Wow, if this isn’t hypocritical I don’t know what is… Steve Nash was recently asked about who he believes is MVP:

AZCentral: I think Chris Paul has been outstanding and his team has been the top of the charts.

“It’s the team, your impact on your team and what you do overall. Let’s face it: (Paul) has been unbelievable. His scoring. His assisting. He’s a leader in steals. He shoots a good percentage. He puts his team on his back in the fourth quarter. That’s what it’s about. He doesn’t have the players around him that Kobe has.”

  • cali_resident

    i saw this article before…who cares…KOBE will win FINALS MVP

    nash is a nerd cake another “Kobe HATER”

    he knows they’ll get stomped on in the playoffs

    he know wassup

  • Voice_of_Reason

    rule #1 never call out Bryant

  • magicbalala245

    LMFAO plz Nash does not no anything of being a MVP he never took his team to the finals plus why is he talking he is not even top 5 player in this league mayb in d league he is LMFAO

  • daboss1848

    Nash is irrelevant – he has no vote . . . he was actually promoting MVP for Stoudemire in that article.

  • RoWyN

    Typical answer from the guy who got a gift from the NBA. If Steve Nash agrees that Kobe is MVP then he basically says that his MVP wasn’t legit.

    It was just really funny that of all the NBA players, Steve Nash was the best. Not one but two years …. in a row too!….the NBA realized they Fucd up when they were about to give him a third MVP. LOL, steve Nash is the MOST VALUABLE NBA player yet if everybody had to redraft ALL of the NBA players he probly wont even get in the lottery.

  • ryc3




  • heffajoint

    Wow, and I guess he wasn’t surrounded by a good cast when he won his MVP??? What an idiot. I would love it if Kobe won the MVP, but I’d rather see us win it all and him get the Finals MVP instead. Also, Chris Paul has outstanding players around him… 3 All Stars on his team… Chris Paul = All Star, Peja = former All Star, David West = former All Star

    And, Tyson Chandler is one of the league leaders in rebounds and blocked shots. Plus, all his players have been pretty much healthy all year. We’ve had our key players injured from Bynum to Ariza to Pau. Nash must be blind or maybe it’s because we’ve whooped him so bad this year he thinks our whole roster is full of All Stars!


    I’m not going to argue what he says because it’s true,Chris Paul has been playing off the charts,give respect but ask Nash who’s more likely in the west to get a CHAMPIONSHIP,I bet he won’t say the Hornets.

  • gugy

    Nash and the whole Suns organization are just a bunch of whiners and ass-holes that are paying their Karma year after year. They will never win a championship.
    They brought Shaq that just going to take them down.

    Even fat Shaq are endorsing Kobe.

    Anyway F U C K the Suns and Steve Nash, ugly SOB canadian!

  • Bobby Beers

    Chris Paul has more all-stars around him than Kobe does. Chris Paul also has had a healthy team all season. He has NOT had to put his team on his back to keep them at the top of the standings. For Kobe to keep his team in the top 3 after his #2 and #3 players go down for long stretches, that’s MVP. Especially doing this in the Western Conference. Sorry LeBron, 42-33 doesn’t get you in the playoffs in the West.

  • Sako

    then he doesn’t deserve those 2 mvps he got in 04-05 & 05-06

  • sean

    wtf is he talking the player kobe ha. look who chris paul has david west, tyson chandler let them go down with injuries and see if there team wins a game kobe won 5 without gasol, or bynum. kobe is the mvp no doubt if he doesnt get it then the nba lost my respect and i pretty sure millions of other viewers

  • yearight

    All of you are wrong, Nash isn’t being a hypocrite. Paul is doing the same thing Nash did, with less talent around him, Kobe is doing it too, but with more talent around him.

  • Lakers 24 7

    Who do the lakers have? Kobe and Gasol are the only all-stars, Nash is hating cuz the Suns have an All-Star line up and cant win a title

  • dezmond

    nash is a bych….david west is a all-star he has had on his team all year-no injurys and cp3 has had the luxury of getting rest while Kobe has to play 45-47-50 even mins a game due to injurys…..even himself is injured and still tearing it up. its all good thou, more fuel for the flame i say, Kobe hears this sh-it so im sure hell show whos the MVP come playoff time…..FINISH THE SEASON UNDEFEATED AND THERE WONT BE ANY EXUSES HE WHY HE SHOULDT GET IT!!!!!

  • MILO

    On NBATV they show what the so-called rankings are on MVP and right now they have both KG and Paul ahead of Kobe.I WOULD NOT BE SURPRIZED IF KOBE GOT ROBBED FOR THE MVP AGAIN

  • LAkers

    [Comment ID #31525 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I couldnt agree more

    WELL SAID!!!

