Will Kobe Bryant return this season, and if so, should he?

Photo Credit | AP Photo/ Frank Gunn
Image: Frank Gunn | AP Photo

Johnny Navarrette // @JohnnyNav: I still think Kobe returns for 10-15 games this season. I think it is important for him to return to game action, giving him some confidence heading into the final two years of his career.  If he doesn’t, there will be a lot of questions this offseason regarding Kobe’s future.

Oren Levy // @LakersOren: He should return this season, assuming he is healed. Kobe needs a few NBA games to find his rhythm . Better he learns his body post-injury this season so he can hit the ground running next year.

Jory Dreher // @Jay_Laker: No, and he shouldn’t aim to either. He is still dealing with internal swelling and discomfort in his knee, the Lakers are out of the playoff hunt, and Kobe has nothing to prove to anyone. We all know the Black Mamba is dying to get back out there with his teammates, but I think this is the one time that someone has to save him from himself.

Ash Kargaran // @aakargaran: Yes, Kobe will return this season. Although the latest rehab news update for Kobe was not very promising, he must come back and do two things in preparation for next season: (1) Shake off any rust or doubt he might have in the back of his mind before going into the offseason and (2) Prove to free agents across the league that he is still an elite player.

Kanta Ito // @Kanta_B_Ito: No. As much as I would like to see Bryant play as soon as possible, I do not expect Bryant’s legs to fully recover from knees to Achilles injuries. He has no reason to return either especially if the Lakers are destined for the lottery regardless.

Garrett Garcia // @GarrettGarcia: After the latest reports surfacing saying that Bryant is coming along slowly in his recovery process I believe he doesn’t come back this season.  Not due to him not wanting to play but his injuries are just going to keep him to the pine.  This will be better in the long run as he can fully recover over the long off-season and come back stronger for the 2014-15 campaign.

Robert Benitez // @beeb0: It’s Kobe Bryant… he’ll return as soon as he can. Should he? Probably not, this season is lost and his body could use the rest and rehab rather than coming back to play a handful of games for a team fighting for a lottery pick.

Melvin Taylor // @MelvinTaylorII: Kobe will return around game six or seven in the final 29. Should he, no. I firmly believe he should rest and heal properly for next season but Kobe being Kobe means he will suit up.

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