last posessions, the previous years he would have shot that 100% of the time, but this year he is trusting his teammates more and that will only make the lakers and Kobe better.

  • Jrich

    LMFAO at this article. Haaaaaaaaahahhahahahhaa!!!!

  • Soysauce43

    [Comment ID #22666 Will Be Quoted Here]

    haha you dumb@ss. stop trying to be a smart@ss and just support the team. you obviously think you’re smarter than phil so you should be the coach, f@g.

  • Jrich

    True fans don’t do this, don’t do that. Get outta here with that bullspit. If you were at home watching the 3rd quarter on TV, you know you were screaming and cussing at Kwame like I was doing. I called him all kinds of expletives and was ready to explode. The guy just has no talent. All the Laker fans in LA watching the game on TV were screaming at him. So how do you expect the fans at Staples to just be quiet?

  • Soysauce43

    oh yeah, to that shortdiezel guy again, it’s easier said than done. so shut your mouth because you think playing the game is simple as 1,2,3.

  • jrich

    [Comment ID #22664 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I agree with Flush O-Dumb. I disagree with Bryan’s comment. Yea, Lame-ar O-dumb got 19 points and 19 rebounds. But he also averages 19 wide open missed layups and 19 bricked 3-pointers that miss the rim completely and hit the backboard.

    Kwame— trade him now.

    Luke— slow, white, can’t jump or play D. Nuff said.

    These are our 3 weakest links on our team.

  • hibachi

    support kwame maybe he’s crying in his small place… nah?! not to worry bynum is right beside him…hahaha Man! you laker fans are not true fans at all.. you just wanted all the glory tsk tsk tsk! too bad your team wins are all fluke try beating out an elite team!!! so much the glory of being number 1 in the standings… out in the first around again hahaha….

  • Swiggle

    I am really glad you posted this hzm. I was so mad tonight watching this game, I was beside myself. I am disgusted with Laker fans. Most of the mistakes Kwame made tonight were AFTER he started getting boo’d. I was beeing harrassed by my friends that are suns fans all night on text message, and I actually texted them back and said “Worst fans in the NBA.” And I have been a die hard Laker fan my WHOLE LIFE! Kwame hears the boo’s and he plays worse because of it.

    NEWS FLASH: The New york Knicks fans boo their players/coach because they have been losing for years…..WE WERE IN FIRST PLACE IN THE WESTERN CONFERENCE GUYS!!! You don’t boo a first place team that’s playing to keep that first place record!! Or any of it’s players.

    If you want to boo someone, boo Michael Jordan. He’s the one who drafted Kwame. But I’m tired of people holding that #1 pick clowd over Kwame’s head. It’s not his fault he was drafted #1. What’s he supposed to do? Say no? Tell them he’s not good enough and to draft him later?

    Less then a year ago this crowd weas chanting his name. And I was chanting it with them in my living room. Tonight I really wish I could have been there to tell each and every one of those people booing to go strait to hell. I blame the fans for this loss. A big part of the reason we fell behind so much was when the Lakers were feeding Kwame the ball, and he was trying to redeem himself. The lakers won the 4th quarter by 10 points, and had it not been for that stratch of the game where Kwame was trying to win over those GOOD FOR NOTHING fans, we could have been right in it at the end.

    The Lakers lost this game for 3 reasons….

    1. The crowd. LATE as usual, and not in the game from the opening tip. The only time you could even hear anyone in the crowd actually CHEERING our beloved Lakers on was early in the fourth when they started to come back.

    2. Luke Walton. he played worse than Kwame. He did absolutely nothing right. I don’t think anyone was booing him.

    3. Derek Fisher. He played awful. He couldn’t make anything, and he didn’t get us going on offense like he usually does. He has been a thorn in the Suns’ side the first two games this year, and tonight he just didn’t have it.

    Final note: Everyone on this team, and everyone of this teams fans needs to get out of this “we need Andrew phase”. Andrew is OUT. He is out for 2 months, and the sooner everyone wakes up and gets over it, the better! We are still a top 4 team in the West without him.

  • Lkrluva

    Poor Kwame….. I was booing too but I feel bad for the dude! FYI Odom was playing pretty good and was agressive! 19pts – 19rbs! he missed easy ones but did not stop! GO ODOM!

  • kobeshow2008

    walton’s still reeling from his latest injury, anyone can see that. derek fisher just had a poor night he is shooting the shit out of the ball. but DAMN. Kwame is getting paid 9 million dollars and he plays like a little girl, he doesn’t use that big ass body of his and he does not take the ball to the hole with authority. it doesnt help that he has the worst hands in the NBA but god damn if i pay 150 dollars for a ticket i want to see some effing intensity from the players and if they play like kwame did tonight i have the right to boo. so those players can shut the hell up, fans have the right to show displeasure with the product on the court when they are paying the damn salaries.

  • Mr. Juan / Your Warlock

    Hey Soysauce, before you dis another persons’ post such as you did ShortDiezel….READ EM AND WEEP!….IGNORAMOUS! The guy makes a good point…. GOTTA GO – SEE YA – NO WANNA BE YA

  • BEC

    The booing might have not been the best thing to do, but it was due. How do you expect not to get booed when you miss easy layups and a wide open two handed slam? You cheer someone on after they miss an easy dunk??? WTF?! Get real. When someones sucking you let him know he sucks. If he cant take that and grow from it then he shouldnt be in the NBA in the first place. I think Phil did a great job coaching, leaving kwame in the game longer, its just one game, one loss, so what. But Kwame can learn a lot from this experience and grow from it. The boos can wake him up and make him a better player down the road in the playoffs where it counts, he can be a more motivated player to play harder and better so he wont get booed again. Hes sensitive but he needs to man up and prove to lakers fans that we were wrong in booing him, and he needs to do that by playing harder and better.

    I think lamar is a very good player and i think hes very valuable to this team and should stay here, but his 19 points and 19 rebounds effort was not good if you look deeper into the stat. First off 19 points off of 7-20 shooting is not good and the 19 rebounds 13 of them were off reb, atleast 10 of them were of his own misses right near the basket, which is not good, the hustle is nice, but the easy misses my god, learn how to finish lamar.

  • Flush Odumb

    This isn’t the first time Kwame stunk up the place. Was it the Seattle game or the Memphis game where he also missed a point blank two handed dunk? You would think you wouldn’t see that type of bonehead play more than a few times a season, but with Brown-stain it happens twice in the same WEEK. There is simply no excuse for that. As I recall, the fans erupted at that blown point blank dunk, and RIGHTFULLY SO! Maybe management will get the message that this sort of lackidazical play is UNACCEPTABLE and resigning this piece of CRAPOLA is not an option.

  • Flush Odumb

    I can’t believe all of the Lamar Lovers out there. Sure he got numbers tonight, but if I’m not mistaken he was “guarding” Marion and he killed the Lakers all night long. I’m sure he was at times “guarding” Diaw and he seemed to be wide open all night too. Also, if they kept count of the number of BLOWN layups, BRICKED 3’s that BANG off the BACKBOARD!, and shots hopelessly flung up while clumsily FALLING OVER after getting all tangled up in your own legs, is there ANY doubt who would lead the Lakers in those categories? And he does this night after night!

    Why is Lamar constantly firing up 3’s? Why doesn’t he take advantage of his 6 10 height and post up the smaller defenders? Is the guy STUCK ON STUPID?

    Lamar is a excellent UTILITY player, but is he the next SCOTTIE PIPPEN as he was hyped to be a while back? NO! Is he the player who, paired up with Kobe, is going to get us past the first round of the playoffs? The last two seasons showed us that is a NO! At best he is clearly a one dimensional player. Ideally, he should stick to rebounding and passing and he FORGET ABOUT scoring – especially shooting 3’s FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE! (as Chick would have said). So if we can get a LEGITIMATE #2 option to better complement Kobe (someone like an Elton Brand) through free agency then we have the luxury of keeping Lamar as a UTILITY player, but if we can’t, then we can’t keep holding on to this guy any more because he has PROVEN how far he can take us. In that case, we need to package Lamar with any combination of Luke, Vlad Rad, Mihm, Kwame, Karl and maybe even Fisher to obtain a more complete player to better complement Kobe. We should NOT trade Farmar, Crit, Ariza, or Ronny as these players are excellent players for the future and while they are not all stars they all play with passion. In the 80’s did we trade Cooper because we had Magic? No, so that is why we should not be so eager to trade Farmar & Crit. So Bryan, I hope you get it now.

  • Mr. Juan / Your Warlock

    In case no one noticed DJ Mbenga was at the game today…He is one of the few players that was able to hold his own against Andrew Bynum this year and he is now available. Mbenga is a great shot-blocker/rebounder, just not offensive minded. The advantage to signing Mbenga is that he’s likely to take a 10-day contract. If he works out (with the option of a second 10-day), then so be it. If not – the Lakers could then turn to Webber if that’s still an option. Coach Phil Jackson admitted after the game that Mbenga was one of the players the team was looking at – though he said there were others and that a decision would be coming in a few days…This guy could be a great back-up to Bynum when he comes back, and for many years to come. Very similar to Bynum on the defensive end.

  • Flush Odumb

    One more note…
    If we must trade for a legitimate #2 option to better complement Kobe then we can use draft picks too.

    It seems the better course would be to dump some contracts at the end of the (Kwame) and seriously pursue some top notch free agents. In recent rumored trades for Kidd and JO, New Jersey & Indiana were demanding half of our team to make the trade which was ridiculous. So free agency seems the best option. But a BIG TIME player. Remember we got Shaq via free agency not a trade. The Lakers are the second most valuable NBA franchise (behind New York) so we should pay luxury tax if we have to. We can’t use that lame excuse anymore.

  • myriam

    i simply don’t understand the mentality of Laker fans. Imagine booing your own player in your homecourt, that’s horrible,unacceptable. So don’t be surprised if we get booed in other arena. Remember they did the same thing with KOBE. Kobe is right, what they need is support. If you’re a laker fan, be a fan. Not just a weather fan.

  • 187 ON BOSTON


  • http://getgarnett Che

    Brown is a fcukig idiot i fking hate him

  • lalball81

    Just shows how immature some of you posters are on here.

    If Kwame is stinking up the place you DON”T DO ANYTHING. Of course you don’t cheer for missed layups, but you don’t boo, especially someone like Kwame.

    Both Kwame and Lamar have very fragile confidence levels, which can plummet at any given time.

    To Flush Odumb: Did you see Lamar play on Miami? He was beasting next to Dwyane Wade! I saw an old game of him against the Cavs where he ripped down an offensive rebound, drove to the hoop, dunked and got fouled by “Z”. Next play he iso’ed on the wing and stuck a three. This was when he was the go-to guy for the Heat.

