Stan Van Gundy had some great stuff to talk about regarding the Kobe vs. LeBron differences.

OrlandoSentinel: SVG: It is a sign of the times. Unfortunately. It’s amazing that a guy as good as Kobe Bryant simply extended his contract with no real fanfare or anything else.

R. Kevin Durant did, too.

SVG: Yeah and Kevin Durant is more in the Kobe Bryant mode. You don’t hear Kobe Bryant and certainly not Kevin Durant talking about their brand. They don’t. I hear that from the other guys. I don’t hear those guys talking about their brand, they’re simply basketball players who want to be great players and win games. Not that those other guys aren’t great players and don’t want to win games. They do, but there’s also more to it. It’s not what I like. Other people, I guess, like it. I’m sure it will be a widely watched show tomorrow. It simply will not have me as a member of that audience.

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  • lakers2000

    Looks like I’m not the only one having problems with this site, eh Chris?

  • Imadogg

    Best article ever, all the proof we need

  • Ronin99

    May be the article should be “H” stands for “HEMEROID = LECHOKE”

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    I agree!!


    everyone is tired of lechoke! !

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  • 242LakerFan

    I knew there was something I really liked about SVG. He really tells it like it is.
    Funny, I saw a comment on a blog featuring this article (obviously from a LeBron acolyte) that started with the phrase, “Put aside the fact that he’s right”.
    Well that’s a fine way to begin an argument. Hey, you’re right, but let’s ignore that for the sake of my point. So typical.

  • Lakers for 3peat

    best article ever

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  • ilikebasketball

    van gundy is right.
    lehype and all of this is a joke, and the suckers and lemmings love it.

    i’m glad there are some voices of reason out there in the sports world:

  • LakersFirst

    Should OKC not win a title (or even be contending) during the extension of Kevin Durant, he will then be a Laker.

    Much like Jerry Buss told Jerry West to “bring me Shaq O’Neal at any cost”, the same will be told to Mitch about Durant.

    • kobe-wan kenobi

      dont think so
      this is just a fan hype regarding durant on lakers
      there is not one eviidence that lakers want him or will want him
      in 5 years there will be other dominant players as well

      just a lakers fan dream

  • Jack Y.

    I am going to call Lebron by the nickname “Fame Whore” from now on.

    • QueenOfSports

      I like “Drama King James”

      • Lakers for 3peat

        drama queen james

  • QueenOfSports

    I’m so sick of all the media attention regarding LeBron’s free agency. I think that the huge deal LeBron’s team is making, scheduling a “one-hour special” to announce what team he is choosing just makes him look arrogant. Thank goodness it will all end tomorrow. No more speculation and LeBron watch and we can get back to normal sports media coverage.

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    kobe who?

    • Lakers for 3peat

      Kobe the GOAT

  • Ronin99

    Its OK. Let LeBron a.k.a. LeChoke a.k.a. Drama King James a.k.a. LeBronx a.k.a. LeBronze a.k.a. the Queen a.k.a DIVA a.k.a. the Fame Whore…. (HAHAHA it just keeps going!!!) have his one hour in the spotlight tomorrow. He isn’t a champion in 2010…he needs attention!!! ;)

  • TheLAKERSwon09

    SVG is 100% right. Lebron is a fucking drama queen who wants all the attention.

  • Robert.

