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The older you get the harder it is to get out of bed some days. You may feel like laying there and enjoying a day of rest and relaxation, or you may feel too sore to get up just yet.

Steve Nash re-injured himself by tweaking his back while getting out of bed Monday morning (via Eric Pincus of the LA Times). This caused him to miss practice Monday and the Pacers game Tuesday.

“I’m fine,” said Nash later in the day.

Nash had been targeting the Indiana match up as the game he would return for. Now that game may instead be next Tuesday’s match up against the Minnesota Timberwolves, as long as his back holds up well at Thursday’s practice. Maybe getting up Thursday morning too.

“I have no idea what’s going to happen, but I’ve done all the work and I feel ready to practice again,” said Nash, who has been rehabilitating away from the team in Vancouver, Canada. “I’m really excited, just to be part of the team again.”

Despite Friday’s game originally being a possibility, Bleacher Report’s Kevin Ding and OC Register’s Janis Carr report that Nash is not planning to play against the Charlotte Bobcats.

“Nash also said that he isn’t playing Friday vs. Charlotte, ‘I havent practiced in 2 1/2 months.’ Thinks Tuesday might be a possibility.”

Nash has played in six games this season, his last being on November 10th against the  Timberwolves. Since then, many have speculated that Nash may have to retire if this latest comeback attempt does not go well. With Nash being the oldest player in the NBA, and playing arguably the most important position, he will have to be ready physically to endure his nightly match-ups.

For Nash, and the already struggling Lakers defense, it would only mean easier opportunities for opponents if Nash cannot move well enough to guard anyone.

While I have confidence that Nash will make the best playing decision possible, I do hope that he is ready for the long haul. This season, if nothing else, has and will continue to be a marathon until the end. 

  • Josh

    Of course his defense will be terrible; I’m just curious to see how he compares to KMarsh. Either way, he will get a pass since all anyone will see is opponents scoring against Pau (when he has to rotate off his man to stop the ball).

    • Ralph Rivera

      Paul is playing out of position center is his home he needs to be challeged in the block to bring out the fire prob is D no nothing toni plays street b ball offense no touches for pau no one to help crash boards playing small ball