Here is your newest Laker in the best jersey in the league. Welcome Steve Blake, officially, to the Lakers!

Though, we may need to make sure Steve does something about those shoes!

  • Lakers=beast

    yeah! looking sharp there steve!

  • kong

    dude whats up with the all white and1s…UGLY

  • 242LakerFan

    Whoa, does he call the ball his “Precious”? Sorry, he just has kind of a Gollumesque quality to him. I sure am glad he’s OUR Gollum now, though, Preeeecious!!!

    • 242LakerFan

      And get him some ZoomV’s, for real.
      This is gonna prove to be a great pick-up!

      • DUMB ASS


        • Rio Rondo

          X’s 2 BITCH

          • DUMB ASS

            BITCH U TALKING TO?

          • Cody

            I can’t believe celdick fans still come on here even when they lose. And look how you agreed with that “DUMB ASS” and he told you to fuck off. How do you feel?

    • say queensbridge

      and you look like ron jeremy with glasses

      • Nolan

        lol so true Ron Jeremy with glasses I agree. So, maybe he’ll think twice before trying bash on a Laker for looks when he looks like that lol

        • Wilt

          Why is everybody saying this guy looks like so and so cmon guys focus on the story.

        • socal.s

          No, Stan Van Gundy looks like RJ….

        • Rio Rondo

          haha 242ronjeremy

        • 242LakerFan

          Hey, thanks, SQ, I appreciate that.
          This is good, coming from a bunch of guys who apparently look like snowmen on a cloudy day. Please, gentlemen (and I use the term loosely) if you can’t rag on your friends a little, you’re taking life way too seriously.
          Don’t you think Steve and I know how we look? Like every time some random stranger says, “D’uh, gee, you’re fat!” I cringe back in the corner going, “No, no it can’t be true! Everyone says I look like George Clooney!”
          Anyway, if you all knew how much I really resembled the Great Ron Jeremy, your egos would shrivel up in your shorts.
          Thank you, I’ll be here all week! Please tip your servers!

          • Cody

            HAHAHA I don’t believe you could have said anything better. Great comback. I don’t think they can top that lol.

          • Cody

            Oh and this, “coming from a bunch of guys who apparently look like snowmen on a cloudy day.” Was classic.

        • 242LakerFan

          And once again, good job Mitch and welcome, Blake!

  • rizzo

    solid pick up. Blaker will have a great year for the champs

  • Billy

    He took Farmar’s number :)

    • Robert

      Who don’t remember him?

    • Nolan

      So glad Farmar is gone and Blake took the #5 so Farmar see’s he can easily be replaced, dude had a big head. And he got replaced by a ex Clipper lol. Blake is good though. Next Kobe brought back Fisher now working on adding Raja Bell with Blake for the new Lakers.

    • Evil Empire

      Reminds me when Ronny Turiaf went to golden state and we acquired Josh Powell, Josh took Ronnys number also.

    • Mike

      Farmar wore #1

      • Evil Empire

        Farmar changed it for the 2009 -2010 season. He wore #5 all previous seasons.

        • Mike

          my bad forgot about that… goes to show how much I care about Jordan Farmar. STEVE BLAKE!!!!!

  • Patrick Bateman

    Thats the business right there. Steve Blake is going to show the Lakers Nation he is a great pick up.

    good Luck Farmar in a 20 win team for the next 3 years.


    some scrub shoes…..

    • Evil Empire

      They look like the shoes that nurses wear.


    I don’t know What the Fcuk you all are talking about… ALL I SEE IS A LAKERS #5 JERSEY, SHORTS AND AN NBA BALL! Who and where is this Steve Blake that the article is referring to?!???

    HAHAHA!!!!! Just messin Steve, welcome to TheLakersNation.Com bro! Hopefully since you move from the visitor’s locker room to the home locker room at Staples will help add some tone to your color chart!

    And one more thing man, you just signed a 4 year $16 million contract, I think you can afford a new pair of Nikes! Better yet, just show this promo photo to Kobe, I’m sure he’ll make sure you’re set with Kobe Zoom Vs and VIs for the season!

