Sports Radio Interview: Spike Lee’s a big Knicks fan. And he also wanted to make a basketball movie. Unfortunately, the Knicks are terrible and have no real talent to speak of, so Spike was forced to use Kobe Bryant as the subject of his upcoming documentary, “Kobe Doin’ Work.”

And he spoke to ESPN Los Angeles recently to talk about some of the aspects of shooting that film, from having access to the players and Phil Jackson, to the excessive use of cameras, and the surprising things he learned about Kobe while filming.

Why were 30 cameras used:

“Well, we could’ve used more! I just wanted to be how you see a game regularly televised. The networks do a great job, but I wanted to do something different, more how it looks like from the players perspective, their point of view. Also, not just how it looks but how it sounds. Kobe was wearing a mic. How it sounds when these guys are playing, when guys run into picks, when they hit the hardwood, all that stuff we really wanted to bring to the forefront.”

On the most surprising thing he learned about Kobe during filming:

“It wasn’t surprising, just reaffirmation of his total dedication to the game, how he involves his teammates, doing whatever he can to make his team better for the common goal of a “W”.

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