Over/Under: 10.5 wins to close out the remaining 18 games on the schedule.

Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images
Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Belal Abdelfattah // @KyrieSWERVEing:

Looking over the final 18 games, there are a couple of trap games. Road back-to-backs, and trips to Portland, Indiana and Golden State could hurt the Lakers. But I’m going to be an optimist here and say they finish 13-5 to close out the season, putting them squarely in the playoff picutre.

Alex Lambeth // @AlexLambeth:

Over. With Utah continuing to fall in the standings, the Lakers have received some much needed help. However, the Lakers will need to win 12 or 13 of their next 18 games to lock up the 7th or 8th seed in the Western Conference.

John Gaffer // @jewelslamo:

Well, I said the Lakers had to go 20-8 after the All Star break, & they are currently 7-3. If my math is correct, that means they have to win 13 of the remaining 18. Take the over.

Bummi Anderson // @BummiNAnderson:

With 18 games left, Lakers will win over 10.5. They are shaping info form.

James Cypert // @JamesCypert:

Over. In the remaining 18 games, a 13-5 finish with losses to the Grizzlies, Pacers, Clippers, Spurs and Rockets wouldn’t surprise me. Other than those five playoff teams, the Lakers get a very favorable stretch of fringe playoff teams and bottom dwellers that build some momentum going into the playoffs.

Felipe Amaral // @F_Amaral:

Over, and that’s what they have to do if they want to make the playoffs. The Lakers have stepped up after the All-Star Break, which put them in striking distance from the bottom part of the top eight teams in the West. Now it’s a matter of keeping the good momentum going on their favor and secure a place in the post-season. With nine of those 18 at the Staples Center, to go along with five away contests against non-playoff teams, the Lakers certainly have got what it takes to win at least 11 games until the end of the regular season.

Oren Levy // @LakersOren:

Over. I expect the Lakers to go 12-6 over the final 18, to end up with 45 wins, and a playoff spot. Anything less might not do it.

Garrett Garcia // @GarrettGarcia:

The Lakers will win over 10.5 games, realistically they’ll go 12-6 over the next 18 games which should be enough for a playoff spot.

Photo by Harry How/Getty Images
Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Melvin Taylor // @MelvinTaylorII:

I fully believe the Lakers will win over 10.5 games. There may be a few disappointments along the way but they can do it.

Robert Benitez // @Beeb0:

Over. They don’t have a choice but to go over and Kobe won’t let them go under. We have seen Kobe will this team to comeback victories and with Dwight finally stepping up I believe this team can go 14-4 to finish the season.

Anna Gonda // @AnnaLBG:

Knowing that the 8th playoff spot is not a guarantee at this point, and knowing that if they can hang on to a playoff seeding, they can aim for one higher than 8th, the Lakers must win over 10.5 games. They no longer have the luxury of dropping games. They must win the majority of what they’ve got left in the schedule, there’s no getting around it.

Jordan Grant // @JordanGrant90:

Over- The Lakers have a couple tough matchups coming up in the remainder of the season, but I see them winning just about 11 of their next 18 games. This is right around the mark they will need to hit to make the playoffs, and hopefully build the momentum they need to be a force come April.

Ashkan Kargaran // @Aakargaran:

Over. The Lakers should beat every team they face and have a decent chance of beating the 3 tough opponents (Grizzlies, Clippers, and Spurs) and hopefully get a 6th seed for the playoffs.

Over/Under: 10.5 wins to close out the remaining 18 games on the schedule.

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