After years of radio broadcasting for the Los Angeles Lakers, Spero Dedes will reportedly be moving over to television broadcasts.

The Lakers play-by-play shift comes as no major surprise, given Dedes’ recent broadcasting success with the NFL and college football. The 31-year-old broadcaster was considered a major up and coming talent since first joining the organization 6 seasons ago. His previous endeavors took him through New York’s YES Network and NBA TV.

Dedes is set to take over for Lakers 8 year play-by-play announcer, Joel Meyers; whose contract will expire following this season. Meyers had replaced Chick Hearn successor, Paul Sunderland.

Almost 9 years after Chick’s passing, Dedes would become the third to attempt filling the Laker legends microphone. In 2008, we had asked Spero, our very first live blog guest, about what Chick means to him.

One of the biggest — and only — regrets I have is never having met Chick. Right after I got this job in 2005, the first thing I did was buy as much material on Chick as I could find… books… CDs… magazine articles… whatever. He was one of a kind… as unique a talent as there will ever be in ANY profession. The gold standard. It’s pretty daunting to sit in his old chair sometimes, but there’s no place else I’d rather be. Just thankful that the Lakers would have me.

According to the LA Times, the Lakers declined to comment on possibility of next seasons booth change. “All of our announcers are under contract and we’re not going to discuss that situation until the end of the season,” said Lakers vice president of public relations John Black.

The reports come just months after the Lakers announced a TV deal with Time Warner that will give the back-to-back champions a new dedicated cable network.

If said reports are correct, we would like to congratulate Spero Dedes — who’s been a long time friend of the website. We would also like to wish Joel Meyers the best.

  • i0ioooooi0i

    We all have our favorite “Chick-isms”. What are your favorite “Joel Meyer-isms”?
    Personally, mine was: “a break for the Lakers.”
    Joel always kept it real (which was the only thing he had in common with Chick, broadcast-wise). Best of luck to you, Joel.
    Welcome Spero. Don’t try to be Chick. Do you, and you’ll be fine.

  • 242LakerFan

    I like this a lot. Not that Joel is terrible, but sometimes I get the feeling he’s really into whatever running gag or convo he and Stu have going and not into the actual game. Some of the more thrilling moments in the last few years have had a marked lack of enthusiasm on the TV call when compared to Dedes on the radio. Notice a lot of Spero’s calls got sampled on G Small’s Purple Reign CD. There’s a reason for that.
    There’ll never be another Chick, but I’m looking forward to the energy Dedes brings to the TV broadcast.
    Good luck, Spero!

    • LizzakeShizzow

      +1. Sorry but Joel Meyer sucks. So boring, lacking creativity and old school. Spero Dedes is the man. He has a great announcer voice and is witty. Besides, on video clips that show the Lakers, they tend to dub the radio play by play over Joel and Stu anyways lol. Like @xtro mentioned below, “Basketball Immortality!”.

      • 242LakerFan

        Exactly. I was trying to be diplomatic about it, but that’s pretty much the nitty gritty version of how I feel.

        • LakerMarc

          No but Stu has charisma like Mark on ESPN etc…..Hand down man down and mama there goes that man… Stu has his own thing but he needs another spark and I guess Joel dsnt provide that…kinda sad….enter Spero?

  • bub

    Brilliant move. I can see (and hear) Spero being the Lakers TV voice for the next 30 years.

  • xtro

    “basketball immortality!”

  • John

    Good for Spero and for the Lakers

  • BooCocky

    as long as Spero doesn’t take the personality of the clipper play by play caller. i watched the clipper game and he is the worst. if he says bingo one more time im going after him…

    • Abraham

      Some random Clipper player made a 3: BINGO!!!!!!!!

      In all seriousness though, Joel Myers is a classy man, but I always felt he was over-enthused by anything.

      The Lakers would be up by 20 with 3 minutes left: “Kobe for 3…..YEEEES!!!!!!!!!!

    • Chris1001

      I disagree, Ralph Lawler has been the ONLY reason that I and others have watched the occasional Clipper game over the years. Until Blake Griffin.

  • GreenPuke

    Yeah I like it Too I got Tired of Joel and Stu time for change and what better not then Spero I think He does a really great job on radio and I would Like to see Mychal Thompson Join his as well

    • LizzakeShizzow

      Yeah Spero AND Mychal would be a refreshing change for TV commentary.

      • BooCocky

        We got to keep Stu. Stu and Spero would make a good team. Thompson blows…

        • LakerMarc

          Mychal Thompson is kinda like a wall flower…i think he’ll get lost in the shuffle

  • willmo

    xtro says:
    April 6, 2011 at 8:34 am
    “basketball immortality!”

    That was all over the lakers championship DVD and the commercials on ESPN, NBA TV during the specials on the Lakers.

    “Basketball immortality for the ’09 lakers, it is a purple and gold coronation in the magic kingdom”.

    That right there is the classic soundbyte of this laker dynasty.

    “Kobe turns and shoots a 3 no good Artest with the rebound puts it back in and the Lakers have pulled a miracle”

    “In an eternal moment in their storied history, The Los Angeles Lakers have captured their 2nd straight world championship, their 16 all time, and they have done it at the expense of their arch rivals from Boston”.

    Spero also is a very versatile broadcaster who does everything from from the NBA, NFL, to the olympics and let’s not forget his great work at the tournament.

    Like someone pointed out what Joel quoted can you remember?

    Paul Sunderlund wasn’t a bad dude he just was not the guy to take over for Chick and the Lakers have been struggling to find a new voice for the next 20-30 yrs.

    Maybe Spero can be national guy also and replace some of the lame fools on ESPN/ABC. He’s only 31.

    Congrats Spero!!!!

    • xtro

      thanks for clarifying it, ‘bro.

    • LakerMarc

      Yeah for sure…… but Joel is okay …but I think Stu is great and I think the way they interact is AMAZING..that needs to continue for Stu and Spero. Way to go youngin’.

  • purple-n-gold

    Joel did a good job, spero and stu should be a good combo. i wonder if they are going to keep John ireland since next year lakers are not going to be shown on Kcal and FSW. I think this one of many changes coming up for next season.

    • scarface

      Actually Time Warner cable deal starts in two years — beginning in the 2012-2013 season. I agree that Joel did an excellent job…I just wonder what his next gig will be. Gonna miss him but if anybody is going to replace Joel its Spero.

    • LakerMarc

      Changes suck and why do these have to happen? NNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  • nick

    love spero and Joel was ight, but can we bring back Paul Sunderland? That guy was great.

  • LakerMarc

    what about Stu? Why is Joel leaving ? are they not choosing to renew his contract?….fill me in guys and no I dont want to search for it…I’m being a lazy fucker….fill me in….

  • Cliff

    It was a looooong time coming. Welcome Spero! Finally in the big leagues!