    By the way, great game by Odom, he did step up. 19 points, 19 rebounds, 5 assists, a steal and a block. Not to mention he had 13 offensive rebounds, giving the Lakers multiple second shot chances.

  • lamar

    kwame is a waste of life

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    Its so disappointing supposed Laker fans were booing a Laker. Yes, Kwame is NOT the greatest player in the NBA, but because he’s wearing the Laker purple and gold, we still have to support him. As a matter of fact, we have to support every player wearing the purple and gold.

    Furthermore, those “Laker fans” who do nothing but trash the team on this site, saying “this guy sucks, this guy is trash, the FO does nothing, this team sucks, trade him because he sucks, etc”, F**k YOU. LEAVE THE SITE. Last time I checked, this site was for true Laker fans. If you look at the top of the site (i.e. the header), was does it say there:



    There’s too many fairweathered fans here.

  • Caleb

    I hope Chris Webber will be our center until Andrew comes back. And bottom line:

    If you cant handle being booe’d, you shouldnt be in the NBA. You’re pretty much blaming US for his struggles. The dude clearly sucks at basketball and its not because of us.

  • shortdiezel

    [Comment ID #22672 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Yo Soy Sauce.. Do you need a hug? It seems like you weren’t hugged enough when you were younger.. It is obvious that you don’t understand the game and are blinded by your ignorance.

    What is easier said than done? My suggestions are reasonable and obvious. These things increase the Laker’s chances of success.

    Please read “baskteball for dummies” before you open your mouth.

  • bryan

    Flush Odumb,

    He took one three the entire night. And we do have a second option, he’s out for 2 months with a knee injury.

    And I can’t believe that you just called him a one dimensional player.

    You obviously don’t know the game of basketball..

    A 6’10 forward that has handles like a guard, has a good mid-range jumper, can drive to the basket (granted that he has been missing easy ones as of late), and can post up.

    One dimensional? Tell that to an NBA analysis and they’ll laugh at you. Jump on the Boston bandwagon if you want to watch 3 superstars play. Or shut up and support the Lakers.

  • T-Dub

    Lakersfirst…Kill all that support bulls@@t. The fact is the Lakers are exactly what i’ve been saying for weeks. With Bynum, we’re a 4,5,6 seed. Without we’re a 7,8 or worse. Fact is, Kupcake did nothing, as Kobe said, to improve this team. Every move he has made has been sh@t! Time to get rid of Kupcake along with Luke…who you can’t give away, and Lame-Ar. Why should anyone spend the highest prices in the league to SUPPORT bullsh@t! And this site is for fans who want to see the Lakers WIN A Championship!

  • Flush Odumb

    Yeah lalball81m I saw Lamar play on Miami. Unfortunately I’ve seen him play in LA, far too long now, banging 3’s off the backboard, blowing layups, flinging up shots while falling down. Time to end this experiment and get some LEGITIMATE and CONSISTENT help for Kobe. Are you telling me that you wouldn’t rather have an Elton Brand over Lamar? I’m sure Lamar is a really nice guy, but I’ll guarantee that his jersey will never be hanging from the wall at Staples, and that is the kind of player we need to get to help Kobe win us more of those other banners that are hanging from up there.

  • tommyboy

    I am sorry to say but he’s like a jr. varsity high school baller. Also Luke was terrible yesterday. He had same move on Marion and got blocked 3 times with exact same move. Again, this proves we are not a champion contending team. trust me if Marion or Amare was out yesterday, they would of still beat us. It’s sad that we have to rely on Bynum so much. total disaster for lakers.

  • Flush Odumb

    Did Lamar make a single outside shot? Even stepping in a few steps didn’t help. And what did he shoot this time 7 of 20? Dribbles the ball like a guard? I don’t see too many guards getting att tangled up in their own legs and flinging up shots while falling down. In case you haven’t figured it out, most good defenders park on Lamar’s left shoulder and when he starts “dribbling like a guard” he ends up banging right into the waiting defender because he always has to go back to that left hand and then he ends up all tangled up and falling over. Check it out sometime! He does it rereatedly each and every game!

  • tommyboy

    Start Ariza for Walton, Ariza has more knowledge in basketball then Walton, Luke is a good passer that’s about it. He is not consistent at all. Lamar is Lamar, he’ll get his 12-15 points per game but don’t expect more. He look terrible missing all the out side shots and many under the basket layups last night. What lakers don’t have is passion, 7 game winning streak was pretty easy teams except the Hornets. I’ve said it before in the early part of the season, people and media thinks Lakers are for real but that’s not true. I’m a dying hard Laker fan for life, but last night in 2nd quater they scored 3 points in first 5-6 minutes. They lookes horrible and didn’t know what to do. They looked confused and didn’t know how to score except for Kobe. I understand it’s just 1 game but, Lakers will not be a contending team this year. Lakers has to show the fans and media that they can do without Bynum. By the way, I just hate them Suns!!! makes me want to puke!!!

  • Flush Odumb

    The Lakers are close. We just need one more great player to go with Kobe and Andrew. Unfortunately I don’t think that third player is Lamar. If we can keep Lamar while we get that third player then terrific! If we get serious in the free agent market after we lose again in the playoffs this year then great. If we go the trade route then we’re probably going to have to trade our third best player (Lamar), draft picks, and some combination of our marginal players (Luke, Vlad Rad, Sasha, Kwame, Mihm, Karl, and possibly Fisher). Usually you don’t get something for nothing, except when you obtain Caron Butler for Kwame Brown.

  • gugy

    I agree that booing him is not nice. But you have to understand that the Lakers fans are fed-up with him.
    Why that Mitch idiot traded him? Now that we need him so much, is this disgrace.

    Lakers FO have to bit the bullet and bring C Webb now. At least he will help and Kwame can be a back up.
    For sure Kobe scoring 50+ is our only chance until Bynum is back and strong.

    Plus Lamar, please go away. The guy is so unsure of himself it hurts to see it.

  • http://JHLaker JHLaker

    I am all about support…But I agree eit is hard to cheer for someone who looks so out of it. As a laker fan. I will support my Team as a whole, But being a laker fan gives me the privilge to say what i think and not have an impact. No matter how much we say we want this person or Phil should do this. It won’t happen. It’s are job to support and critisize. I think it was wrong to boo him in are staduim but at home you can call him what ever you want durring play try and support. I just Like everyone here want to trade kwame, It isn’t going to happen so just suck it up and support are team.

  • a nonsensitive laker fan

    whats with all you ladies crying and defending these lakers (brown and odom) for their half a$$ play. are you guys family? are you on their payroll with the money they are stealing from the organization and fans. let me give you a clue into real fans. real fans care. So when people care and invest their time, money and most importantly their hearts into their team, we get PI$$ED when they give us a horrible performance. Please save the sobbing sensitive stories for something or someone better than Kwame Brown and his sensitive hands I mean ego. Was the guy so sensitive when he was going a 100 per in his Ferrari in Washingto? Was he being sensitive when he put a cake in someones face last year? Was he being sensitive when his A$$ is sitting on the bench with injuries that any other warrior (KOBE) would play through? THE GUY IS A LOSER AND ANY OF YOU HOW DEFEND HIS ACTIONS, EMOTIONAL STATE AND GAME ARE LOSERS TOO. Let me give you another clue, as professionals when they take money to play a game, that gives a right to be even if he is a LAKER. Thank god he won’t be next year!!!

  • gugy


    Don’t worry, the Suns will not make it, again. I predict second round exit.
    Nash, Amare, Raja and D’Antoni will be crying once more.

  • 123KID






  • LD2k

    I disagree with the booing. But damn, it’s hard to not boo when Brown can’t step up and:

    1. Make a layin
    2. Make a defensive slide
    3. Make a WIDE OPEN Dunk
    4. Make a pass

    It’s simplistic elements to the game Brown SHOULD be able to do. That being said, with Bynum out, the Lakers drop from an ELITE top tier team to a mediocre team. I think the Lakers fans are fed up with mediocrity, and how much longer can we cheer on a guy who can’t get it done as we watch Butler excel in the East; twice past the Celtics…

    A guy said something last night that was real cold: “Kwame Brown is a waste of sperm.” We can’t boo the guy… but damn it’s hard to cheer for him.

  • Nabil

    The fans do not serve the team, the team serves the fans.
    Without fans, they would be playing in the park for free.
    Your “boss” doesn’t really pay you, customers pay you.
    Fans are customers, and last night the customers put into the suggestion box…
    “That guy gives us consistently bad service, straighten that mother out or get better help.”
    If I were at that game, I’d be seriously pissed off, too, given ticket prices.

    Fire Kwame.

    Oh yeah, and why is Luke backing people up while Lamar is firing away from outside? Geez guys, play your game.

    Turiaf played well. Kobe mailed in the second and third quarter. At what point is he going to get it? You don’t have to totally disappear to get people involved. He didn’t really play with the eye of the tiger until it was too late…nice 4 minutes Kobe.

  • TonyStarks79

    Kwame Brown’s hands < Elden Campbell hands..Geezus…..

  • Flush Odumb

    Hey bryan,
    Uh, how many All Star games has Lamar participated in?

    Too bad “NBA analysis” don’t don’t pick the players whose skills are worthy of recognitiion.

  • Ballin’08

    “If you want to boo someone, boo Michael Jordan. He’s the one who drafted Kwame. But I’m tired of people holding that #1 pick clowd over Kwame’s head. It’s not his fault he was drafted #1. What’s he supposed to do? Say no? Tell them he’s not good enough and to draft him later?”

    Wow, is this guy serious….If you wanna boo someone, boo Kupcake for trading away now All-Star Caron Butler for this “never was.” I laughed when had that poll about who should start when Kwame was coming back from his injury, Kwame or Bynum…I mean c’mon, seriously…

    Credit is given where credit is due…although Kwame can play good man to man defense. The other team does not see him as a threat when he’s in the paint…Something Andrew gave us, a big body shot blocker. Kwame doesn’t make his presence felt out there…on both sides of the court…

    He tries to do too much and put the ball on the floor…but posting up a guy and throwing it down is not an option for him b/c he lacks the “hands” to catch and put it down. With him in the 5-spot, he just gives up. Plain and simple…Kenny Smith pointed out that without Bynum in there you don’t have that guy that can give you those 2nd chance points underneath…Kwame won’t try and get position, that’s where his lack of effort and the fact that he’s out of shape come in to play…

    As a Laker fan, we ALL wanna like Kwame and every other Laker out on the court…the fact of the matter is he’s not making a strong case for himself…his fault or mine??? Look at Bryan Cook..who didn’t celebrate when we got rid of that no defense playing, power forward hanging out by the 3 all day, only to occasionally hit an open shot…I mean that’s it…that’s all you got?!!??? BOOOOOO!! BOOOO!

