Can’t wait to watch this. Price: $19.95

Product Description: Get into the mind of a basketball great with this Kobe Doin’ Work DVD. Kobe Bryant’s on-the-court exploits have been well documented yet few have been able to witness what it’s like for Kobe on game day. Directed by film icon Spike Lee, the film gets inside the locker room and inside the mind of Kobe for a never-before-documented look at how he prepares for and plays in one of the biggest games of the season.

Features: With unprecedented access, Spike covered the day with over 30 cameras and had Kobe mic’d up throughout the entire game, providing the most complete and intense look at the Lakers superstar both on and off the court
Format: DVD
Run time: 75 minutes
Officially licensed

Will be released on May 19, 2009

  • Jaime Quintanilla

    I seriously wished that they released this in Blu-Ray. C’mon NBA, were in 2009, not 1999.

  • magicbalala245

    Please come out in Blu-Ray. I need too see this movie in HD

  • Lakerfanl

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    I second that!

    But I also still can’t wait to see this! :)

  • michaelzimmerman

    good work spike…i know you love N.Y. and you are still showin love…cant wait to check it out

  • Banzai

    19.95? I think I’ll rent on netflix.

  • gugy

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    First thing that came to my mind.
    I hope a BR version is on the works. DVD is so last century… :-)

  • Michael_23

    No blu-ray format, price too high for DVD, and tax just went up in Los Angeles …

    sigh … ca mon now. These are the reasons why people have resorted to file sharing.

  • ricky

    everyone who has commented desires blu-ray format. dude, it’s KOBE he’s good on any format. i just want to watch him kick butt on the court and how he prepares each and every game to kick butt.

  • Mitch4Pres


  • diehardfan

    I will watch this in BETA if it still existed. I have been waiting for this for such a long time. I am going to buy two copies. One to wear the hell out of it and the other to save. As a true Laker fan I could care less how much this costs. I have been following everything about the making of this DVD and have the release date circled on my calendar well more like a reminder in my Outlook. Thanx Spike Lee!

  • karen

    Cant wait.

  • Chris Manning

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    This will be great!

  • Chad

    A must buy for laker fans or Rent

  • lainok

    if you are only going to rent this, then get off this site. you “rent” blue chips, space jam, like mike…you own this. another must buy for the premium laker fan is the 5 disc set of the history of the lakers dynasty. From Mikan to the 3 peat. Plus turning point playoff game in between.

  • PhilsArmy.

    must get it signed by kobe.

  • myriam

    i have 2 question, hope someone can help me. I’m living here in HONGKONG and and i’m waiting for this dvd for a long time. how can i get the DVD?D o you think they sell it nationwide or just across USA? and what is blu-ray?

  • WifelovesLuke

    I guess the fact that he broke MJ’s scoring numbers in the Garden will probably help with sales of the DVD? Is Kobe getting royalties? He should after that performance. This is going next to my Air Jordan DVD along with Space Jam and Remember the Titans. Lakers 4 Life!


    [Comment ID #66988 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I don’t think that they would ship it all the way over there. Your best bet is to get some family or friends at the states to ship it there. Blueray is a DVD player that makes the quality better.

    Off-TOPIC: If the NBA’s golden child AKA LeHype were to release a movie or whatever I guarantee you it would make the theatres. LOL!

  • myriam

    tks FLUKE for the information.

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  • Katie

    i love kobe!!! i cant wait for this to come out. i dnt care if its on blu ray or not kobe will look great neways!

  • lakerbunny