We all know there are many NBA players that play for stats (i.e. Andray Blatche – almost killing himself for a rebound to complete his triple-double). This article will be all about stats, it will mainly focus on the Big 3 of the Lakers and the Heat.

Beginning with the Lakers. Through 7 games, Kobe, Pau and Lamar are combining for 64.5 ppg, 27.6 rpg and 12.9 apg. Kobe is usually averaging the most on the team but this time, he’s averaging 22.9 ppg. Pau leads the 3 (and the team) in points, averaging 1.2 points more than Kobe, at 24.1 ppg. Pau leads the 3 in assists with 5.0 apg, and Lamar is owning the glass with 11.1 rpg. Kobe, Pau and Lamar average these stats on an average time of 34.8 minutes per game.

Then you have Miami’s Big 3. You’d think they’d be averaging an “unimaginable amount” points, rebounds and assists cause of their tremendous level of talent, right? Well, compared to the Lakers’ Big 3… not quite. Through 7 games, Wade, Bosh and James are combining for 59.2 ppg, 16.5 rpg and 13.2 apg. Wade ties Pau with 24.1 ppg, LeBron dishes out 7.9 apg, Bosh owns the glass with 5.4 rpg. The Miami Thrice average these stats on an average time of 33.5 minutes per game.

Side stats: Combined together, the Lakers’ Big 3 is shooting 165-313 (52%). Thanks to Lamar for boosting that stat cause he’s been lights out this season, shooting 47-75 (63%) and shooting 9-13 3PT (69%), Pau is shooting (54%) and Kobe shooting (44%).

The Miami Thrice is shooting 140-296 (47%), with all 3 shooting under 50% respectively. LeBron (47%), Bosh (45%) and Wade (48%).

Kobe, Pau and Lamar turned it over a total 48 times, where as the Miami Thrice has been really sloppy with the ball, turning it over 66 times mainly because of LeBron’s sloppy handles, totaling 33 turnovers in 7 games. He turned it over more than Kobe and Pau did combined. Wade and LeBron combined turned it over more than Kobe, Pau and Lamar did combined.

The last stat: The Lakers’ Big 3 combined have a total of 9 championship rings compared to the Miami Big 3 totaling a measly 1 championship ring.

  • http://nba.com John Robertson

    Very well said article. That’s no match, and the fact that the Lakers have more depth on their bench. It’s quite evident that the “other big 3″ is just all hype

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    miami s big 3 are fun to watch, lakers and kobe missing 20 shots a game is boring.hows that stat bitch.

    • darylkris

      it must be fun watching them lose too. kobe misses 20 shots and we still win. how’s that stat?

      • ignard

        EXACTLY!!! These haters are hilarious.

        • lakers4-3peat

          i really hate lebron james aka “king of nothing”

    • deems

      funny watching Bosh get pushed all over the place on the defensive boards

    • LakersFirst

      Yea, but watching the LAKERS win is great!!! 7-0!!! (i know it kills – its great!)

    • Nathan

      If thats a “stat” then watch up


      Clevland? you lost to Clevland

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu


    • bostonSUCKS88

      tell me when kobe missed 20 shots

      • le-elbow =)

        i don’t remember the last time kobe missed 20 shots but i mean what do you really expect from laffs he just says a lot of obnoxious, irrelevant opinions that makes him contradict himself to get attention

    • HATER

      It just shows how much depth they have where Kobe can relax and not have to save the team. FOOL!!

  • Robert.

    I’d like to see stats on West v. L’East too. Our “Western Conference” Hornets handled the Heat, and the Suns beat the ‘unbeaten’ Hawks.
    and the Lakers are ‘dominating’ the West. So in spite of the heat’s wins in the East, the Lakers still rule.
    And — Kobe is doing just fine, considering he is still recovering from knee surgery. The current time is a great chance for Pau to rise to another level. So, when the Finals roll around, the team will be ‘rock solid’.
    And — Lamar ‘got it’ from the Summer World Championships. It happened to LeBron, and Melo several years ago – once they play in the World games, their level up play goes up.

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    SO bryant decided not to go to COLORADO this time?wonder why?

    • Ruin818

      Must of heard you live there…. or even worse… just that you’ve been there!!!!!!

  • Robert.

    BTW, Bosh is overrated (at least, on this team). In Toronto, he was the go-to guy, so of course he put up big numbers.
    But he has no idea how to play with ‘2’ superstars. He is not the go-to guy, and so has to ‘sort of’ be a swing player, like Lamar. Of course, Lamar is ‘superior’ as a swing player, so there’s no comparison. And Bosh never will be swing – he’s a post up player, albeit an undersized post-up player.
    This makes me happy that we did NOT try to get Bosh, and lose our 7 ft. advantage (namely, Bynum). Drew is worth his weight in ‘lane clogging meat’. He’s like a piece of cholesterol in the ‘artery’ that is the ‘lane’.
    Now, to give Bosh credit, he did play like a monster ‘years’ ago. Phil included Bosh on his wish list ‘years’ ago. He also included Boozer on his wish list. But that was before Pau, who really fills in the ‘dream’ position that Phil wanted on the team. And now, Bosh & Boozer are past their ‘monster’ years. They are both still good, but not ‘great’ like they used to be.
    So, Bosh is just another forward, that’s all. They should call miami the ‘Big 2′. And even then, “I PREDICT” that if LeBork and DWon’t play lights out, one or the other (or both) are going to get injured. DWade plays ‘much too hard’, risks his body for circus shots, and was ‘actually’ injured in a bad way years ago. He has to tone down his level of play in order to exist in the NBA w/o injury. Unf. for him, if he tones it down, his numbers go down. And LeBron “CANNOT” play injured, at all. He can only operate if all cylinders are working. One bruise, and he’s out. So, count on that, if they want to play all year at a high level.
    What should he do?

