A rundown of how Steve Blake has done in workouts.

Lakers: When the Lakers acquired free agent point guard Steve Blake on July 15, it took only a cursory glance at his statistics, or a simple viewing of his play on the basketball floor to see that Blake was a willing passer, skilled shooter and solid defender.

What may have been less obvious from the numbers in particular, however, was something that Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak stated near the top of the team’s introductory press conference for Blake.

In fact, “One of the best players we’ve ever had as far as physical ability” is a phrase we might expect to hear about Kobe Bryant or Shannon Brown (which of course we do), but perhaps not Blake (which we had not), who doesn’t exactly stand out in a grocery store line like Lamar Odom or Pau Gasol.

But once afforded the details of Blake’s pre-draft workout, conducted by the Lakers following his senior year at Maryland back in 2003, Kupchak’s statement makes a lot more sense.

Helping to run the team’s workouts alongside Director of Scouting, Bill Bertka, is L.A.’s Director of Athletic Performance, Chip Schaefer. With the official data from that 2003 workout in hand, Schaefer detailed why it was so impressive to the team’s brass.

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  • alive86


    Wow, I knew Blake was a hard worker, but I never knew he was that dominant in his physical abilities over most point guards. Our defensive rating will be sooo high on 2k11 hahahaha. I can’t wait for him to lock up all the quick point guards that pass by D.Fish on a nightly basis.

    3-Peat here we come!

    • PRLaker

      i keep hearing about this super team, as far as i’m concern there’s only one super team in the NBA and they’re called the los angeles lakers

  • 242LakerFan

    Blake is one of those players you always hate on other teams because he plays so well against your team. I’ve always hated to see him in another jersey. This is why I was so excited to hear that we signed him.
    These figures are surprising, but only if uyou judge by what you see, a skinny white guy who looks like he might have just come from a rec league game. But if you’ve ever had him bother your team’s point guard to the point of frustration and throw up big numbers (like a triple double) against you, these numbers really make sense.
    I can’t wait to get this season started!

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    all he needs to do is guard one guy one quarter then he`s done more than mamamaba and fish did all last season.


    The Lakers main issue during last season was a point guard. Let’s face it, D-Fish was a bit slow on trying to be in front other guards, that’s why almost every other guard in the league would post career highs w/ us. Mitch went out and got a very good guard. It so happens that he will be coming off the bench. A plus because not only will he be a good defender but a great passer and scoring option. I am happy. Who could we of gotten for the money AND be willing to come off the bench?

  • Flow

    Many players score high on physical tests. Kevin Durant always scores low while Jordan Farmar is off the charts. High scores don’t always translate into performance. Without D. Fish, I can think of five championships we may not have won. It’s the intangibles that make great players, leadership, intelligence, heart, toughness and desire. Fisher always plays better in big games, on the road and in hostile places. Blake is an excellent pickup, but if you don’t understand how critical Fisher has been an is to our success, ask Miami or Kobe.

    • 242LakerFan

      I agree with you, although Blake has, for the most part, lived up to his measurables. He is not an all-star. I’d bet the numbers on CP, Westbrook and others were better. But he has been valuable enough that teams have expressed regret at having had to trade him. He was not just a throw-in.
      I think he’s going to be excellent here as well, and the minutes he will take and allow Fish to rest during the regular season will be a major contribution. He will allow Fish to be even more valuable in May and June.

  • rhymenoceros

    Those numbers are pretty impressive, but from what I understand, they were from 7 years ago. Time does take a toll on athletes, so I’d be very interested to see current stats and whatnot.
    Man, I can’t wait for the season to start already.

  • laker warrior

    check out Blake going Mad Dog on Howard and some other cats. Dudes not afraid. Thats why KB24 wanted him.
    Ron Ron and Blake defense just improved off the charts.
    OKC with is going to have trouble with this guy.

  • ricky

    As much as I like Blake; this article proves that there is very little news out there as of late. Stats from a rookie workout done 7 years ago is posted so the people at TLN have something to do and readers have something to read about lol. Keeping it real TLN, I love it! Hopefully more “new” news and articles surface in the coming weeks as we head towards training camp and such.