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N.Y. Daily News: Lamar Odom had a rocky Finals and could be on his way out.

Odom’s old team, Miami, is seen as one potential destination. Pat Riley has always loved Odom and had him for a season before using him as a piece to get Shaquille O’Neal from the Lakers in 2004.

Update: According to this tidbit from HOOPSWORLD.COM, “Dan Fegan, agent for Heat forward Shawn Marion, said Sunday night it is ‘highly unlikely’ that his client will opt out of his $17.8 million for next season.”

Oh, and here’s another rumor speculation from the South Florida Sun-Sentinel

The most amicable resolution with Marion should he not opt out would be a trade, with Los Angeles Lakers forward Lamar Odom, Los Angeles Clippers forward Elton Brand and Utah Jazz forward Carlos Boozer among the options. Marion would be eligible to be dealt as soon as Tuesday’s opt-out deadline passes.

  • Billy Kupchak

    Load’em! :cool:

  • Sako

    Is he a good defensive player? Never payed too much attention to him.

  • varsityoptimism

    this is offensive to read. it is not going to happen. this is stupid.

  • The Nugget

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    Slow news day today. :D

  • dub824

    marion is overrated

  • KuyaJL

    If you really think about it, Odom can do almost everything Marion does plus more. I’d rather have Odom over Marion anyday and i don’t think Marion would be the perfect fit for our 3 spot.

  • Young

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    marion is a better defender than odom.


    a good 3 fit would be a shooter. thats why pj always starts radman. the 3 is there to help spread the floor along with the point. this is probably the biggest factor when we consider odom at the 3. i like odom–i think he’s done a lot for us. i also think he’s a lousy shooter. so i say either start odom and gasol and bring bynum off the bench, or trade odom. i just don’t see him at the 3 working out. that said, someone a few days ago mentioned something about acquiring mike miller. i personally think that would be awesome, given that he’s a proven shooter.

  • Laaffiliation024

    lol this is coming from ny daily news.

  • Soichiro

    Marion for odom and another..

    good deal!

  • BringDFishBack

    Odom is not going anywhere. They made the finals, why would they trade arguably their 2nd best player? Face it, the big move of this offseason is wheather or not Sasha stays.

  • Kobe2k9

    marion is way better than odom way more consistent, tougher, way better shooter can actually guard multiple positions, and he will dunk over and not do none of that fingerroll crap and just because you are 6’10 and can dribble the ball a little bit doesn’t mean you are a good ball handler I hate when people say that about lamar all he does is go left up the floor a good ball handler can go either way, but I would rather get mike miller because then we could let sasha go get someone else and and we would have a ray allen type shooter on our team and someone else who is tough

  • Rpoc

    If he had proper shooting mechanics and didn’t have an inflated ego, he would be the perfect option. But he doesn’t.

  • xxv112002

    If Odom stays, he should be working on his strength, speed, going right hand, and outside shooting. Once he does that, no more trade rumors.

  • xxv112002

    Heat Trading Wade Afterall?

    Several weeks ago a rumor was floated that the Heat might trade Dwyane Wade to the Chicago Bulls, but that was quickly stamped out by Pat Riley and the Heat. Now, however, the rumor is beginning to take new shape and regain its life. The Bulls have been trying to find a taker for Tyrus Thomas, and the latest rumor has them sending him to Miami along with Larry Hughes and the first pick in the draft for Wade. How likely is it? It would seem to be more likely that the Heat draft Mayo to play alongside Wade, especially since they’re in negotiations to keep Shawn Marion around long-term. That’s not something you do if you’re completely starting over with the top two picks in the draft.

    Another rumor has the Lakers talking about sending Lamar Odom to Miami for Marion, hoping that Marion can teach the rest of the Lakers to play the kind of defense he did as a member of the Phoenix Suns. It would be unfortunate for Odom, but after a year his contract would come off the Heat’s books and they could continue rebuilding in a serious way next summer. Marion would definitely look nice in Lakers purple.

    -Miami is looking to trade Dwayne Wade to Chicago for Tyrus Thomas & Larry Hughes. That means Miami is looking for a Forward & Guard.So Instead of Odom for Marion, how about Odom & Farmar + 2nd round pick for Dwayne Wade? Hell, we can even throw in the rights to Sun Yue!

    Think about this lineup once we acquire Wade:
    PG Fisher/Wade/Vujacic
    SG Wade/Vujacic/Ariza
    SF Kobe/Ariza/Radman/Walton
    PF Gasol/Turiaf/Radman
    C Bynum/Gasol/Mihm

    Think about it. Wade can play backup Point Guard or start as Shooting Guard. Then we can slide Kobe to Small Forward. Problem solved! Am I a GENIOUS, or am I a GENIOUS? What say YOU??????

  • Rpoc

    Gasol pipe x 10! Hoopsworld sucks too.

  • T.A.