    We Laker fans don’t want alot. Sure we’ve been spoiled by the recent win streak, but the fact of the matter is Odom and Walton who have lacked the will to go to the basket and have been challenged to do so baited themselves into playing one-on-one basketball….Not the Lakers game at all with the exception of Kobe. Add to that the fact that Kwame can’t jump, can’t finish, and had us shaking our heads everytime he touched the ball because we knew he was gonna through it away. It raises the question why is he in there?? His performance is as efficient as having a toddler with a cape running around out there…distracting, annoying, and made you say WTF is he doing out there?? This guy makes 9 million a year…He’s been sitting on the bench for most of it…time to start earning that check big boy..

    The boos, were just a wake up call…We want you to show us some effort and I promise you we’ll chant your name again when that O’Brian trophy gets past to you….

  • jagjr10

    These guys get payed millions of dollars just to play basketball! life isn’t that hard for them! so screw Kwame “Garbage” Brown! ship that lame basketball player out! Don’t feel sorry for him, he isn’t doing his job! if u can’t do your job right, then your FIRED!

  • http://getgarnett Che

    This bull shit how uys lakers fans booed kwame he needs time, the more pressure on him the more he will falter guy give him a chance he will provide for us along wit DJ or webber till the big fella is back to help us continue our quest

  • Ryan

    You Tell ‘em Donald Trump! haha

    But seriously.. he is getting like 9milion a year and this is how he plays..the guy can’t even catch a pass. Spud Webb plays better at the center position than Kwame.
    It’s time for him to go.

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    [Comment ID #22698 Will Be Quoted Here]

    T-LACKOFLAKERFAITH – “kill the support bullsh*t” – Ahh this sums up exactly what kind of Laker you fan you are!!! You are nothing but a bandwagon fan, even though you have claimed to a Laker fan from the 80’s.

    You say the Lakers with Bynum are a 4,5 or 6 seed, but yet when they had Bynum they had won 17 of 20 games, good enough to put them at the top of the conference. Without Bynum you say they are a 7th or 8th seed at best, yet when the Lakers were ALL healthy, they were one of the top teams in the NBA. They were top 5 in scoring, top 5 in rebounding, etc, etc.

    You say Kupcake didn’t do anything to improve the team. Last time I checked he drafted Bynum, Farmar, Turiaf and traded for Ariza. Also last time I checked the Lakers were much improved then last year, even Kobe said so. Also, why you are reminding people of what Kobe said, what did Kobe say on Monday, “with him (Bynum) in the line up, we are a championship calibur team”. Kobe didn’t say that last year so if he’s saying it now, doesn’t that demonstrate that the Lakers have improved.

    Once again I have destroyed your argument (as I always do) and once again you have proven you are NOT a Laker fan and you should NOT be allowed on this site. Yes, we want to see the Lakers win, but REAL fans won’t talk sh*t about the team at the first instance when the Lakers are in trouble. You obviously can’t support the Lakers through the times of adversity and in your real life, I bet you can’t face adversity either. All you know how to do rip the Lakers apart. So sad.

    YOU MY FRIEND ARE NOT A LAKER FAN. Here’s the link to the Boston fan web site, since you obviously only like teams when they win:

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  • bryan

    [Comment ID #22713 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You called him a one dimensional player. Tell that to anybody that really knows basketball and they’ll think your a fool.

    He is one of the most versatile players in the NBA. His only problem is consistency and his selflessness.

    I forgot to mention that he’s hell of a passer too.

    One dimensional….. that’s the definition of a player like Peja. He’s a 3 point specialist.. nothing more and nothing less.

    Odom, on the other hand, has the capability to score, pass, and rebound.

  • double


  • xx8baller34xx

    ok, kwame didnt need to get booed by the home crowd, cuz lets face it, if u were him and u got booed like that at home then you would play worse too. i kinda blame the team cuz he was getting booed and they kept passin to him to try to make up for it and he couldnt deliver. we wouldnt have booed if he seriously could catch the ball and dunk when he get SOO open like that, i mean come’on thats 2 games in a row of u blowing easy dunks. more than likely he is gonna be gone by next season so we should jus deal wit it for now. we dont expect him to put up bynum like numbers but jus do what ur supposed to do. these stupid spin moves and left hand shots at the rim and missing arent supporting his cause. kwame is like a pillow, COTTON SOFT!

  • Heather

    Exactly! He was the #1 draft pick overall and he still hasn’t gotten his head out of his…you know what. I could care less if he is an emotional person. Step up! He has never impressed me. I know he has had some good games…but his inconsistancy is unbelievable! I can’t imagine how it feels to be booed by your home crowd, but what does that say?? He has some HUGE shoes to fill, and I don’t think he will even come close. It’s sad. I’m sad.

  • DingleBerry

    all i got to say is 9 million dollars!!!! either get better or get used to being boooooooood!!!! how come you never hear of kwame staying after or coming early like you do on kb, farmar, bynum. kwame has no heart for the game he is a paycheck player only and in a few months that paycheck will be gone for good. hopefully he didn’t spend all his money on crack and whores!!!!

  • Lakerrrrrsssss

    Flush Odumb, your a Kobe fan… you aren’t a Laker fan.

  • filosofreak

    SENSITIVE???? who cares he’s sensitive? I bet he’s not sensitive when he’s spending his millions!!! ship his ass out of town. he’s the worst thing that ever happened to our franchise. i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again: “i can’t belive we gave up Caron for this guy”. I hope he gets injured next game so we are forced to get another big man.



    let me sum it up for everyone in here…..
    1. we should NEVER boo a laker if you are a true fan
    2. kwame sux
    3. he’s sensitive
    4. although we should never boo, i don’t care if he’s sensitive about that since he makes millions of dollars to do the simplest things like catch the ball…i’m not asking him to fill bynum’s shoes….CATCH THE DARN BALL
    5. i’m sick of all the people in here defending him saying “if kobe did it we wouldn’t boo….”…that’s all garbage because 99% of the time kobe makes up for it in other areas when he’s on the floor…same with fish or whoever you want to talk about…for kwame he doesn’t give us a reason to give him that same type of treatment…do u guys get what i’m saying?….bring SOMETHING to the team FIRST, and then we’ll let those other things slide….”oh but he’s a great defender…..” blah blah blah…if i had a body like that, i’d be good too…..he’s a grown man now and no one needs to stick up for a million dollar player….his teammates can support him and should because they’re a unit….as fans, we have the right to say what we want….that’s why i end with saying we should NEVER boo him again because he’s a little girl, but stop sticking up for him idiots


    Do us all a favor and spare Kwame and trade him for Dalembert(PHI) or package him with Sasha and Draft pick,some money,Dinner,Lunch,WHATEVER AND GET JO.It’s not that he’s a BUM,I don’t think he is but he doesn’t fit with what the Lakers are trying to do,WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS.He usually plays well against Phoenix.Unbelievable is the word I choose to describe last night’s loss but it’s still EARLY.A trade right now would have to be just that,THE RIGHT ONE.So if I’m Mitch get SOMEBODY NOW,no hesitation,pull the trigger.I do like the way his teammates defended him but as a fan,I can’t except that.Either you have PASSION FOR THE GAME OR NOT(look at Durant).Choose one Dalembert,JO(bad knees and all,it’s still better than a healthy Kwame),Villanueva,Pau Gasol(if they can afford him),C’mon IN FULL EFFECT!!!

  • T-Dub

    Lakersfirst…you don’t have a leg to stand on my friend just like I said you wouldn’t. You keep using the same lame a$$ argument. The proof is in the pudding. You say you’re competitive and you have to win…but you can’t! The Lakers are exactly what I SAID THEY ARE!…Come on man, give it up. You can’t win them all. Like someone else here said, after all the money I spend to pay these guys salaries, I have the right to critisize them and the FO! Or they can refund thousands of dollars and I won’t say a thing! Fire Mitch Kupcake! Traded 1st rnd pick for Mihm, trade all-star for Kwame and extended Kwame another yr at 9mil, re-signed Luke for 6 years…WTF?, still hoping Lam-ar will become something. As far as the picks, Bynum, Farmar, Turiaf, its a no brainer. When picking down that far, you take the best player available. MITCH HASN”T DONE SH#T!

  • Thuggishdeer

    trade kwame for kaman!!!!!!!!!!!

  • foxxy


  • jrich

    Bottom line: I and every Laker fan will still boo Kwame every time he fumbles the ball, let’s a pass go through his hands, misses a wide open easy layup that any middle school kid could make, or misses a wide open uncontested layup. You just can’t make all these mistakes and still get paid all the money he’s getting. Unacceptable.

    Next game I go to, I’ll be the first to lead a “Kwame sucks” chant.

  • mfoznot

    I can’t disagree more. I have given Kwame plenty of chances in the years that he has been here. At first, I thought that he was in a bad situation in Washington with the fans booing him and all. But I HAVE given him time, the problem is that Kwame is a consistent fu-ck up. I’m sorry, but after so many years and games watching this guy suck, I can’t help but eventually start booing him. Get him off the court and then I’ll cheer for the guy.

  • W S B

    KWAME = WORST player in NBA history! Boo freakin hoo man…

  • jrich

    Remember guys, Kwame is the fool that flew right past Tim Thomas when he nailed the 3 pointer in game 5 against the Suns 2 years ago. There are SOOOOO many bad moments associated with this guy that all of us are fed up and we will continue to boo him until he gets off his big ass and starts working on his game. He shoots 30% from the free throw line. The list goes on and on.

  • Flush Odumb

    Bryan, Bryan, Bryan…

    Are you telling me you wouldn’t take a consistent contributor like an Elton Brand over Lamar? Do you want the ball in Lamar’s hands when the game is on the line?


    Tell you what, next game count up the number of BLOWN layups, missed jumpers, and flung up shots after tripping over his own legs when turning right into a defender and then we’ll see who is a fool, FOOL!


    Hey Swiggle. So according to you, Walton, Fisher and the fans are at fault for losing that game but not Kwame! That’s smart. By the way, if you’re a true die hard Laker fan like you say you are, you wouldn’t have any friends who Suns fans. So shut it!




  • Flush Odumb

    If Lamar is so versatile we should get something worthwhile for him in a trade, although I would prefer geting a big name free agent (but if that is not possible then he is probably our most tradable player because everyone raves about how “versatile” he is.) That was the logic used in trading Caron Butler and keeping Lamar, but unfortunately we didn’t get squat for him. Hopefully if we have to trade him to fill in the missing piece I hope this time we don’t get the boobie prize like when we traded Butler.

    West, Chamberlain, Goodrich
    Magic, Kareem, Worthy

    Kobe, Bynum, Odumb? I don’t think so. We need one more key, consistent contributor and whether it is found via free agency or trade, it is REQUIRED otherwise NO BANNER!