    OK, so I’ve been deluged by the hype (Le Hype) all week long – paying attention to ‘not only’ LeJerk, but all the other free agents who by being pulled in the wake, somehow get this attention (i.e., not ‘top 50′ of all time players – can you imagine all this attention and $$$ for them?).
    Anyway, here’s how it goes. LeFake has an ‘hour long show’ … to do what? to tell the City of Cleveland “F*** YOU, I’m going to Miami (or NY, etc.)?????”. If that doesn’t cement him in basketball lore, I don’t know what will. If the media doesn’t FINALLY write him off after that, then they are lower than the dog poop that he scrapes off his Nikes.
    Now …. if he stays in Cleveland, and has an hour long special about that …. THEN … he has created the biggest hugest ‘stirring for nothing’ the NBA has ever seen. He caused a slurry of franchises to ‘unload’ key players, and create ridiculous situations financially for TWO FRIGGIN YEARS (talking about NY) – for WHAT???? Nothing.
    Now don’t get me wrong, my heart doesn’t bleed for billionaires. BUT, the NBA is hurting. They rely on the fans, and things like that, to keep going (case in point: Seattle – relocating to Okee). This ‘messes things up’ in the recession.
    Either way, LBJerk is primping up his ‘brand’. ……..
    … what brand? The ego-centric, non-Championship brand? NOW IT’S CLEAR: he wants to win a ring for his BRAND – for his $$$$. It will increase his world stock.
    BTW, this provides a clue as to why he does NOT win Championships, and why he will NOT go to Miami: he has to be the star of the show. AND, he has to have his teammates ‘plugged in’ – when he doesn’t play, they deflate like old helium balloons, into nothing. That’s the way he wants it. THEN, he gets his MVP from the ‘dog food lapping’ media: “Oh, he makes the team better. The team can’t win without him”. No Duh, bozo.
    How’s he gonna handle Wade? and Bosh? All 3 want the ball. LeBurp wants it more. And Wade doesn’t need him to score.
    You know, I didn’t really dislike LeChoke all that much, before 2 things: 1) the media hyping him up (yeah, it had seemed like it wasn’t his fault, but he plays into it, and 2) the way that Kobe is disrespected, and in many cases ignored by the ‘dog food lappers’, on count of LBJoke.
    The media was UNABLE to destroy Kobe’s brand after the Colorado fiasco. He’s on top again! That’s something we should all ‘take notes on’ (especially Tiger). And, didn’t we all like it when Kobe went to China, and all the kids RAN OVER TO KOBE? and gave him more attention than LeBron? Kobe is a world brand, but that’s not his mission (well, apparently not). His mission is to PLAY BASKETBALL.
    Can anyone do it better? No
    Has anyone done it better? No
    Will anyone do it better? No
    The media hype tomorrow should provide more proof of that. Can’t wait till this is OVER.

  • chad b

    that was great – thanks Stan for saying something that most coaches are thinking but dont want to upset the QUEEN.

    I hope this gets some air play!!!

  • lakerman34

    As a basketball fan, I am very curious to see where LeBron would land.

    As a Laker fan, I don’t really give two shiits.

    I will NOT be watching tomorrow. He’s heading to NY to play with Amare. And so what?

    NOBODY can beat us next yr either.

    (Gotta throw this in there): Redsarmy is SO happy that they resigned Ray Allen. They ACTUALLY think they are gonna go on a championship run next yr. HAHAHAHAAHAHA oh those guys are too funny.

  • Bynum & Odom Is Overrated

    Queen LeBitch Flamer? Not again… One hour show for Queen Flamer? What? She hasn’t even win a championship yet! She’s not all about basketball, championships, or her legacy. She wants everything like a Diva and be a billionaire.

  • regie francisco

    Fuck Lebron, DAVID STERN LOVE’S that..
    lebron is a ass kid, he want to play for the money.


  • Raja Bell doesn?>:;’t want Lakers
    • LeOver it…

      It’s Raja Bell, who cares?

  • si pepe

    lebron is such a tool

  • Robert.

    Word is that LeSellOut is going to Miami (Broussard from ESPN is convinced = 90% chance):

    If this is true, … a few things to say:

    1) LeBron vs. Kobe is FINISHED, for good. No matter what happens in the Finals next year, it would be LeBron + DWade vs. Kobe. That’s like Captain America + Flash vs. Batman. My money is on Batman, of course (yeah, Pau Gasol is like the Green Lantern). Actually, to me it’s more like Dr. Doom and Skeletor teaming up to fight He-Man.

    2) And to that add: LeSellOut can’t win a Championship without a top 50 player. He can’t even get to the finals WITH a top 50 (Shaq, granted on his declining years).

    3) And more still: LeChoke can’t win without having another superstar, period.

    4) The potential Miami ‘superteam’ won’t stand up to the Lakers: they don’t have a Center (true center, or not). Who? Jermaine O’Neal? Shaq did better against the Lakers when on Cleveland. The Lakers are longer, still, than that potential team. And the Heat would have the 3, plus a few role players here and there.