  • Geloman

    “He doesn’t have the players around him that Kobe has.”

    – I really don’t understand that comment from Nash. Before Pau, Kobe had no Allstars around him. All he had was a great vet in Fish, a great role player in Lamar and an improved Bynum and Farmar. Most of the bench are young and still developing and despite all that, Kobe was still able to lead the team to #1 in the West before Bynum got injured.

    Pau has blended seemlessly with the team because Kobe has welcomed him into the offense by constantly looking for him and giving him tips into the triangle. He’s given young Bynum tips on how to play certain people defensively and has helped develop his young teammates by trusting in them and having confidence in them. He’s played so unselfishly and yet is still second in the league in scoring.

    Paul is a great young PG, but he’s had the benefit of a former allstar in Peja as an outside threat, a current Allstar in DWest and Chandler who was on team USA last summer. Not to mention the trade that brought in Wells.

    Nash doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He’s jealous that Kobe finally has a team that can compete with the best of them and happens to be in the same division.

    With this current Lakers team, Nash has no chance of ever winning a championship. And he knows it.

  • thelakeshow122

    Hmmmmm lets list some of Nash’s surrounding players for the last two years that he won MVP: Shawn Marion (All Star), Amare Stoudemire (All Star), Boris Diaw (Most improved player of the year), Leandro Barbosa (6th man of the year)…..

    and now he has Grant Hill and Shaq….wow Nash way to put in your two cents about the MVP race.

  • thelakeshow122

    oh yeah…and lets not forget Joe Johnson…who is now an All-Star on the Hawks.

  • Whatsa

    Geloman, I freakin concur.

  • MARS

    suns are the most overrated team in the western conference, if not the whole nba. they think they are such a great contender in the playoffs but always get knocked off when they face a superstar team. yeah they beat the lakers twice, but that’s how far they will ever get. every team has their up and down seasons, and lakers had theirs. this is the lakers’ year, its time to close out the decade the way we opened it, with back-to-back-to-back championships!

    well, back to mvp talk.. nash has a good point, chris paul has been incredible with the hornets this season, and i give him his credit. but kobe has also been amazing this year espcially with his improved front court and bench. kobe’s mvp award has been robbed from him numerous times with a similar amazing front court and bench. one more point, lakers haven’t won 50 games in a while. this season,(51-24) with 50 wins just proves how improved this team has been, with the help of kobe and his front court/bench.

  • RoWyN

    [Comment ID #31527 Will Be Quoted Here]

    u haven’t lost respect yet?

  • ab4sure

    It depends really who finishes tops,” Nash said. “If we finish tops, then I think Amaré deserves it. But if it stopped the way it is, I think Chris Paul has been outstanding and his team has been the top of the charts.

    This is the whole quote. What Nash said is true, so you can’t rag on him for that, but this is Lakernation not NBA nation so objectivity is sometimes thrown out the window.

    If the Lakers finished on top then Nash would say Kobe. Come on LD2k, “you’re better than that”… borrowed from Mark Jackson… i don’t like his color commentating btw..


  • Angelo Vergara

    MVP is not based on who has the best record in the league, division or conference. It’s based on the valuable one player is to a team through the highs and lows. How one player has impacted the play of the entire team and it’s individual players. An MVP makes his teammates better, gives his entire to self for the team and constantly wills his team to victory.

    Paul exudes some of these qualities but Kobe has demonstrated these qualities despite key players being injured in a tough conference, the most competitive in history. Kobe has played through a serious injury, serious enough that any other player in the NBA, including Paul, would have to sit out. He plays through pain, illness and distractions, especially early on in the season. He’s been voted the most feared player and almost single handedly turned the team around when many doubted the Lakers would even make the playoffs.

    No doubt, Kobe is MVP.

  • dev

    hahahaha, that is funny…kobe made bynum better. nash just doesnt have a thing for kobe..kobe abused him in the playoffs with all the little quarrells and the tea bag dunk. nash is just saying that because kobe should of had it the season he averaged 35.4 points a game. so if kobe is the mvp now then he had to get it that year too. paul is surrounded by one of the most deadly three point shooters in the NBA, one of the best inside defenders in the entire league and david west who is an all star, so far, bynum hasnt played yet with the guys and gasol is the only “all star” on the team at the moment, and he sat out 8 games 2 of which we won in utah and dallas….what crap the entire mvp race is…LeBron shouldnt even be in the talk. his team loses more than kobes team did in 05 06 and lebron is in the kindergarden of the nba in the east….if he is the mvp then he should be second if not first in the east according to the writers. because that was their excuse when kobe finished 4TH! in the mvp voting in 05 06 after he had the offensive season of a lifetime. talk about hypocrisy. lebron and paul are now the golden boys of the NBA…the actualy greats. Kobe -Garnett-even Pierce for christ sake should be the ones in the talk

  • Mr. Juan / Your Warlock

    What Nash has said is totally False… Has absolutely nothing to do with Objectivity… And anybody who begs to differ is just throwing Nonsense in, and 4sure, full of Hypocritical-Objective-Stupidity… WORD!