  • Lakerrrrrsssss

    [Comment ID #22749 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Of course Elton Brand is the better player but getting him is unrealistic. Why don’t we just trade Kwame for Dwight Howard then? Why don’t we trade Mihm for Tyson Chandler? You’re comparing 2 completely different players.

    Even Odom put up likable numbers, you’d still be talking crap about him.

    Look at your name for goodness sake!

    He put up 19, 19, 5, a block and a steal….. and you called him pathetic. You are retarded and not worth the time.

  • bryan

    Why are you even a Laker fan? You don’t deserve to be. Lamar for Elton Brand? Grow up! You’re like my little cousins asking me why we don’t just get Lebron James over here.

  • Flush Odumb

    Look Bozo, No one is tqalking about trading Lamar for Elton. Even a fool like Bryan knows that is not going to happen.

    Elton is a FREE AGENT, you know how that works, right? Duh!

    IF we can’t get a top notch FREE AGENT then of course we can’t trade our garbage (i.e., Walton, Kwame, Vlad Rad, etc.) so you throw in someone who is so “versatile”. I’ve seen “versatile” for how many years now? Lets try consistent and productive for a while.

    Do the math fellas!

  • LakerNation1


    ronny is someone who should not be booed. ariza, farmar, andrew are the same. what i am trying to say is that these guys showed everyone that they can be depended on and have the ability to execute.

    now with kwame, i do agree that a laker should not be booed by their fans. but lets get real, we are sports fans. laker fans no less where emotions trump everything else in every game. i used to be a kwame supporter bc with his size, and him being an NBA player and all, i had expectations thinking that hes got the potential to be a great player, and it might need some time to develop. but year after year, he makes it easier for us fans to start thinking….”u know, im not sure where kwame is heading.” he just looks lost and confused every time hes out there, and thats before andrew hit the deck.

    and another thing. this was a PHX SUNS game. The suns are our rivals. Theres always gonna be high expectations and high levels of laker pride when we face this team, so u cant really blame a fan for feeling frustrated. i do feel bad that kwame got booed, but you have to understand the circumstances. A lot of fans have waited patiently to see the rise of Kwame brown, me included. and life being so unfair as we all know, he gets injured a bunch of times, adding on to an already average player. so all in all, im not too shocked and appalled to see kwame get booed, and i believe that if we were playing some crap team like the knicks, and kwame wasnt executing as well as he should, the fans wouldve shown more mercy.

  • LakersFan9

    That was the most crass, retarded thing I’ve ever seen at Staples Center. That was almost as low as those idiot Utah fans booing Derek Fisher. Do you people think booing Kwame for playing poorly will make the situation any better? As it’s been said if anything it’ll make it worse. If you want Kwame Brown to step up while Andrew Bynum is gone encourage him, don’t humiliate him. Remember how hard he was trying in the playoffs last year when people were cheering for him and chanting his name? I feel terrible for the guy. As if this shit wasn’t enough:

    He may be the epitomy of an overpaid underachiever and hell sometimes it’s just painful to watch him play ball – no one should miss a f*cking dunk. But all this aside, he is still on our team and is going to be hear until at least the summertime so you’ve gotta support him. All those retards who were booing should be ashamed to call themselves Laker fans. Don’t give the rest of us a bad name.

  • bryan

    [Comment ID #22754 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You called him one dimensional. Now you agree by saying that his versatility is great trade bait?

    West, Chamberlain, Goodrich
    Magic, Kareem, Worthy
    Shaq, Kobe… and who? Glen Rice? Are you joking?

    If you want 3 superstars, go join the other bandwagon boston fans you stupid F$%K!

  • bryan

    Btw… i was a huge glen rice fan.. but when he was a Laker… he was way out of his prime and also inconsistent in his shooting..

    but that team still won 3 championships.

  • bryan

    Even a team with 4 hall of famers…. Kobe, Shaq, Malone, and Payton couldn’t get it done.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #22738 Will Be Quoted Here]

    T-LackofLakerFaith – I have already destroyed every little comeback you that you have, but I’ll continue to do it again. The Lakers have grown into a contender but because you’re not a fan you don’t see it (AND YOU ARE REALLY NOT A FAN). The Lakers, when the entire team is healthy, is one of the best teams in the NBA (again, they have speed, size, good shooting, good rebounding, etc). This season they surprised the NBA by not only defeating many of the better teams in the NBA but by crushing many of them too (ask Phoenix, Denver and Utah).

    Your entire arguement is that Mitch didn’t do anything and the Laker team is NOT good, which is completely wrong!! The Lakers have become one of the top 5 rebounding teams in the league, one of the top 5 offensive teams in the league and have one of the top 5 scoring benches in the league. They have proved you (and every other fickle Laker fan) and the entire league wrong by being 14 games above .500 (something nobody expected). NBA analysis have all said the Lakers are a good team if they can stay healthy. But of course you don’t have any faith in the team and cringe at the first sign of adversity.

    Furthermore, you suggest all these trades (trade mihm, trade walton, trade sasha, trade lamar, trade kwame, trade everyone!). Any idiot can say that (you’ve proven it, you’ve said it multiple times), but you don’t suggest who they should trade for. Demonstrate your basketball expertise and suggest who they should trade for? What do YOU think the Lakers are lacking? I’m trying to make you think a**hole, but then again that’s adversity for you, something you cringe at.


    [Comment ID #22698 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Kobe knows what it takes to win Championships. How many Championships have you won? Kobe says Mitch has built a “championship caliber” team. Why this hatred for Mitch? We should be thanking him. Have you had a bad personal experience with him?

  • http://getgarnett Che

    I am the 100 th comment guys again lol

  • Roko

    Odom had a nice all around game.. Well that was just a disaster by Kwame. missed an open layup, missed a dunk..that’s F-ed up. But i agree he didn’t deserve the boo’s, at least not from a home croud.


    I’m from D.C. and Kwame was booed here too.matter of fact it was worse.LA showed more support for Kwame than us Wizards fans(LAKERS ARE MY NO#.1).He has to realize it’s been 7years(almost) since he was drafted in’01,first round at that and you still can’t make a wide open dunk,layup,PLEASE.He’s to take his JOB the same way we here at LAKERNATION TAKE OURS,GO HARD.Yeah,he was 19 when he was drafted,so he’s about 25 or 26 now but that’s still NO EXCUSE.If I can get up and go to a job that’s is paying me peanuts and I’m still happy because I do my job well(and many others on this site)then he should be able to do his job in the same manner.LAKERNATION,THIS SEASON AND NEXT AND FOR GOOD,ARE ABOUT PLAYING EVERY GAME LIKE IT’S THE FINALS AND IF YOU AREN’T ABOUT DOING YOUR JOB THEN THAT TRIGGER HAS TO BE PULLED,BANG!

  • Flush Odumb

    I’ll give Mitch some credit – at least he saw the light and got rid of Smush Parker (after we had to suffer through two years with this ZERO) and unloaded Brian Cook (one of his draft picks, don’t forget) and got Ariza. But what were his other “moves” – signing Walton to SIX years, bringing in Vlad Rad as a Free Agent, signing Coby Karl! Yes, Mitch really worked some magic over the offseason!
    Probably the best thing he did was not make any more IDIOTIC trades like swapping All Star Caron Butler for Kwame Brown.

    Unfortunately the Spurs have turned into what the Lakers used to be. Always finding the key piece to keep the team moving forward.

    Oh and Bryan when i say “versatile” in quotes, it is ment in sarcasm. (Look it up in the dictionary). GEEZ!

  • thisbedo

    I’m the first to admit i would have already shipped kwame and LO out if i could have but lamar had a solid night and did alot better then i thought but he should not take any shots beyond 15ft and for kwame i was totally disappointed in him but you could tell he was tryin alot harder after being booed i know he’s nowhere near where we need him to be but that musta hurt!

  • bryan

    [Comment ID #22766 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You called him one dimensional! Explain that load of crap.

  • LakerNation1


    ronny is someone who should not be booed. ariza, farmar, andrew are the same. what i am trying to say is that these guys showed everyone that they can be depended on and have the ability to execute.

    now with kwame, i do agree that a laker should not be booed by their fans. but lets get real, we are sports fans. laker fans no less where emotions trump everything else in every game. i used to be a kwame supporter bc with his size, and him being an NBA player and all, i had expectations thinking that hes got the potential to be a great player, and it might need some time to develop. but year after year, he makes it easier for us fans to start thinking….”u know, im not sure where kwame is heading.” he just looks lost and confused every time hes out there, and thats before andrew hit the deck.

    and another thing. this was a PHX SUNS game. The suns are our rivals. Theres always gonna be high expectations and high levels of laker pride when we face this team, so u cant really blame a fan for feeling frustrated. i do feel bad that kwame got booed, but you have to understand the circumstances. A lot of fans have waited patiently to see the rise of Kwame brown, me included. and life being so unfair as we all know, he gets injured a bunch of times, adding on to an already average player. so all in all, im not too shocked and appalled to see kwame get booed, and i believe that if we were playing some crap team like the knicks, and kwame wasnt executing as well as he should, the fans wouldve shown more mercy.

  • T-Dub

    Leaderfish…first of I don’t even know the man, so how could Hate him? I see the job he’s done, and it’s been a terrible one. I know talent and i know he’s pissed some away to bring in alot less. You do the math. As far as Kobe, 6 months ago he didn’t there was any talent here, NOTHING HAS CHANGED! Bynum Came out of his shell, THATS IT! So how can Kobe REALLY believe that this is a championship caliber team???

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #22770 Will Be Quoted Here]

    So how can Kobe REALLY believe that this is a championship caliber team???

    How can Kobe believe this is a championship team??? How about their record and the fact that the Lakers, despite what you think, find themselves still in contention in the tough western conference. Kobe didn’t have to say the team was a championship calibur team. He did it voluntarily.

  • bryan

    [Comment ID #22770 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Why don’t you ask Kobe? He’s the one that said the Lakers are a Championship-Caliber team w/ Bynum in the line-up.

  • keep24



    I thought this was the pro league and not high school basketball. get it together man. It’s not like you’re being asked to drop 50 points a game. You are being asked to make 1 foot dunk. THAT’S IT!

    Basketball is their job. It’s that simple. It’s not their hobby. They chose to do this for a living and they get paid well for it. VERY WELL. $9 Mil a year in his sorry case!

    Can you imagine what would happen at our jobs if we didn’t show up like he does? Or act the way he does? His missing lay ups and dunks is like me tripping over the copier at work, over and over and over.

    If anyone in the real world f#cked up the way Kwame and gool ol George W. do then we’ll all be fired. What is happening in this country and this world?