    5) It will be fun, however, watching the Celtics and Heat beating each other up (in playoffs).

    6) Redeem Team can’t win without Kobe (remember the Olympics?).

    This may be an exciting move for aspects of the NBA, but a complete sell out for LeMistake.

  • Robert.

    One last thing: He would be going to WADE’s team. It may be glamorous for a bit, but will suck after a while.
    oh wait … one real last thing. Comparisons of LeBozo & MJ will be over. The former can’t take a franchise, and make it ‘better’. He has to run somewhere else.
    I do think that ‘eventually’ (after Kobe retires), they could get a Championship, but they’re giving up ‘basketball diversity’, and integrity. Also, Wade would always have 1 more ring that LeSorryA$$.


    now that wade n bosh joining together , there is no way he’ll be back in cavs. He’s eggs is shaking right now an d might deside new york to team with amare, or bulls with rose, noah, and now boozer. I pick heat, and bulls now to win the east, it depends if orlando can’t land cpaul. But still no way can beat the lakers. Yes wade won with shaq agains choking mavs, Imagine if spurs made it on 2006? I’m sad for le choke that he might not have another chance, or never winning the east again! Remember kobe will rest to defend our title, and the 3peat!


    I just read this! lebronze teaming -up with cp3 in cleveland? then what will happen to his assist? I don’t see lebronze teaming up with another star co’z it’s a disrespect for him, what is the essence of being a king if you ask help to another king! I just hope him and odom plays together to take his rebound! pls. lebron take odumb with you!

  • Robert.

    This whole charade has convinced me that LeBron doesn’t care about basketball, doesn’t care about his ‘brand’, and doesn’t even really want to be a mogul. All that he wants to do is to bring attention to himself, period. This is shameless, and it is not respectful of basketball.
    Kobe, on the other hand, has done everything to focus on the game. The details will take care of themselves. For example, Kobe is world famous, and has the #1 selling jersey, and is the favorite NBA player of the “world” (even more than Yao, in China).
    But I will ‘go along’ with this ridiculous indulgence, since we are not ‘technically’ part of the media here, but are entitled to speak judiciously on various topics. So here goes:
    I predict that one (or more) of several things will happen:
    1) LB decides to remain in Cleveland, and his ESPN show is an hour long tribute to Cleveland, sprinkled with the decision process.
    2) LB decides to go to Miami. This is the sell out of the century.
    3) LB decides to go to NY. This is the only move that makes sense outside of Cleveland.
    4) LB goes to Nets. Gets to work with a ‘real’ mogul.
    So, 4) is out, because he really doesn’t care about being a mogul. 2) is out (Miami) – not enough attention to him (has to divide attentions). 1) is a possibility, because he can still work to direct attention to himself. HOWEVER, nobody wants to join him in Cleveland, and this move would only make sense if he respected the game of basketball, and needed to prove that he could carry a team to a Championship with less than perfect help – this would catapult him to discussions about MJ (ONLY IF he were to get multiple Championships).
    The only move (to me) that makes sense is NY. Here, he can get the MOST attention of all. He can score 40 points a game if he wants, still have a losing records, and the NY fans will still cheer him. It is the ‘best place’ on the planet for him to get attention, from the biggest crowd. Also, excepting for the early 70s Knicks, the ‘winning’ aspect of the franchise isn’t owned by anyone. Kobe + Magic own the Lakers. Bird and Russel own the Celtics. MJ owns the Bulls. NOBODY owns Cleveland. NOBODY owns the Knicks, the largest media market in the country. No multiple Championships (lets say ‘at least’ 3, with the same ‘franchise player’).
    You see, w/ NY, it is a ‘proving ground’. It is a ‘challenge’. In Miami — no challenge, except swallowing his big ego. But the ‘flip side’ of NY, is that if LeBron did have a chance to own the Knicks, it would be an homage to basketball greatness, which means he would have to care about basketball more than himself. So, even though it’s the best place for him, he’s not gonna do it.
    It’s obvious:
    The Clippers! Yes, that is the ONLY WAY to have the possibility of ever overshadowing Kobe. This would bring attention to LeBron. Completely disrepecting basketball. No chance to be a mogul. Operating under the Clippers curse. Good money. A chance to take over the LA crowd. He could push Vinny del Negro around; the team would do whatever he wants. He may have to wait until Kobe retires, but then it’s easy to become a mini dynasty there.
    With the Clippers, LeBron gets to be the ‘most’ selfish, and essentially tell everyone to F. Off. – Cleveland, Miami, NY, Nets, Chicago, EVERYONE.
    But – one more trump card …… the LAST possible destination for LeBron … YES .. you guessed it …. LA LAKERS. Tiger is the only one who mentioned it. HOW?
    Sign and trade Odom/Bynum. We would lose our centers, and start a new dynasty (sort of like David Robinson and Tim Duncan).
    This move would STUN THE WORLD.
    I’m really looking forward for this whole charade to be over, so that I can stop having to write these blogs about this topic. I want to move on. Please. 6:00 PM Pacific Time July 8 CAN’T COME SOON ENOUGH.

