UPDATE: It looks like Spero isn’t leaving afterall. TLN’s own Kam Pashai spoke with him after this report:

Just talked to Spero regarding reports that he’ll be working with CBS’s NFL team next season. To clear things up, Spero will only be doing a few regular season NFL games in September — that is before the NBA season begins in October. It won’t conflict with his Lakers broadcasting schedule. – Kam

OCRegister: Bad news for Lakers radio listeners.

Spero Dedes, radio voice of the Lakers for the past five seasons, reportedly has taken a job as an NFL TV play-by-play announcer with CBS Sports. Dedes is expected to replaced departed Hall of Fame voice Dick Enberg on its NFL coverage.

Dedes hosted “NFL GameDay Morning” pregame coverage for NFL Network with Michael Irvin, Warren Sapp and others during the 2009 football season and joined the CBS Sports last December when he helped with its NCAA coverage.

  • double

    Too bad… he was a great voice for the Lakers.

  • lakers2000

    Damn! He was the closest thing we had to Chick. He will be missed. Hopefully he leaves as a two time defending announcer. Go Lakers!!!!

  • lakers2000

    Wow. That was a fast update. Hey Chris, little loose on the reporting, hey? LOL. Spero should come to KCAL and take over for Joel Myers. Stu is a better sidekick than leadman. Oh well. Go Lakers & Spero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Bring back Paul Sunderland! Joel Myers is HORRIBLE!!!!


    Nice! Spero is good! Really good! Glad to see him staying on, but understand if he needs to further his career. On second thought, isn’t doing anything else but a Lakers game a demotion? Hahaha!

    Good for you Spero! Glad that you have other opportunities! Keep up the great work!

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KingJ77

    When are the Lakers finally going to promote Spero to do TV play-by-play? He’s amazing!

    He’s young and we could have the next best thing since Chick. The Lakers need to step it up, promote him, lock him up for several years, and put Joel back to radio where he belongs.

    Spero and Stu would be an unbelievable combination; and Joel wouldn’t continuously be ripped by Michael (Stu justs destroys Joel at least 5 times per broadcast).

  • Pete Rhodes

    Hey Spero,
    Why aren’t you guys on the radio?
    Pete Rhodes