Well we love updating this website and reading all about what people think about us. We try to stay as neutral as possible despite being huge Lakers, Kobe, and Kevin Garnett fans. We do try to bring you more than just “KG to LA” news and at the same time, most certainly do enjoy keeping the fanbase/world updated on a situation that appeals to many out there.

The Star Tribune – Minnesota’s largest newspaper – wrote a quick review about our website and explained why all of my Lakers friends and I have been losing so much sleep lately. Hmm…

Overview: A web site put together by four young guys in California dedicated to Lakers news and the pursuit of Kevin Garnett.

Sign you’re interested: You’re a fan of the Lakers, or Garnett, or both.

Sign you might not sleep tonight: You think there’s a real chance KG could get traded for Lamar Odom and a bunch of spare parts.

I knew there was a reason!

Read the rest about us here.

  • http://www.gator21.com Later Gator

    Sounds like a fair explanation of this website. Congratulations on getting reviewed!