    And for thise who think Odumb had a “solid game”: had he not missed so many lay ups and close shots, we’d be in the game until the last play. And if BIG BABY KWAME made just 10% of his dunks, the we would have won by 5 or 6 points.

    And for all the Kobe haters:

    This is why Kobe should take over games the way we know he can. I don’t mean for him to take bad shots but I much rather see Kobe go 1 on three and shoot a jump shot than see Kwame point blank with a dunk!

  • Flush Odumb

    Oh Bryan, let me see if there is a brain wave there…

    What percentage has Lamar been shooting?
    Can he be counted on with the ball in his hands down the stretch?
    How many times a game is he leaning over, falling down and flinging up a shot after turning into a defender who is parked on his left hand?
    Who did he play lock down defense on yesterday?

    He is a great rebounder, of course as one of the other knowledgable fans wrote, how many of those were offensive rebounds from his own futile misses?

    He’s a decent passer, when he does not make one of his many LESS THAN INTELLIGENT turnovers.

    Sure, I’d like to keep him as our fourth option on offense, where he can grab all of the rebounds he can, but his jersey is never going to end up on the Staples Center wall. The Lakers are the second most valuable NBA franchise so they need to get SERIOUS about getting a TOP NOTCH free agents. Shaq was a free agent. Did we trade half the team to get him? If the Buss family is committed to getting us to a serious contender then we need to add one more solid, dependable, consistent piece. Pay the luxury tax! Other teams do!

    Now if we can’t get that piece via FREE AGENCY then what do we do? Remain content where we are or go to plan B and try to make a trade? Since everyone else seems to think Lamar is so “versatile” then package him up with some picks and whatever and try to make a move that will improve the team. Read it over a few times – hopefully it will sink in.

    Regarding your other “Shaq, Kobe, and who else” comment…
    Surely you are not comparing Bynum with what Shaq was then?
    Maybe some day, but certainly not now. And who else did the Lakers have on those teams? Fox, Shaw, Harper, Fisher all top quality INTELLIGENT role players – the kind of players that hopefully JCRIT, Farmar, Ariza, Turiaf show signs of becoming. So guess why we don’t trade those guys! (Its not rocket science)

    Now go find a dark corner, sit down and reflect – we haven’t given up hope on you, buddy.

  • daboss1848

    Boo Kwame – no problem…at least hes out there trying, albeit he lacks the talent to live up to some of your expectations. reduce your expectations to a realistic level and you may not be so disappointed. (Yes, I saw he missed dunks – happens to everyone)

    My questions are:
    1) Where were the boos for Fish, who brought nothing?
    2) Where were the boos for Walton, who brought nothing?
    3) Where were the boos for PJ, who exerted 0 control over the game?
    4) Where were the boos for KB, who took the 2nd and 3rd quarters off?

  • T-Dub

    Lakersfirst…you’re soo stupid its a shame. You keep spitting out the record, which will be history in 2 weeks, the Suns are the only TOP TEAM that they have beaten. When the other top teams were healthy, Lakers got that a$$ whooped! As far as making a trade now, MITCH has screwed it soo bad, all we have is OVERPAID GARBAGE to trade. Who’s going to trade for that besides another MITCH? Sorry, we have the only IDIOT as GM! Now I’m done with you for good, you’re are starting to bore me!

  • Flush Odumb

    I hear what you are saying daboss.
    Fisher was unbelievably horrible and Luke was awful as he has been for the most part lately.

    I think the problem was that Kwame had just blown a point blank two-hand dunk just one or two games before (was it Memphis or Seattle?). Normally you would not see more than a handfull of those in a season, but he did it twice in the same FEW DAYS. You would think most competent, dedicated players would make an effort to not repeat the same dumb thing, but unfortunately Kwame seems to be stuck on stupid. He just doesn’t come across as committed to working on his game. Shooting 41% free throws? GOOD GRIEF! Look at how hard Andrew worked and improved over the offseason. Kwame comes across as a lazy slacker and seeing two blown point blank two-hand dunks in less than two or three games was the last straw for the fans.

    I hope he uses this as motivation to get his act together. Unfortunately, he’s all we got at this point.

  • keep24

    [Comment ID #22777 Will Be Quoted Here]

    The answers to your questions:

    1) No boos for D-Fish, because he had an off night. Every player has those nights. This was one of his. Also, he’s a point guard, his primary job is to assist and run the offense and not score.

    2) Walton deserved some boos but no one booed him because he’s a minor role player. We just expect good passes and some rebounding from him and that’s it.

    3) PJ; I thought him coming back was the worst idea. it’s not really about him having control over games as much as it is about him making adjustments. AND NO COMMENTS ABOUT HIS NINE RINGS. I’m aware and it still doesn’t change a thing.

    4) BOOS FOR KB???? What is wrong with you people. What does this guys have to do to satisfy you people? I’ll bet you everything I’ve got that had he taken more shots and finished with more points everyone would be bitching about the fact that “he was selfish”, “he wasn’t getting everyone involved with the offense”. What’s it gonna be people?

    What did everyone say after Monday nights game? He was selfish, he should take less shots, other should get involved!!!

    Well, which “others” did you have in mind? Walton, Brown, Odumb?

    With the kind of money Brown and Odumb are making, they should be able to finish around the rim. Do you know how simple that is? No one is asking for much here. Just make lay ups and dunks.

  • goodfella

    i’m sorry but i don’t care if this guy is sensitive or not, pay me the money that he gets paid and there is nothing you can say to me to piss me off or make me feel bad at the end of the day this stiff goes home to his mansion, bentley and yacht. so spare me the sympathy boat… bottom line, let’s ship him out, get something else for him or he better step his game up. look this guy need to do two things and i’ll be good with that, 1. play hard defense and 2. rebound, his stats everynight should be 10 reb. 2 blocks 2-4 pts. he can’t score so just make a dennis rodman out of him. take note Lakers management and coaching staff

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #22778 Will Be Quoted Here]

    T-LackofLakerFaith – God you are so pathetic and useless (what a waste of thought you are). You have clearly demonstrated that you are NOT a Laker fan. Any Laker poster, shirt, jersey, throw it away RIGHT NOW!!! The fact that you are here, on this site, is insulting to true Laker fans. Please go to and be the bandwagon fan that you are support the Celtics now that they are winning. You are a piece of sh*t and should never cheer when the Lakers win. When the Lakers win their next championship, be quiet, don’t attend the parade and say nothing because YOU ARE NOT A LAKER FAN. All you do is bash the team. How can you call yourself a Laker fan when all you do is bash the team?

    Yes I am blurting their record because its a fact. Their record and the FACT that they are one of top 5 offensive teams in the league, one of the top 5 rebounding teams in the league and have one of the top 5 scoring benches in the league proves they are a good team and as Kobe Bryant, the captain of the team, put it, “championship calibur team”. I at least back up my comments up with facts, unlike you who just blurts out your meaningless opinion.

    You state that the only quality team the Lakers have beat is Phoenix, but yet if you recall, they’ve beat Denver who is a playoff team and Utah who went to the western confernece finals last year, (the same Utah team in which in another thread you stated as being a top team. Now they are not. Look at you backtrack like you only can – you piece of sh*t). The teams you say they beat were all injured. Well I’m going to throw that sh*t back at you. The only reason why teams will beat the Lakers moving forward is because they are injured. They don’t have Bynum. Their team has been depleted with an injured Mihm, an injured Radman (who when healthy earlier this year was contributing), an injured Walton (who is playing when he cleary has no lift when he tries to elevate), etc. If the Lakers were healthy, they would’ve won last night and would’ve even had more momentum moving forward.

    You state the Lakers didn’t make any adjustments in the offseason and that the only reason why the Lakers are much improved is because Bynum is hitting his stride. But, has it ever occurred to you, idiot, that maybe the last piece the Lakers needed was a center? Notice when they had they had a good center, they went what, 17-3. They’ve learned to play with Bynum at the center position and he was beginning to dominate defensively and offensively. Now that he’s injured, the Lakers are going to have relearn how to play without him, in which they are going to struggle, but whether you like it or not (and I know you don’t because you’re not a Laker fan), Bynum was the last piece in building a team that contends for a title.

    YOU ARE NOT A LAKER FAN!! Because of this, leave the site. THIS SITE IS FOR LAKER FANS ONLY.


    Damn, if a “professional athlete” like Kwame Brown can’t take a crowd of boo’s and lets that affect him, how will he preform in the PLAYOFFS when he has the whole building and city booing him?!

    He got booed for a reason, because he fails as a NBA player. Worst #1 draft pick ever.

    Mean while, Caron Butler and the Wizards have beat the Celtics twice. Lakers: zero.

  • gugy

    I agree, if I make $9 million a year I have to give my best and be a man when the crowd starts booing me.
    So I don’t care if Kwame is sensitive. Toughen up dude, I would for $9 million!

  • Shaq786

    ship kwame’s a$$ OUT!!….and im also sorry to say… walton needs to go before we loose his trade value as well…. kwame, walton, and 2 second round pics (we have 2 in ’08) .. for artest and mikki moore

    and if we can crack odom, mihm, a future first round pick, and sasha… for jermaine… DO IT!



  • e

    in any profession, whether it be the nba, the job force, etc etc, you will be criticized…and if kwame cannot handle the pressure of being criticized or in this case booed for his lack of judgement, then so be it, he’s not a professional…you dont see big companies letting off their workers’ just because their feelings would get hurt…7 turnovers in one quarter ppl..and he’s not even our primary ball excuses this time

  • daboss1848

    Keep 24
    re KB – I can only write for myself – I would like balance. Why does it have to be 40 shots or 0 shots. From my perspective, he came out well in the first quarter – team was doing poorly. He disappeared in the 2nd quarter and 3rd quarter – only to try to come back strong in the 4th. Not only did he forego his own aggressive offense, he became a spectator. There were no cuts, there were no posts, nothing. He passed it down to the post and watched – Kwame on Amare? Luke on Marion?

    He became extremely passive in both those quarters – with weak passes (the pass to Nash and lack of hustle to block that weak lefty layup, immediately comes to mind)

    I would just like balance. Theres no denying he’s the best in the NBA, although some may try. So, yes I expect alot from him and not so much from Walton, Fish, Kwame.

    There has to be a flow to the game. He scored 81 against Toronto but that was in the flow of the game. The Seattle game – he basically froze out his team. Yesterday, he played half the game and spectated the other half. I just want balance – I dont need him proving to me what happens when he doesnt shoot…just go out and play team ball!!

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #22698 Will Be Quoted Here]

    TDUB.. did you use to have a blog on fannation???

  • Thuggishdeer



  • keep24

    daboss1848 –

    I’m with you on the balance issue. When he has stretches like that, it’s Phil’s job to make adjustments. Am I wrong here? Isn’t that what a coach is there for? If anyone’s sitting around around and being a spectator it’s PJ.

