marc steinStein writes there are six possible locations for KG to go; Suns, Dallas, Chicago, Boston, Golden State and the Lakers! Good read, he breaks down why each team is in the KG hunt.

ESPN: You naturally want to know what happens next with Kevin Garnett.

We do, too.

Yet we all have to get in line behind the Minnesota Timberwolves, since they don’t know either.

After all those years of rejecting outside interest, they’ve been working feverishly to trade Garnett for at least two weeks. Only now Minnesota faces the uncertainty of starting over when Free Agency Season commences at 12:01 a.m. Sunday, knowing it realistically needs at least two other teams to get involved to complete a trade of this magnitude — and knowing it’ll be even tougher to construct a digestible deal than it proved leading up to the first KG deadline, also known as the NBA draft.

Getting a deal done by Thursday night was so crucial because Minnesota’s hope was to trade Garnett for at least one top-10 pick to go with the Wolves’ own No. 7 selection, at least one payroll-slashing contract and at least one top-shelf youngster. Or another top-10 pick in place of the youngster.

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  • ericthaimyshoe

    Hah LD2k, I just commented the last article with this.

  • ryguy2303

    theres only 1 possible destination and its laker land.

  • Ed24

    there are six possible destinations that KG can be traded to right? I think that realisticly there is only two, maybe three.

    LAKERS – Kobe is enough for Garnett to come to LA. Why wouldn’t Garnett want to play alongside the greatest player in NBA history?

    Chicago – Chicago has a good chance because they have great young talent to give up inorder to get Garnett

    Golden State(maybe)- It’s going to be tough for the Warriors to get a deal done without giving up half the team to get Garnett.

  • kb24

    ok this is how i see it..

    phoenix – cant have kg because they will not give up amare and they dont want to go to lux tax.

    dallas – cant have because all they have is harris and that is not enough and they trade dirk

    chicago – sed they want to keep there core in heinrick gordon and deng, and atleast one of them have to be in the package so chicago wont do it

    goldon state – has wright they can use but no one else


    lakers – lamar and bynum might be unappealing but wolves will get desperate.

    as i see the golden state warriors are the only ones who have a chance against the lakers in competing for KG

  • foshizzelmynizzle….

    not gonna happen

  • lakersforlife77

    the only destination that makes sense to me is here……….now it just comes down to if minnesota is smart enough to trade him

    Even Ric Bucher said that Kevin garnett can’t play another game in a Wolves uni :p

  • Ed24

    Yes we are getting Garnett. I knew it all along. The NBA does this just for show. They make everything into a show just to make it interesting. The NBA, to me, has become WWE wrestling. Before we know it NBA players are going to kill their famalies and themselves, because they’re all hyped out steroids. Fucken son of bitch Benoit.

  • mitch_kupchak

    I got some tricks that i’m about ready to pull out. go buy your garnett laker jersey why you still can!!!

  • LAker07

    KG is a greedy player valuse money more than winning doesnt have the ethics and pride of winning games like most of the 80’s superstars. KG stop shedding tears, because your punk ass is being compensated anyway.

  • “Billy” Kupchak


  • punkjones

    7th and most realistic KG destination: Timberwolves. Sorry to rain on parades. I don’t think for a minute after the way Taylor and McHale have acted that they are going to oblige ESPN’s thirst for new material by doing a trade of any kind. They have shown so far that they are far more excited about getting KG’s 23 mill off the books after he opts out. So it goes. Right now they are by far the worst FO in the business (well, maybe the Knicks are actually). They have destroyed a promising franchise by cheating (Joe Smith signing), by frugality to a fault (refusing to pay Cassell and Spree when KG coughed up money to keep them there), and by wasting some of the best years of the franchise player’s career (33-49, 32-50). It’s pretty pathetic. Only thing worse is KG’s refusal to demand a trade and take control of his own destiny. Sad really.

  • RC

    I agree, KG is not going anywhere, shut this website down for at least one year, KG is staying and fishing on a lake, heck KG gone fishing always after the regular season.

    Can’t reach KG, he is gone fishing, ahahahahahhahahaahah