    We wont get Wade!!!

    Mike Miller is more likely!

    we just need a peja type shooter and mike miller is that

  • http://deleted berks24

    marion is the perfect fit for the lakers.look at where t e suns right now.he is better than odom he’s best fitted to the lakers run n gun that is he’s game he can also pass and shoot and dunk in your face better than odoms untrusted one on one matrix can alley oops.alley oops is one offense that is not easy to defend and lakers are of the team that has too many talent on that (bynum/ariza/turiaf/kobe)and even gasol except odom there is a times that kobe,fish or any guards throw an oops to odom he eventually miss it or do it on an oops lay in what a matrix is an consistent player.try watching some videos.and matrix also can play defense .so pls.mitch do it no chance for ron and also Rj can be the last option.go to and make some player comparison.

  • Freshh

    I’ll definitely do this.

  • andrew bynum

    [Comment ID #41546 Will Be Quoted Here]
    according to he is underrated


    Lol just give us wade

  • kb24 4life

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    why not try LO at the 3 in training camp… what do we have to lose with that??,, lets wait and see how it works LO-pau-bynum frontcourt…

  • domz

    I’ll do this deal as long as we’ll have Marion for a lower salary. Plus, he and KB are also good friends. So this will be a very fun team to watch. Sorry Lamar, you can end your contract next year and come back to us by signing MLE.

  • xtro

    We are set guys. We just need Artest. Now, Marion for Odom i will do in a hearbeat.

  • True Lakers Fan

    no trading LO

  • Soichiro

    if we have marion, no need for ron artest.


    marion+kobe can surpass pippen/jordan

  • Fantastic5LAL

    I cringe when I see Marions jumper.

    Whoever said that Wade trade is a G.

    Miami would get their future PG (Farmar), have Lamar Odom, Marion and whoever they draft.

    Lakers would have a line up of

    Fisher/Sun Yue
    Pau/ Vlad


  • Ko8e_f@n

    …take it! trade Marion for Odom + Luke/Vlad (that’s the only way we can ship either one of those) ..salaries match if I’m not mistaken.

  • daboss1849

    If mitch can pull that off that would be great…

  • Sako

    i doubt this will happen. if they get beasely, they will be looking for a pg

  • T.A.

    Draft Night could be exciting

    if teams start pulling triggers on deals

  • DieHardFan

    I can’t believe that some of you actually have a negative feeling about trading Marion for Odom. The Matrix is a legit All – Star. He can defend, shoot and create for himself better than Odom. Talent wise Odom is slightly better at rebounding but with Bynum and Gasol I wouldn’t really worry too mucha about that. Mitch, if you can do this get it done.

  • lakerfan81

    The trade doesn’t make any sense. I could see potentially why they lakers might consider it, but it makes not sense for Miami at all. Is miami looking to resign Marion or let his contract expire to clear cap space? If they are =looking to do the other (which makes sense since moving shaq was for Marion was for clearing money), then the trade makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

  • hZm

    I’d love to have Marion on this squad. Kobe/Marion will create so many mismatches. Not to mention the defensive presence he brings.

  • lalaland

    marion wants 18-20 mil range and long contract no way the lakers can afford him. plus marion is a cancer. the man was not happy because he was not gettin enough love from phoenix when they were top of the west. what makes you think he will be happy being second fiddle to kobe, pau, bynum. if the lakers can get gerald wallace you get a physical defender great rebounder and tough guy that can create his own shot. or get mike miller to drop 3s left and right when teams double off kobe and pau.

  • Brandon

    No way I would do this. Sure Marion is a better defender than Odom. But he is undersized and limited offensively. In a offense where ball movement, outside shooting and being able to create off the dribble is key, Marion does not fit. Lamar can create mismatches at any position. Marion cannot take a lawn chair off the dribble. Odom is the perfect fit at the 3/point forward for the Lakers. he plays so well with Gasol and it will translate into playing well with Bynum. We dont need any changes.

  • lakerfan81

    I keep seeing people write that Marion is a good shooter. But that is completely ignoring the facts. Marion is not a good shooter, never has been and never will be. He shoots about the same as Odom. But he does finish better around the rim and he is a better offensive rebounder.

  • LakersFirst

    This trade does make sense for both teams and contractually it would work because Marion is set to make $17M next year and Odom $14M, so from a salary perspective it works

    1: For the Lakers: It works because the Lakers are looking for a better perimeter shooter. Let’s face it, Odom it not a good outside shooter. I’m not saying the Marion is a fantastic shooter (his stats don’t prove it), but I remember how Marion would sit out on the corners and Nash would feed him the ball and BANG, Marion would hit it. Marion is also a better slasher than LO (that’s just my opinion).

    Also, Marion is a better perimeter defender than LO. LO’s strength has really been his rebounding, but with Bynum coming back, which ultimately moves LO to the 3, LO will be further away from the rim to get rebounds.