  • wbgk

    Man I’m so done with Lebron.
    All this hype and media attention.
    If you want to tell the world something, just go out and say it.
    This is milking it to the max.
    Doesn’t matter anyway. Fish will stay in LA, Bynum will be fine at the start of the season, Blake will fit perfectly into the triangle offense and Kobe will be Kobe.
    Phil’s 12th and Kobe’s 6th.

    • Marwan Marzina

      Me too, LeBron’s peak of attention is reaching the top, after this, its over (yeah right…)

  • lakerfan106

    Regardless weather he goes to Miami, he will never be in the same breath as M.J, Kobe, Magic, and Larry. Because he wasn’t able to win a championship with the Cavs, and even if he won multiple titles with the Heat, I won’t consider him great. In my eyes, I’ll consider him a “good role player”

    • Robert.

      Agreed! If he goes to Miami, he ruins his legacy. It shows that he has given up. So it means he doesn’t care about $$$ (will make less), his brand (tarnished, since he can’t be the sole frontrunner there), his chance to be a mogul (he’s hiding behind DWade, & the Heat), and his legacy (forget about MJ or Kobe comparisons anymore … he gave up).
      This will be the best thing for us on TLN (as far as comparisons with Kobe goes – the media will run out of excuses), but the team will be difficult to handle in the Finals next year.
      Would like us to add another defender. Bell isn’t available (actually might go to the Heat). As Kobe says, Blake might be annoying guarding DWade, Ron-Ron can handle LeBron, Pau is a ‘level up’ from Bosh, so we got it covered. And we also have a TRUE center (Bynum), so as matchups go, we’re good.
      We just step up our defense, and it shuts down their offense. Defense wins titles, and even those 3 are not ‘great’ defenders (LeB is good at blocking some shots – if he dared to try to block Kobe’s shots, he would PAY for that dearly). The Cell-Dicks are actually a better defensive team than the Heat could be w/ LeB.
      OK, I wasn’t going to keep blogging on this, but I (like everyone here) want to show my support for our Greatest of All Time Champ, Kobe. I want to write as MUCH about Kobe as the friggin’ media is writing about LeMediaHype.
      After this junk is over with, then I want to concentrate on the last pieces for the Lakers. Actually, I’m quite enthused about that! Our bench can ONLY get better next year (and already has, w/Blake – sorry Jordan, you had some chances, and did decently, but we need a stronger defender here). We won a Championship without a great bench. So, imagine what will happen with a better bench! Our ‘first team’ (w/ Kobe) can rest more during the year (play fewer minutes) if the bench can hang for a bit. Then we’ll be REALLY READY for the finals. Notice I’m skipping talk about the season – I know we’re in the Finals next year too. (We Lakers fans are spoiled – Finals or bust !!! ).

    • cjm

      if lbj goes to miami, he will be compared to pippen as the “best ever supporting player” — which is pretty much what he really is, a supporting player. just doesn’t have the toughness of character to be “the man”. oh, he’s also a grade-A jackass.

  • Steph

    you dont see kobe out there dancing like lebron does..thats why him and kobe are on a way different level