Photo by Christian Petersen | Getty Images

After missing the last three games with the chickenpox, Steve Blake practiced Monday and said that he will play in Game 2.

As far as how much he will be able to contribute, Blake had this to say to a group of reporters on Monday:

I don’t know how many minutes I will be able to play or not, its kind of up in the air. That’s always up to coach.” Blake said.

Being out for an extended period of time has affected Blake’s conditioning, and he said that has been the toughest part.

You just get tired really fast, getting your feet back under you, your mind still thinks you can move a certain way, but you’re a step slow.” Blake explained.

Just to be certain, Blake went to the doctor’s, and confirmed that he is 100% healthy, and no longer contagious.

Blake averaged 4.0 points, 2.0 rebounds, and 2.2 assists during the regular season.