    That pic is hilarious man! You all know homie just changed outta his street clothes and donned the Purple and Gold uni and slipped on the same kicks that he arrived at the photo shoot with!


    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rio Rondo

      “HAHAHA!!!!! Just messin Steve, welcome to TheLakersNation.Com bro! Hopefully since you move from the visitor’s locker room to the home locker room at Staples will help add some tone to your color chart!” he played for the clippers idot

      • Josh Herrington

        So the Clippers shared the same locker room as the lakers? smh

        • Rio Rondo

          he’s saying visitor, i never said anything about sharing locker rooms


            “he played for the clippers idot”

            Hey Dumb Fcuk, the next time you want to rip on someone, make sure you spell IDIOT correctly! You really are a fcukin moron!

            And if you think that somehow playin for the Clippers qualifies the players in getting a HOME LOCKER ROOM then you’re a bigger IDIOT than I thought! The Clipps probably have a smaller locker room than the visitors!

            Man, you are way too easy… you keep comin on here tryin to catch us Laker fans slippin, but you can’t! And then you put up these ridiculous posts that further proves your IDIOCY!

            None of us even have to reply back to your sh!t to make you look silly, because you do that for us EVERY TIME you come on here. We do, however, continue to reply back because it’s SO MUCH FUN showing YOU what an IDIOT you are!

            It’s no wonder you go to Rio Hondo! Go to a real school you FCUKIN MORON!

            GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Rio Rondo

            Had a bad day ass face? I don’t have to put up with your cyber bullying, no one asked you shit yes he was “slippin ” I just pointed that out, its 2010 most people on the net talk like dis, and have by far worse punctuation then I do. go back to work your 10s over and the burgers need some flippin. Rio Rondo’s just a name to represent the best fucken franchise, Boston Celtics. Answer me this TOUCHING_MYSELF who has more championships up to the date? fyi I attend Loyola Marymount university


            Yeah right… LMU. And let’s assume that you did, and still you come up with “IDOT” as IDIOT towards me? Sounds like you’re wasting money at LMU!

            And what happened to your lack of class comment towards me a few posts ago? Remember, accusing me to cussing too much? “Rio Rondo’s just a name to represent the best fucken franchise…” Hmmm… how does it feel to be CAUGHT SLIPPIN?

            And you chattering about ancient history with your 17 ships to our Lakers 16… you know that your inbred @$$ backwards franchise is sucking and so you pull the only card that you can, the history card. That’s like Italians claiming that they were so great because they used to rule the world. And look at where Italy is in the world powers list now? Why don’t you answer me that?

            See, you and your sorry @$$ franchise can keep talkin all that sh!t and it’ll only make you guys look sillier! The Lakers kicked your @$$ in game 7 to take the ship and the only thing you can do is cry about ancient history!

            The once great empire of Egypt is just artifacts and desert now, just like your Cockston Celd!cks! Dry and full of artifacts in Gay G, Gay Allen, and Paula Pierce!

            You are wasting your money, actually probably our money, at LMU. It’s ironic that you should mention flippin burgers. With the poor logic that you’re spoutin and the lack reading comprehension that you’re displaying, the only job that you’ll be seein in your future is a fry cook with a paper hat on your head!

            FCUKIN IDIOT!

          • Rio Rondo

            you know what i like how you dont take crap from anyone TOUCHING_MYSELF. I respect that


            You’re right, I don’t and you should know that none of us Laker fans do either! And I gotta say, I’m liking your spirit too. It’s this kinda sh!t that makes our rivalry FUN!

            And c’mon now, as far as all that sh!t that I’ve thrown your way, that’s hardly “CYBER BULLYING”. You can’t expect to be on a Lakers blog site as a rival without gettin sh!t and I wouldn’t expect any less if I were on a Celd!ck site.

            You gotta admit though, I got you and your Cockston franchise on that Egypt and the desert sh!t! That’s just keen logic and proper use of analogy my “friend”. Hahaha!

          • Rio Rondo

            i can admit, you got me good


            aww… sounds like a kobe and raja reconciliation moment! Except, neither of us are kobe nor raja! Ha!