  • n9

    Kobe’s supporting staff seems better than the hornets cause he makes them better. Factor in that Andrew and Ariza have both missed 45 games a piece plus Gasol has only played in 25 games all season.

  • Mr. Juan / Your Warlock

    As for being hailed as a very smart individual, Steve Nash has just put his big foot in his little mouth… BIG TIME!… Proof shows, Shaquille O’Neal’s behavior is contagious among teammates… Don’t believe me; just ask the Miami team bras, players, and fans alike.

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  • bc18

    i guess kobe isnt mvp then….i mean hes only leading is team in many categories, best closer, plays BOTH sides of the court….oh and hes doing this with a BROKEN FINGER!…i guess he doesnt deserve mvp cuz hes only doing that…

  • lakerschamps08

    umm i think kobe dont care bout reg season mvp.. he wants finals mvp and the championship… him to say that cp3 does not have the players who kobe has that bullshittt man.. we have had injuries the whole year and are right right for the lead in the west sooo he should get mvp but it dont matter.. ab4sure why u trying to protect nash he hates kobes and always will but then again u pro hate kobe so yall got something in common… we all hate nash caz he took away kobes mvps but please explain to me how does a guy WHO PLAYS NO D GET 2 MVPS???????

  • Shril

    If he thinks Kobe does not deserve to win b-cuz he has more talent around him.. then what about steve won he had perhaps the most talented team around him.. and despite kobe having an 81 point game that season he did not get it, plus last two seasons kobe single handedly carried his team to the playoffs with SMUSH and KWAME around him with Lamar Injured before the playoffs..

  • ab4sure

    sorry 08… i didn’t know objectivity is hating. you probably didn’t read the whole article so read it before you spout out. Nash took away kobe’s MVP??? Wow I didn’t know it had kobe’s name on it. Think about this 08… if a player turns around a team from 28 wins to 61 wins how can you not give him the MVP????

  • Kobe124

    Nash is crack cuz he got mvp twice when he had good players and kobe didnt have scrap, so i dont know about his example. Nash had good players when he got his MVP and Kobe Had nothing and now kobe has good players and he has the Big Cactus who is hurting his team, so he decides to talk smack. Stop the hating and join the Lakers Celebrating!!!!

  • Angelo Vergara

    If anybody has any doubts who the MVP should and will be, just listen to the crowd at home and at times away, when KB24 is at the free throw line.

    MVP, MVP, MVP!


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    get a life


    Part of me hopes Kobe loses so we can watch his vengeance on the league during the playoffs.

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #31575 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Get an opinion!!! That means you will have to form a complete sentence. Maybe two sentences. Do you think you can do it???

  • west213

    lol the red neck is still mad that the suns did not get pau. tooo bad nash u got to suck on shaq’s big black nipples for now.

  • MILO

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    sorry Bigal but ab is right on the money on this one! so unless you come up with some type of intellingent argument then dont say anything at all.And as i posted about two weeks ago i hate to say it, but this years mvp is Paul.Whom ever decides who it goes to know that they robbed Kobe for it the last two seasons and want to make up for it.So this time they will be looking the other way again and robb C-Paul for it.Then again you never know because since yesterday NBATV/NBA.COM now have Kobe behind KG and Paul…

  • MILO

    And in case the Lakers do face Phony in the playoffs, those of you who have the opportunity to go to staples should chant as follows


  • king.manu

    nash that motherfuckig bitch had amare bell marion around him he had 2 allstars around him that gay faggot fuck him that canadian ass

  • Keep Odom

    I swear! I hope we get this team in the playoffs. Nash forgets that if it wasn’t for Marion’s rebound and Tim Thomas’ 3 pointer we would of advanced. Thats right with a team of Kobe and a bunch of starters (besides Odom) who should of been on the bench or in the D league. I hate this team more than the Queens.

    But, they do have one thing in common with the Queens. They get a lot of hype for a team and franchise that hasn’t accomplished anything but two MVP awards.

    Go Lakers!

  • Billy Kupchak

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    what’s rule #2? :-D

  • Billy Kupchak

    [Comment ID #31575 Will Be Quoted Here]

    get a life? ~lol~ now.. WHO taught you how to say that? more like.. who’s been saying that to you ALL your life? was it.. your BIG MAMA? :-D

  • RoWyN

    [Comment ID #31563 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Thats a very good point.