    It’s very simple. first you call a time out and bring everyone in. Then you say things like, “Kobe less shooting” or “Kobe be more aggressive” or “kwame I need you to dunk the ball, not hard, just hard enough for it to go in”.

    For 12 Mil a year he should be able to do that, no.

    Final thought on Kobe:

    the reason why he’s THE BEST in the NBA has to do with his ability to take over a game. The more pressure, the better he performs. He is the only guy that can go 0-20 and then go 10-10 for the rest of the game, which is usually when it counts the most.

    I don’t think there is anyone out there that has a problem with him taking 40 shots a game, so long as 20 of them are lay ups. He can drive to the hole at will against anyone and score but then he’d be too tired and worn out to play defense.

    If PJ can get a ring with this team, then and only then would I call the best ever!

  • Rpoc

    He deserves to be booed right off the floor.

    BUT above all I care about WINS. If booing makes him play WORSE and we have to deal with him 2 MONTHS (mercy on us all) then hold those fraking boos in. Logic people. He shouldn’t be bothered by boos but he’s mentally weak. You can’t fix it.

    I want to ship his ass out but no one wants that ish. He’s out of shape, retarded at basketball, and is playing terribly. All he has going for him is being an expiring contract and what have the Lakers done with those? Divac, George, McKie all were allowed to expired without getting anything in return.

    We are stuck with Kwame.

    Kwame = this bear


    [Comment ID #22744 Will Be Quoted Here]

    LOL, I can’t BOO any Laker player, but I’m glad you can.

    It just doesn’t make sense though.

    Ask yourself this: If O.J. Simpson was a Laker, would I not be able to BOO him because of the name on the front of the jersey?

  • T-Dub

    ab4sure…no, never heard of it. I’m just a die hard Laker fan who just went from 8yrs of playoff, and championship ball with Shaq and Kobe, to watching the talent on this team go the opposite direction…the only person I have to blame is Mitch.

  • lakers54

    I was at the Laker game last night and I was in shock at the lack of support the Laker fans were giving Kwame. I was truly ashamed to be surrounded by people booing our own guy. How do you boo your own team!! No one truly understands the magnitude of the boos and the affect it had on the the players unless you were there. I don’t care how bad someone is doing, clearly booing is not going to help. You need to rally him up not stomp him to the ground. It was evident that the booing made him do even worse. I felt so bad for him and the other players. Why would they want to play for a city that isn’t there for them during the worst of times? It truly made LA fans look terrible. The only good thing that came about it was how the team gave Kwame support. During every foul and every time out every player was talking to Kwame. At least they support each other.

  • Osama Ben

    U kno wats funny is the samething happen when he was with the Wizards and Gilbert Arenas said basically wat kobe had said and kwame missed the next practice & game in fear if he seen Gilbert he would punch him if he seen him.

    “He skipped another practice with a supposed stomach ailment, only to be seen later that night at a Chinese eatery. The Wizards responded by suspending Brown for the rest of the playoffs.”


    “According to a police report[6], on the night of Saturday, January 13, 2007, Kwame Brown was accused by a man of throwing a cake at him. The man said that as he was carrying the 2 x 2 foot chocolate cake down the street in Hermosa Beach, California, he spotted Brown’s Lakers teammate Ronny Turiaf who agreed to pose for a photograph with him. The Lakers had been out celebrating Turiaf’s birthday[7] when Brown then arrived on the scene, who grabbed away the cake and threw it back at the man. The man offered no reason for the cake throw in the report.[6] It was said Brown was actually attempting to throw it at Turiaf as a joke, believing the cake belonged to him[8] but missed.[9] They then dispersed, with Brown departing in a limousine. A “grand theft of a person” case was presented by detectives to the city attorney’s office,[6] but Brown was not prosecuted. Brown later compensated the man by buying him dinner at the Arena Club at the Staples Center.”

    o and heres the biggest joke of all

    “On August 2, 2005, Brown and Laron Profit were traded to the Lakers in exchange for Caron Butler and Chucky Atkins. This move was met with some controversy from fans who disliked Brown’s reputation and his label as an “under achiever.” In the beginning of the season, he averaged just above 6 points and 6 rebounds.”

    Nice we couldnt find another center as a FA at that time, but to each is own

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #22803 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Do you blame Mitch for not trading Bynum?

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #22803 Will Be Quoted Here]

    btw, the reason I asked is some lawyer friend of mine knew about a guy named Tdub… oh well just wondering.

  • Osama Ben

    lol this probably will happen in an actual game the way kwame is playing, its just a matter of time

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #22806 Will Be Quoted Here]

    ab4sure – He’s not a die hard Laker fan. He says he is but all he does is trash the current Laker team. I have yet to hear him say one positive thing about the Lakers. I’m sure he was one of those people that wanted to trade Bynum at the end of last season.

    He has no Laker faith at all.

  • kb


  • daboss1848

    Keep 24,

    Can’t disagree with you. I am one of PJ’s and KB’s most objective critic – I dont fall into the worship PJ (rings) and/or KB (talent) no matter what category.

    I have attributed 5-6 losses directly to PJ. (And yes I am aware that PJ coaches that way – have the team figure it out themselves, which will pay dividends later).

  • Ballin’08

    Do something…and do it now…what “We love Kwame” lovers on here don’t get is that this has been building up…His inconsistency is rediculous…check out this site for more on the CIA newest tactic: Kwame Torture…

  • DingleBerry

    I say we all get together at the denver game and ride kwame’s a$$ until he just quits….

  • kb24 4life

    dont do that again, he deserved it but he is a laker and i dont want kobe wanting out of la because of the fans , remember you guys booed kobe on opening night and now kwame, dont do that again…

  • foxxy


  • http://myspace >>>Lakers_Rejuvinated



    In the playoffs, when the suns did not have Amourie in the center, there was no one that could handle Kwame. He knew this so when the ball went down low, he would do a capatilize on that. He was CONFIDENT of his abilities. This season has only showed how much confidence he lacks to do anything with the ball. This in turns spills over to the rest of his game (rebounds, blocks, pass, etc.)

    He isn’t really that bad, he is just not worth the 9 million he gets. I bet once he signs a new contract with whoever, he will play alot better because he won’t have to live up to a huge contract.

    If I was playing with him, I would definetly make a contious effort to pass him the ball or try to get him open for easy dunks and layups. This will only give him more confidence and pay divedens for the lakers later in the season.

    I for one would not boo him but give him positive energy. Better to have a player that will demand the ball down low and not worry about a miss shot then to have a player not wanting the ball because of worring that the fans will boo him for missing.

    Have anyone ever gotten booed at the playground playing b-ball or getting bagged on and heckled just because you shot an airball? Well if you did, now imagine multipling that by 10,000 people and now you would know how Kwame must of felt. He probably felt worse because he was at home.

    We should all give him positive energy and leave the negative one to steve hartman.

    Lakers Nation…….Feelin’ You.

  • T-Dub

    ab4sure…contrary to what numbnuts(Lakersfirst) says…I would have only traded Bynum to get Garnett. I did not agree with trading Bynum for Kidd, or Oneal. But I have to look at that as one that Mitch didn’t screw up! I would have traded Odom and anyone else(besides Kobe of course) for Oneal and still would!

  • drake hunter

    KWAMESUCKZ.COM………..We need someone to undercut Kwame if he ever jumps for a rebound to knock him out for the season or the refs to call a foul on him if he puts even a finger on his defender so he can get in fould trouble and foul out. Whatever it takes to keep this guy off the court will be beneficial to us. Kobe and Phil have to obviously support the guy because if they come out in public and say he sucks ballz, no one would want him as if anyone does right now.

  • drake hunter

    If I was at the game last night not only would I have been booing him, I would have tried to spit on him when he walked back into the locker room. Anyone who supports this guys obviously knows nothing about basketball. Charles Barkley could only laugh when Kwame was mentioned as the man to hold down the fort until Bynum comes back. He’s a freakin plague and it was so funny to watch the game last night when everyone was booing him and the Lakers kept going back to him and he kept making mistakes. He was like the little school girl getting picked on in the playground. Freakin hilarious. I hope he sprains both ankles so he can be out for the season!

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #22820 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Notice he didn’t refute the fact that he doesn’t support the current Lakers team and has no faith in them.

  • bryan

    Lamar is shooting .466 percent.. pretty good for all the blown lay-ups and bricked threes right?

    The fact of the matter is fans like you don’t deserve to be fans. Why watch a team play when you don’t like half the players on the squad?

    You want a team like the Boston Celtics. You want to watch a team that you expect to win every game.

    If you can’t handle the losses, you don’t deserve to enjoy the wins.

    You’re just a bandwagon fan. Admit it.

    US true Laker fans our behind our team through thick and thin..

    Of course Lamar’s jersey won’t be retired. Did Rick Fox’s? Did Ron Harper’s? Did Brian Shaw’s? No… Lamar is a Role player… a GREAT role player.. you saw how the Lakers deteriorated after he went down last year. He has taken on a different role this year with the emergence of Bynum. And now he has taken it upon himself to be more assertive with the big fella out.

    If you would be content on having Odom as a fourth option, then change your stupid name.

    My point is… support our team instead of always talking sh!t or go buy a KG jersey.

  • somelakerfan1

    we traded an allstar for a what who kwame brown who is he? he should play in the d-league not even that he should not play at all cant believ washington got kwame instead of chandler

  • Ryan

    [Comment ID #22830 Will Be Quoted Here]
    chandler sucks too.

  • DingleBerry

    [Comment ID #22827 Will Be Quoted Here]


  • IMmichael

    ill boo kwame he deserves it he needs to realize that he needs to show anger out there

  • lakerking123

    wtf is rong with people all hating on kwame.His our only true center rite now, we dnt have a chance.So stop booing cuz ur making the lakers loose more. Its even better if we get another center, it wiill make kwame feel better

  • lakerschamps08

    wow comments on one topic i think..

  • Flush Odumb

    If people don’t speak up to try to get the Lakers back to the elite team they once were then you deserve what you get.

    Think people – a fan doesn’t have to be a lemming or drink the Kool-ade to be a “true” fan.

  • drake hunter

    The thing about Kwame is if he scores a basket for us or grabs a rebound or even blocks a shot it makes the situation worse. Him doing anything positive leaves people to believe he has potential still to be a player in this league and gives people false hope about him. In reality he reached his peak in ONE game in his career where he had 30 points and 20 rebounds so he can consider that a championship for himself and leave the NBA. Theres no potential, no possibility, no hope, no nothing that Kwame can accomplish any success in the NBA. I’m trying to be nice in this comment instead of saying he sucks ballz like I did in my last one. You made millions already. Do us a favor and retire!

