Is Stan Van Genius hating? Just remember Stan, 11 rings and counting.

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Hoops World: Phil Jackson has been known to play mind games with his opponents. On Tuesday, he did just that in an interview with ESPN 1000 regarding a potential coaching situation in Miami.

“The scenario that sits kind of behind the scene is that eventually these guys that were recruited — Bosh and James — by Pat Riley and Micky Arison, the owner, are going to come in and say, `We feel you [Riley] can do a better job coaching the team,'” Jackson said. “‘We came here on the hopes that this would work,’ and whatever, I don’t know. That’s kind of my take on it, is that eventually if things don’t straighten out here soon, it could be the [Stan] Van Gundy thing all over again.”

While Erik Spoelstra wouldn’t get into Jackson’s comments during morning shootaround, aside from saying he laughed about them with his assistant coaches, Stan Van Gundy had some strong words for the Los Angeles Lakers head coach after being called out.

Van Gundy hadn’t heard the comments prior to speaking with reporters but after being told what was said, he shook his head and laughed.

“Well first of all, obviously Phil has no idea what the ‘Van Gundy situation’ was. Even though he coaches in our league, he certainly had no inside knowledge of that so any analogy he would make to my situation would be totally useless because he doesn’t have any clue what the situation was in that case,” Van Gundy said.

He was also taken aback that another head coach would make those comments.

“First of all, to second guess another coach and to comment on a situation he knew nothing about is inappropriate and it’s also ignorant. I don’t mean that commenting on Phil’s intelligence; he’s obviously a very smart guy. I mean that as ignorant because he doesn’t know what that situation was and he doesn’t know what the situation in Miami is now. I don’t think, unless their relationship has changed drastically, that he and Pat talk on a regular basis so I doubt he would have any information whatsoever on what’s going on in Miami,” Van Gundy said.

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  • the lakers rock!!!!!!

    well, whatever, as far as commenting on the heat, they brought this on themselves when they pulled that parade crap. The heat spitted on the face of the other 29 teams in the league so f&^k them, if they wanted respect maybe they should’nt had desrespected the other 29 teams

  • 242LakerFan

    First of all, SVG is the one being ignorant, because the comment from Phil was not a comment on Coach Spoelstra at all. He said the players might go to Riley and ask him to coach, then Riley might replace Spoelstra on the bench. There was no assessment of Spoelstra at all in that statement. And there was no implication that Phil knew anything about the Van Gundy situation other than that he was replaced by Pat Riley. So if Stan wants to bitch about what went on or didn’t go on behind the scenes or the reasons behind it, when none of that was mentioned, it comes off sounding like he has something he’s still trying to convince himself of as well as the media.

  • phenor jenkins

    it looks like the jedi mind tricks are working. good job phil

    • the lakers rock!!!!!!


  • Robert.

    Unfortunately Phil’s comment was ‘indirectly’ a dig on Stan Van Gundy, although it wasn’t intended to be. It was ‘never’ as though SVG could not coach the Shaq/Wade Heat. I have several ‘guesses’ as to what could have transpired:
    1) Shaq was in town (miami), and didn’t want to be coached by Van Gundy, good or not. Phil was clearly one of the ‘few’ that could ‘coach’ Shaq to a championship. Riles was another, and so Shaq could have gone to management and asked for that. In that sense, Phil is correct in drawing the analogy with the current situation – James might want Riles too.
    2) Recall at the time (2004), Riley had in the previous years been coaching the heat, and ‘perhaps reluctantly’ decided to step down when he found that Wade (alone) could not make it to a championship. He seemed kind of ‘on the fence’ about coaching/not coaching, managing, etc. When he brought Shaq, I have a feeling he was licking his chops, and waiting for an opportunity to coach a potential championship team. Shaq was still only ‘slightly’ out of his prime. When things ‘started’ looking good for the team (fall of 2005), Riley saw (as did others) that this team could ‘make it’. Time to ‘fire SVG’ and take over, and get another ring! At least, it appeared that way to me, and I’m guessing others too.
    I don’t think he wants to ‘mess’ with Spoelstra as much as SVG (Spoelstra is a low key guy, and doesn’t seem to have a big personality like SVG). However, recall that Shaq’s arrival (in Fall of 2004) did not result in a championship that year (2004-2005). Riley is “going” to take over in 2011-2012. In order for the heat to ‘possibly’ win, he will have to turn James/Wade/Bosh into Magic/Worthy/Kareem. HA!!! Good luck with that one. (Bosh isn’t even a center, so it will ‘never’ be the same – the only way they can win a Finals is if they get an all-Star center, like Dwight Howard, possibly Joakim (who will NEVER go to Miami for peanuts), one of the Lopez bros? etc.
    In the meantime, Phil ‘indirectly’ insulted the ‘liability coach’ SVG – painting him as just a ‘pawn’ in the business of the NBA (Riley & Phil are ‘much bigger’ players in NBA history, politics).

  • PauLAsol

    Is SVG new in town or something?? Can’t believe that after 20 years he cant see where Phil is coming from, dude he’s not only the zen master he is the master manipulator!!


    And you’re fat SVG! Friggin Ron Jeremy doppleganger… why don’t you just worry about cum shots instead of jump shots huh?

    Like 242LakerFan said, you’re the one that’s ignorant! Learn some reading and listening comprehension skills before you make your comments! IDIOT!

  • Ruin818

    When did Ron Jeremy start coaching b-ball???