  • More Cookies 4 Kob

    Welcome to LA Stevie

  • JenFD

    Purple and gold looking nice on him. Can’t wait for the season to begin.

    • http://TLN DanG13

      That uniform will make anyone look good! ;)

      • socal.s

        Except for Rondo, he will still look like a crack head.

  • lakers37

    lets fuck some heats and celtics up! lol

  • http://TLN DanG13

    Kobe will take care of the kicks issue for sure!

  • lakers0828

    damn lookin good steve blake in the purple and gold

  • Cali Kush King

    yeah fo reelz doe them kikkers gotsta go… are those fukin pro wings. come on gee how much money did you make last year???? you couldnt at least get a fresh set of pro wings for the pic… dont trip homie that cali life gonna get you on point

  • KB69

    LMAO No Homo but Steve needs to say No Homo with that pose on the left

  • Hunt4Six

    Welcome to a Championship producing franchise, Mr. Blake!

    Just remember the reason why the Lakers hired your services.

    Your New Purple N Gold Armor is not just for taking pictures, but for “WAR” in the Finals. Any questions, just ask the newest Lakers Champion, Mr. Ron Artest.

    Do us proud!…..Welcome to VICTORY!

    • lakers2000


    • Cody


  • imfasterthanur

    Any 49er fans in here?

    Doesn’t Steve Blake resemble Alex Smith a little? lol.

    But obviously a much better talent.., (ouch)

    • socal.s

      damn, he does….

  • nath

    ROFL, no offense Steve but you appearance is funny and you should choose another shoe and sock combination =))

  • Kamakazi

    the fuck cares what he wear, it was interesting to note the first 10 times i heard it- probly could have worn tighter shoes, im sure kob will hook him up – matter fact after he makes him a household name nike’s gonna sign him (before he’ll just wear those black mamba’s with the purp streaks to look fresh) he’s got his own style that’s blake

  • Michael

    Nice of the Lakers to give him big shot Robert Horrys’ jersey. There’s only one Laker #5- Hoorrrrrryyyyyy!!!! So much for the legendary jersey.

  • pricelesst

    lol @ the shoes

  • justdogm1

    so heres the guy taking ALL OF FISHERS FUNNY MOMENTS?

  • Renz Sy

    OMG WATS WRONG WID HIS SHEOS! he just signed a multi million contract.. for god sake get some real shoes!!
    Call Kobe tell him to tell Nike to give you a pair.. jeez

    • Kamakazi

      Keep your game tight Blake!

  • xtro

    welcome to the lakers, stevie!

  • justdogm2

    is that really him? i don’t believe he wore those shoes in a pictorial, and he looks like not a baller.

  • justdogm2

    compare the bodies, the muscles. I think it’s edited.

    • 242LakerFan

      It’s just a really bad angle. Plus, it’s a still shot, posed, so he’s totally unflexed. He’s “wiry strong”! He’s one of those guys you see in the gym and think, he’s gonna get creamed!, then he goes out makes everyone else look foolish.

      • justdogm2

        I just can’t believe he wore that kind of shoes in a pictorial! I mean come on your an NBA player you have to fit to be an ICON, a pair of shoe won’t kill a million dollar.

  • riorondoisafaggot

    cmon and1 treat your players better

  • Kamakazi

    Lakers just signed one of the best PG’s they’ve ever had in years and what do you gimps talk about? His shoes. yeah that’s right.. not his ball handling skills, not his great 3 pt %shooting, not his role as a Laker, HIS SHOES! Everyone get it together, leave the man alone, he decided to go old-school, so yeah basically what I am saying is: step your games up. Welcome to LA Blake looking fresh!

    • Marwan Marzina

      Don’t worry, I’m sure Kobe will hook him up with some Zoom Kobe VI.

      • KMizzle

        I think Steve Blake mighta done this on purpose… for the reason you just gave ha- cunning- I like that about Blake

  • jose de jesus

    show what you have steve 5lake!!help the lakers to take the 3peat!!=))