  • Nabil

    Maybe the trouble for Kwame is now he is the last of the 3 heartless retards (Smush, Cook, Kwame). Last year he only had to take 1/3 of our wrath, because he wasn’t the only one. Now he’s the last one.
    We will NOT win a championship with Kwame as part of the rotation. Trade, buyout, “injured reserve”…something! Get him off the team. Now.

  • drake hunter

    Lets try and hit 200 comments….lol

  • Nabil


  • Suck balls

    [Comment ID #22841 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Shut up you Faker fan!

  • drake hunter

    What Kobe meant when he said that Kwame was sensitive was that he’s a little B I T C H. That’s the best way to go out public still being under the radar saying Kwame sucks ballz. For people to say your not a true Laker fan because you boo some of the players on the team and your suppose to support them is bogus. Thats the reason why theres trades and free agents in sports and your not stuck with the team you came in with. Kwame doesn’t deserve to wear the Laker jersey. The Lakers represent championships and winners. Kwame needs to call up Michael Olowakandi and go do what he’s doing because they belong in the same league where retards play basketball!

  • LaKErs

    that shit was pretty shady last night…kwames still a LAKER and he represents US in LA…if were not the one supporting our teamates who else is?

    i aint that big of a Kwame fan but i would never boo him.

    its easy to be a fan when the Lakers are winning back to back games..but the real fans show when theyre struggling. We’re the ones standing outside of the staple center after a loss cheering them on as they leave..

    purple and gold pride. Lakers for Life.

  • JCBiglessworth


  • Killo15

    i think we should try it…spread the word. i think at the next home game all the fans should cheer kwame on and see how he does if it doesnt work than ship him out. its worth a shot because we need all the optimism we can get with bynum out. SPREAD THE WORD!!!!

  • hibachi

    Suppor kwame!!! man! the laker front office are so stupid trading caron butler for kwame… hahaha.. nice job! have you seen caron burned the celtics twice.. ouch!

    ps. hey lakers try beating out an elite team next time! bwahahah

  • kaynam24

    kwame brown

  • kaynam24

    kwame brown

  • Terry

    I’m sorry he should be booed. This guy is a professional basketball player, but plays like a grade school player. he should always be booed. I also think Odom and walton should be booed. I still can’t see why all you fans can’t see that these two are also jokes. they can’t hit a shot if their lives depended on it. They two have to go. I agree with flush ODUMB enough is enough.

  • T-Dub

    A REAL FAN speaks up when things are not right. We don’t except just any product thats put on the floor. We have the balls to speak our mind when we see crap. We’ve earned that right! Unlike the players and owners, there’s no money in this for us. Only pride and bragging rights. So when the Lakers are not playiing deep in the playoffs and for championships, we don’t even have that. It’s OUR RESPONSIBILITY to call out the players and the organization when they take away the only thing we have, PRIDE AND BRAGGING RIGHTS!!!!!!!

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    [Comment ID #22870 Will Be Quoted Here]

    NO, a Real Fan supports his team (his entire team) in good times and in bad. If you’re only going to support the team when they win and things are going good, then you are what I’ve been saying you are – A BANDWAGON, FAIR WEATHERED FAN!! There are way too many fans like that here. Last time I checked at the top of the web site it says “We follow, We believe”

    Pick up the L.A. times and see what Jordan Farmar said about how disgusting of an act that was to boo a Laker. He even said, true fans don’t do that. Even Kobe Bryant remarked about the booing, “if fans want to do that, they should stay home”.

    What’s even worse is that you guys booing and criticizing (and you T-LACKOFLAKERFAITH are one of the biggest criticizers on this site) don’t even realize what message you are sending to the rest of the league and fans in other cities. Basically, you are demonstrating that Laker fans are so fickle that they will turn their back on the Lakers faster than they can say the word “fan”.

    I mean I travel to other cities and those NBA fans of other teams talk about how Laker fans are really only bandwagon fans and they aren’t REAL fans (after seeing the comments here, I’m beginning they are right). Hell, if I was a player in the league and I saw how quickly Laker fans turn on their players, I wouldn’t want to play here. I mean in another thread people are already talking sh*t about Mbenga, and he’s not even here yet!!

    You guys can call yourselves Laker fans all you want, but when all you do is bash the Laker players, bash the FO, bash the owner, you prove that deep down inside you aren’t fans.

    And what’s with this “we’ve earned the right” to b*tch and complain crap? What did you earn? It’s not like you went to to war and fought to be a Laker fan!! You didn’t earn sh*t. If you are going to say we’ve earned it because ticket prices are high then you can thank the fact that Laker tickets are expensive because the Lakers have been successfull in the past and you can thank the fact that we live in one of the most expensive cities in the country.

    I now recommend there be two sites

    1) (for true fans who want to support their team)

    2) (for those who just want to b*tch and complain when things don’t go right).

    I know there are soo many people here that think Kobe can do no wrong, and for you guys, should heed his advice, if you’re just going to boo the Lakers, stay home and do it.

  • miguel

    Jan 19th, 2008 at 12:35 am
    i think we should try it…spread the word. i think at the next home game all the fans should cheer kwame on and see how he does if it doesnt work than ship him out. its worth a shot because we need all the optimism we can get with bynum out. SPREAD THE WORD!!!!

    It is WHat it is.. But Let this be the final verdict. I agree that he was having a horrible game but by being booed Kwame gets discouraged even more.

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #22822 Will Be Quoted Here]

    YOUR A SICK PERSON DRAKE. You would spit on a laker player. Some Laker fan you are. I think booing Kwame is ok to do but Spitting on him. If Kwame is a school girl and freaking hilarious you definitely a school boy and Freakin Pathetic. You would make a good couple you and Kwame. Maybe if he goes to jail you can go have conjugal visits with him. Why don’t you make a video with him and call it “2g1c” that is “two guys one cake” You make all laker fans embarrass by supporting the team. And you were the one who wanted to trip kobe while he was playing on the court. What kind of fan are you???

    drake hunter
    Oct 31st, 2007 at 1:21 am
    if i was sitting courtside i woulda stuck my foot out on the court while Kobe was running by so he would trip and try to stop his fall on his fake injured wrist eventually falling on his face…

    Really dude your an embarrassment to Lakernation.

  • T-Dub

    Lakersfirst…you stupid sh#thead. I’m starting to believe that you work for the FRONT OFFICE. HEY EVERYONE, THERE’S A SPY HERE! IT’S LAKERSFIRT!!! Dumbshit, when I say we’ve earned it, meaning we’ve thousands of dollars on tickets, expensive a$$ beer, peanuts, hotdogs, gear, memorobilia. We deserve a WINNING PRODUCT!!! WE MADE those players and owners are millionaires. They have a resposibility to give us what we PAY FOR!!!!!!

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #22878 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Is someone forcing you the buy the tickets??? You still haven’t answered my question, If Kobe who has three rings and knows what it takes to be a champion thinks we have a “championship caliber” team why don’t you??? Kobe knows what it takes…TDub you don’t. Kobe believes this is a team built by Mitch that can contend for a title. Why the animosity toward this team???

  • T-Dub

    ab4sure…so what you’re telling Lakers fan is, if we don’t like the moves the FO makes, the product on the floor, and we keep losing in the first round of the playoffs, stop buying tickets, stop watching games, and become a Suns fan? What kind of sense does that make? NO FANS= NO LAKERS. Kobe won 3 rings with the most dominating big man EVER! Thats all he KNOWS! He’s trying to figure out(he doesn’t know) how to win a ring without SHAQ. He hasn’t figured out how to get out of the first round yet, so how can he KNOW how to win a ring without SHAQ?????

  • T-Dub

    You can tell who the Kobe haters are on this site…Lakersfirst and ab4sure…now they’re using Kobe quotes..”championship caliber team” to prove what a great job Mitch Kupcake has done. I bet you guys never wanted to hear Kobe open his mouth before this.

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #22881 Will Be Quoted Here]

    All these comments your making is you trying to put words in my mouth. Good try when you don’t have real answers. Kobe knows a big Man(Shaq) is needed to win a championship and he knows when he sees a Big Man(Bynum) that will help him get his next Championship. The sad thing is that you don’t know.

    Yes, and if you don’t like the product don’t buy it. Your loss because we have enjoyed some exciting basketball this year.

  • T-Dub

    ab4sure…I have no doubt about Bynum. He WILL be an all-star. As dominant as Shaq…probably not. What I am saying is besides Kobe and Bynum, they need another player who can be dominant AT TIMES. They don’t have that in the role players on this roster. Kupcake traded away that player in Caron. He has yet to redeem himself from that fiasco. Bynum is not his redemption, just look at all the posted messages here. We could have had Bynum and Butler, and Odom. He’s got to fix this sh#t. If he can get Artest or another IMPACT player here, then he will be vindicated.

  • DBricks

    I don’t agree with booing Kwame..all though in the heat of the game especially against the hated suns I probably would of done it too. 8 points, 7 TO’s and 6 fouls…I mean I havent seen a stretch that bad by one single player in a very long time. But the “Dont Boo because he is senestive” garbage is irrelevant. Your a pro athlete that makes 9.6 million this year. If your not living up to your paycheck I think the fans should be allowed to Boo, and it shouldnt effect your performance. Professionals are suppose to be just that, the best at what they do. And a little heckling from the fans should not affect any professionals game. Especially one that is due to make over 9 million dollars in one year. Come onn!

  • BEC

    We have the right to boo a player. Booing a player doesnt mean we dont support the player or support them to do beter or the team in general, but it just says were not satisfied with their play. Whats wrong with that? Letting a player or a team know how we feel about their play by booing is okay to me. I was at the game and I was booing him too. But most lakers fans went too far booing him for just touching the ball, that was wrong, how can you boo a player for just touching the ball. Just because we criticize a player for his performance doesnt mean we dont support the team or that player.

  • gugy


    I am with you.
    If I made $9 million I should not be affected by boos. Put my heart and be a good player, that’s what he is expect to do.

    Give that money and I’ll be as focused as Kobe is! :-)

  • MILO

    Im not good at playing GM but i think a trade for K-Thomas can help spread the floor for our guards to penetrate more Turriaf is not enough!This would have helped against PHONY,


  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    [Comment ID #22890 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You think booing a player is going to make him play harder??? In all honesty, most NBA players, when booed, would probably just say “f*ck you fans. why am i going to try really hard for your support, but when I mistake you’re going to immediately boo me”?

    Critiquing the play of a player is one thing, but someone went so far as to say they would “spit” on Kwame if they had the chance. What the f*ck is up with that? Furthermore, reading all of the replies here, you will see that people go beyond a mere critique, people consistenly trash Laker players and the most of the team saying “i hate this player, I hate that player, I hate the FO”. If people are ALWAYS ragging on the team like that jacka** T-dub, or as I call him T-LackofLakerFaith), how can those people call themselves Laker fans?

