Magic Johnson has called out the Lakers’ front office numerous times recently; will that hurt his attempts to recruit free agents to the Lakers this off-season?

magic-johnsonJohnny Navarrette // @JohnnyNav: How Magic acts from this point on will greatly affect the off-season.  If he is behind the Lakers 100% and is able to talk to free agents, it will be the best thing that could happen for this franchise. But if he continues to be negative, it is going to hurt this franchise.

Oren Levy // @LakersOren: Magic cannot recruit players from outside the organization. If the Lakers want him to recruit, they have to bring him in and prepare a coordinated recruitment strategy. If Magic rejoins the Lakers in a recruiting capacity, he’ll be able to repair any damage done from his comments earlier year.

Jory Dreher // @Jay_Laker: I think it hurts. What will he pitch to LeBron James or Carmelo Anthony? “Hey come play for the Lakers in this beautiful city, we have the championship tradition, and… Mike D’Antoni?” James is coming off of three straight final appearances, with a chance at making it four. He has Pat Riley and no taxes in Miami, why would he give that up to play for D’Antoni? Yes, Anthony is going no where fast in the Big Apple, but he and D’Antoni have bad history. Why would he leave a $30 million+, a no-win situation, to play for less under similar circumstances? The Lakers may have to shake things up to have any chance at free agents going forward.

Ash Kargaran // @aakargaran: Yes and No. Players are now smart enough to realize which franchises are being run poorly. The Knicks will not be getting many marquee free agents because of James Dolan. On the other hand, Clippers owner Donald Sterling was the west coast version of Dolan until Chris Paul came into town and players immediately flocked to him. As long as the Lakers utilize Magic’s persona to sell free agents on playing for the Lakers, they will always have a chance to land superstars.

Kanta Ito // @Kanta_B_Ito: No. Magic spoke the truth in regards to the Lakers status and has received criticism for doing so. However, the Lakers management has a major responsibility to get their acts together immediately after their last game in order for Magic even has an opportunity to recruit any players.

Garrett Garcia // @GarrettGarcia: I don’t believe it will, I shouldn’t at least.  Whereas the Lakers’ front office has made some mistakes recently, the franchise’s storied past should be enough to speak for itself.  This team won’t be a lottery team for much longer, and Bryant can still act as the Lakers’ best recruiter.

Robert Benitez // @beeb0: I believe it’s a 2 sided sword. He’s called Jim Buss out and vocalized his frustrations many times, but he has also offered to recruit for the Lakers this off season as well. He could have caused some damage, but he can also do damage FOR us if given the chance to recruit some free agents this Summer. Only time will tell.

Melvin Taylor // @MelvinTaylorII: It will make free agents weary for sure but that’s the beauty about being Magic Johnson; you can say all of that and still have a conversation with the free agents and they listen to you. His stature in the game of basketball is to the point where he can say those things but still assist the Lakers because everyone knows he wants what is best for them.