  • le-elbow =)

    you can tell kobe is so much more relaxed now, because he has such a great team and he knows he doesn’t have to drop 30+ a game anymore. Lamar way to step it up, i’ve never seen him play so well so consistently, and Pau, words just can’t explain. Pau>Bosh, Lamar>Bosh, so that position is locked for us. I’m putting Ron>lebron in terms of stopping lebron because ron artest just has a whole new mentality this season and i dont think lebron will have much of an impact cuz of ron’s mindset. And obviously Kobe>Wade, i don’t need to explain my reason for that one. Our Bench>Heat’s Bench(If you even want to call it a bench). In conclusion no one can match up with us besides Boston but f**k Boston. LAKERS 3-PEAT!!!

  • Robert.

    More on the ‘big’ 2. They are ‘not’ the ideal size for their positions. Kobe is the ideal size for his position (guard, and/or shooting guard). DWade is too small for the same position (shooting guard). Also, he is a ‘cutter’ and ‘slasher’, more than ‘shooter’. So, he is playing ‘more like’ Iverson, but is larger than Iverson, so there’s more of a chance for injury. DWade is a great player, no doubt, but is playing riskier for the position, considering longevity in the NBA.
    And LeBron – he’s actually ‘too big’ for his position. He is built like a football player, so actually it doesn’t bode ‘as well’ for the long 2 1/2 hour continuous grind of basketball. He is more suited to going on the playing field of the NFL, waiting a minute or two, and playing a ‘quick play’, which is over in less than a minute, then waiting around again for another play. Again, he is a great athlete, no doubt, but a bit ‘out of size’ for his position.
    On the other hand, Kobe is the ‘perfect size’ for a shooting guard. I would add that Reggie Miller also qualifies at the perfect size. Since both Kobe and Reggie played perfectly ‘in position’, they both had (and have) a great chance for longevity. Recall that Reggie ‘considered’ coming out of retirement 2 years ago to play on the Celtics. He ‘could have’ done that if he wanted to, but did not want to be subjected to the ‘two-a-days’, and the grind of the long NBA year.
    Pau and Tim Duncan are the ‘perfect size’ for forwards. Tim is ‘still’ in the league, and still a great player (yes, not as great, but can still play). Pau is a ‘world class’ forward, and should be ‘let into’ the top 50 club after his career is over.
    Kareem, Wilt and Russell are the ‘perfect size’ for centers. Wilt is actually on the ‘edge’ of this. He is leaning toward being too athletic, but could have played ‘well after’ he retired. I would have added Shaq – although dominant, not the ideal size for a center. And Dwight Howard has yet to ‘get there’. Kareem is really the ‘perfect’ center. There will never be another like him.
    Now, Magic is definitely not the right size for a point guard, but that was actually for his benefit. He also could have played longer, if not for his ailment. Unf., I have to say that Steve Nash, Rondo, Chris Paul, etc. are the ideal size for point guards (including Iverson in this group too).
    Back to the “Big 2″ (in miami), they are great players, but the ‘way they play’, I don’t believe they will actually last 7 or 8 years as they mention. Maybe a few years at a high level, then expect a dropoff. Meantime, the Lakers will win another few championships.

  • G


  • si pepe

    we always laff at it..

  • jason007

    what a pointless article..who cares about miami they havent done anything yet..miami who for now is what i say..why are some laker fans so focused on miami?..until they can prove they can get to the finals..they’re just another team to me..just like everyone else

  • bitterfan

    Who the hell is this Hollinger guy from ESPN ranking the heat ahead of the lakers?

  • willmo

    Bitterfan you answered your own question, he is from the same ESPN that picked the Cavs to win it all the last 2 yrs and the Celtics to win the finals back in June. Hollinger has openly admitted to 710 ESPN that he does not care for the Lakers. This comes as no surprise as you can see that all ESPN did this past summer is put specials on the Miami Hype. It’s your typical eastcoast bias that happens in every sport like baseball and the whole “The Yankees are gonna win it every yr” and let’s have a 24 hour marathon dedicate to the Boss passing away and yet they wouldn’t do that to the memory of Dr. Buss when the time comes although he’s won more rings in less time than someone like the George and transformed the business and entertainment side of the NBA. Don’t waste your time with this crap.

  • Brian Bolusan

    Men and women lie,numbers don’t…

    • 242LakerFan

      “There are three kinds of falsehoods; lies, damned lies and statistics.” Mark Twain
      The fact is, those men and women (and apparently Hollinger) do use numbers to lie. Case in point…Hollinger’s NBA Power Rankings on ESPN.

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  • Deeznuts

     Lakers have a big 3????!!! WTF ever