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    [Comment ID #22878 Will Be Quoted Here]

    T-Dubsh*t – God you’re f’n stupider than I ever imagined. Every f’n letter that you write just f’n demonstrates how much of a f’n idiot you really are.

    No one’s f’n pointing a gun to your head to buy Laker tickets, or Laker gear. Just as AB4sure said, if you don’t like the f’n product, don’t f’n buy it!!! If you aren’t satisifed with the food at a restaurant or clothes at a department store, do you go keep going back? Of course not, you stupid f*ck, you just don’t buy the product.

    You obviously don’t know business becuase if your going to be talking financials, if anyone should be pissed off at the Lakers play when they lose, it’s f’n Jerry Buss. He’s their employer!!

    I swear you are the dumbest f*ck on this site!!! If you don’t like the Laker product, then don’t support it and don’t buy it (and you call yourself a die hard Laker fan. You’re an f’n embarrassment).

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #22881 Will Be Quoted Here]

    T-Dubsh*t – Yet another comment by you that obviously proves that you don’t know anything about basketball. Kobe has played with a big man and without a big man and so he now understands that it is easier to win with a big man. You don’t think Kobe Bryant is observant to know that it has been easier to win games with a big man. Are you f’n stupid (well actually you are). Jerry West even told him this and Magic told him this as well. A big man is a key component to winning a title. I don’t understand why you don’t see that the Lakers were a contender prior to Bynum’s injury. Their record proved it, NBA analysts were saying it, their fans were seeing it, and even Kobe Bryant and the rest of the Lakers knew it.

    Secondly, YES, IF YOU DON’T LIKE THE LAKER PRODUCT, THEN DON’T BE A FAN. Don’t watch the games, don’t buy Laker tickets, don’t buy Laker gear and don’t go to Laker web sites. It’s that simple. There will always be Laker fans. You obviously don’t like the Laker team so it is baffling to me why you are even here.


    Here’s where I come.I gettin’ tired of this Kobe can’t win without Shaq CRAP!Kobe doesn’t NEED’em anymore,that ship sailed and gone,OVER!Doesn’t know how to win with out shaq?Then what has kobe been doing for 3years in row or have y’all forgotten why there’s been an increase in the ratings since THE LAKERS ARE IN THE PLAYOFFS then when there OUT OF THE PLAYOFFS THE RATINGS DECREASE(CHECK THE FINALS FOR ’07),the worst in NBA history.I don’t always agree with Dr.Buss but he did the right thing by keeping Kobe and now we see why,THE WILL TO WIN,Shaq doesn’t have that anymore unless you force or his wife cheats on him(that was mean).

  • MILO

    [Comment ID #22897 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I totaly agree look at fu-ck-en Shaq and D-Wade/fake they are the laughing stock of the league no matter what any one say’s the only reason why they beat Dallas was because they had help from the officials always giving Wade every single fu-ck-en call just as long as they could get back at Kobe for Shaq beeing traded as if he was the culprit for that.


  • Terry

    Flush Odumb I want to tell you that you know basketball. I can’t believe all these people who thinks Odom’s a good player. This guy is a joke and that’s being nice. All these people look at stats, and that’s all they see. Even though they watch the same game you and I watch, they just can’t see this guy is so clumsy and an accident waiting to happen. I wish they kept another stat in the NBA, one that counted clanks, then Odom would have something to lead the league with. Just because he is a good person doesn’t mean he can play basketball people. The guy suck!!!! People compare him to Scottie Pippen. In my opinion this is an insult to the great SP. If Kobe had a pippen on his team he would have won at least 2 more title. Flush Odumb these people who supports odom are the people who listens to the media, and only care about stats. What counts is coming through night after night. Flush Odumb while we still can.

  • Terry

    One more thing about Odumb these people seem to forget, he doesn’t play defense. All he does is hold his hands up in the air. He never tries to block a shots. Look at Turiaf, he always try and block shots, even if he gets fouls called on him, he at least tries to make a play.

  • Odom the worst player

    Well Said Terry

  • T-Dub

    I agree with Terry and Flush Odumb. I wouldn’t have booed Kwame, he’s always been bad. I would’ve booed Walton and Odumb. This was the same line-up we had 2 yrs ago when we took the Suns to 7 games. We should’nt have had a problem. the problem is Walton and ODumb have not improved their game. They both SUCK! Walton, Odumb, Kwame = $30,000,000(thats million) per year! GREAT JOB MITCH!

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #22915 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Shouldn’t you be on website or even better how bout

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    [Comment ID #22916 Will Be Quoted Here] is a site that would be better suited for thim.

  • T-Dub

    The people on this site that talk sh*t about the players and front office is because we DO CARE! It easy not to watch games or go to the games if you don’t give a sh*t. Yet we watch and root as hard as it is cursing and stressing out over bullsh*t players and performances. I would think all you numbsculls could see that. No, I don’t have to watch and root, but its become a way of life!

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    [Comment ID #22918 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Critiquing the team and saying this player is not doing anything for us is one thing, but constantly berating the team, saying that the team is garbage, is a whole other thing (one guy even said he would spit on Kwame if he had the chance). I mean you’ve gone so far as to say this team is flat out lousy, with a “you’ll see” afterwards, (almost like you want the team to lose so you’d be right). Throughout all your rants, you’ve basically trashed every player on the team, with the exception of Bynum and Kobe. Honestly, I have yet to hear you say one positive thing about this Laker squad, when they have proven this year, they are a contending team. I have brought up that Farmar has played well and you’re response is usually negative about him. I’ve brought up Turiaf playing well and again you’re response is negative. In another post where you brought up “top” teams such as Detroit, San Antonio, Utah, Phoenix and why they have done well and I told you that the Lakers have done what these teams have also done and that is DRAFT WELL (kudos to Mitch for drafting players like Bynum, Farmar, Turiaf, Java, etc), but you’re typical reponse is “Mitch just took the best player available at the time” insinuating he got lucky. Again, nothing positive from you.

    Then you like to bring up the Caron/Kwame trade over and over and over again, which yes didn’t work out, but what you people forget to realize that the Lakers had NO BIG MAN at the time, had redundancy at the small forward position and were not going to resign Caron anyways. The mistake in that trade was not trading LO for Kwame BUT…for that to have happend the Lakers would’ve needed to sign Kwame to a more lucrative deal to make the contracts match (which obviously would’ve been disaster because we have seen how Kwame plays) and secondly nobody back then thought that Caron was going to be the player he is now (might I add he is only an all-star because Paul Pierce was injured last year so coaches voted him in because they couldn’t vote for Pierce). Also, the Lakers had to seek a trade for a big man because they had no salary cap to sign free agents (NBA rules).

    Lastly, you make it sound like we are at the levels of New York or Miami. I mean if Mitch ran the team like Isaiah then yea, you can talk sh*t but he’s not, otherwise we wouldn’t be contending in the tough west. The Lakers have a good f’n team and with Bynum the Lakers are a dangerous team. You just like to b*tch and complain when the Lakers lose a few games. The Lakers are 26-12 and I guess for you its still painful to watch the Lakers succeed.

  • Nabil

    Man, when are we gonna get some freaking news?!

  • Osama Ben
  • Phantom

    Shaq said, Kwame Brown sucks. …CHECK IT————————->

  • Mitch Kupchak

    I’m the general manager of the team and I was booing him. I’ve advised the team to support Kwame until we deal him before the trade deadline and thats why every player sais what they said on TV.

  • DingleBerry


  • DingleBerry


  • DingleBerry

    200 baby not get brown the f**k out of here!!!!!

  • ab4sure

    What a Dingleberry!!!!!

  • thisbedo

    yea i understand when a player has a bad night here and there but for kwame he has had a bad career. people often point out that he cant handle the ball but if he cared enough or was motivated enough he would hire someone to help him out with that he gets paid 9 mil a year you think he would invest some of his money into himself! its his fault he doesn’t know how to play under pressure its his fault his career has gone to hell yea he shouldn’t have gotten booed at home but he should use this as motivation and prove to us that he’s worth cheering for

  • Mr. B-DAY

    we need someone like mark madsen reaaaal bad

  • Lonestar848

    We boo because we care.

    I don’t know what irks me more…when he misses layup after layup or that dumb, blank stare on his face.

    We don’t boo players like Fish, Farmar, Kobe when they make bad plays because they have HEART and PRIDE in their game. If they have an off night, I guarantee they are working their ass off in practice the next day so it will not happen again. No matter how untalented you are, after so many years in the league, Kwame should be able to make simple plays around the basket. I hope the boos will help Kwame rededicate himself to the practice court.


    Btw, do you think when Kobe said “the Lakers are a championship caliber team” he was consciously trying to recruit someone like Webber to the Lakers? Webber will only go to a championship contender. He never really gives out compliments, but with Bynum out, he knows the need for them to shore up the front line. Anyone?

  • Nabil

    Yeah, think he was doing just that.

  • DingleBerry

    see the booing helped kwame wake the fu ck up. he promises to play better against denver well sh it he cant play any worse…

  • Flush Odumb

    Great comments Lonestar, and thanks Terry,
    I’ve been with the Lakers for 36 years now – through thick and thin. Even Chick Hearn would speak out when players were playing lousy. At the end of a halftime ceremony honoring him several years before he died, he angrily said on the loud speaker to all of the crowd, something like “I hope they are feeding them some Alpo because they are playing like dogs out there!” I suppose some of the “die hard, say no evil” fans would ban Chick from this site.

    You don’t have to be a mind-numbed Kool-ade drinking Lemming to be a true fan. If you don’t speak up we will remain at a degree above mediocrity and you deserve what you get. The Buss family will make their millions and there will be no more BANNERS! Jerry West did not sit on his thumbs, content with Vlade Divac and a bunch of mediocre players. Didn’t we just get to the playoffs the previous year? Weren’t the die hard Laker fans enthusiastically cheering their team as true fans do? No, Jerry was not satisfied with the Lakers being mediocre. He traded Vlade, a pretty good “versatile” player (where do we always hear that term with the current team, Bryan?), for the then unknown Kobe Bryant. In addition he BOLDLY got rid of half the team (players like Sasha, Vlad Rad, Luke, Mihm, Karl) and seriously went after the #1 most dominant player in the league and obtained Shaq as a free agent.

    As a “true, die hard” Laker fan, not satisfied with mediocrity, I firmly believe that history can repeat itself, in spite of what the “true die hard mind numbed Kool-ade drinking Lemmings” say!

  • lakerz

    remember vs jazz kwame played good. bad games happend to everyone, more so kwame