    Finally, this makes sense for the Lakers because Marion, like LO, has an expiring contract (an even bigger expiring contract at $17M). The Lakers are over the salary cap and probably want to have a major expiring contract at the end of next year, especially since they will eventually have to extend Bynum.

    2. For the Heat: This would make sense because they need a power forward. Also, this makes sense for the Heat because they too want an expiring contract, which is what LO is.

  • LD2k

    We’ll see. I am mixed about. Sure Marion is a better finisher. Better defender (perimeter and inside). Better shooter… He moves much better WITHOUT the ball which I like and honestly, I think he could be a great adddition.

    The loss of rebounding still concerns me a bit.


    personally, i would like to see how bynum/gasol/odom work together before we consider making any changes to the team.

  • daboss1848

    Lakers 1st – everything u say makes sense.

    BUT, LO is a type of guy who would take a cut to play with LA – so at the end of next year, we may just have LO at his actual worth of 7-9 mil for several more years . . . whereas, Marion wants max (always) – max money, max attention – (lalaland hit it on the head – Marion was miserable on a “happy” team in PHX)

  • daboss1849

    [Comment ID #41601 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You finaly make a great point. I totally agree…

  • Fantastic5LAL

    Odom Farmar and 2009 1st rd pick for Wade

  • Whatsa

    If Odom plays the rest of his career as he did when Pau Gasol first came.. I’d love to keep him and never trade him. But he’s been inconsistent >_<.

    I really wouldn’t know what to do.. most likely keep him. And I thought Mitch Kupchack apologized to Odom for the newspaper article of trading him? Meaning that he won’t get traded..?

  • T.A.

    I LOVE LAMAR ODOM- dont get me wrong

    but the lakers need a bonafide SF


    Lets face it, Odom hasn’t exactly panned out or meshed well with Kobe


    Hold up…wait a damn minute,ya’know it’real how one week they’re NOT TRADING LO now it’s another rumor LO might go to Miami for Marion(cost too much).Now I love his game but I’d rather have RJ(Richard Jefferson,he’s cheaper and has a better jumpshot)and when It’s time for his contract to restructed he won’t put any controversy about why wants get out,I mean,we have to factor in that with the ‘GetArtest’ campaign…..WHEN IT’S ALL SAID AND DONE,these guys want money and some guys want CHAMPIONSHIPS.

    I was thinking last night when your younger your hunger is to prove that you belong in the league when you get older you start thinkin'(NOW-A-DAYS) GET THAT MONEY,here’s where I give Bynum,Kobe and Garnett MAJOR PROPS ’cause all they want to do is WIN A ‘CHIP.That’s what seperates GOOD PLAYERS FROM LEGENDS,R.I.P. WILT!!!

  • Michael_23

    Remember when the Matrix said he was unhappy in Pho because of too many trade rumors. Now he’s in trade rumors in Miami, i wonder how he feels about that.

    Don’t think anything is gonna happen. Miami has the #2 pick in the draft. And Miami is going to be a lot better this year than last year. That will be a very young team with a very young coach.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #41609 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Finally!! I have made some great points in other blogs.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #41605 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Trading LO for Marion would basically be “renting” Marion for one year and seeing how the “marion experiement” goes.

    If it goes well, then the Lakers could resign Marion after next season, not necessarily for max money, but they would make him an offer and if Marion does turn it down, the Lakers will be under the salary cap where they could offer Ariza an extension (he is a free agent after next season) or even go after a free agent such as Ron Artest (he will be an unrestricted free agent if he does not opt-out of his contract this summer) or even LO (yes LO again), as he would be an unrestricted free agent next summer.

    However, don’t be surprised if Riley dangles Marion and his expiring contract (should he NOT opt-out) to the clippers for Elton Brand. When Elton Brand was a restricted free agent, he signed an offer sheet from Miami that the Clippers matched. Miami obviously needs a power forward and Elton Brand is a bad a**.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #41616 Will Be Quoted Here]

    How is RJ cheaper than Marion? Marion has one year left on his contract ($17M) where as RJ has 3 years and $42M on his contract. Yea, Marion may want an extension after next summer of max money, but there’s no guarantee he’ll get it. In other words, with Marion, you’re not tying up money beyond next year. With RJ, you’d be tying up money for 3 years.

    also, why do you give Kobe and KG credit? They didn’t take less money. Kobe deservedly took the max contract. Now if Kobe opts-out of his contract after next season, which he can do, and resigns with the Lakers for less money, thereby freeing up money, then I would agree with you.

    As for KG, he didn’ take less money as he signed a $100M contract with Boston. KG is going to make $24.7M next year, which I think is the highest paid NBA player for next year.

  • long legga lai

    artest is the only thing we need. he can score, play defense, shoot the tre and most importantly, we need his toughness. i love lamar like i loved eddie jones, but he’s gotta go. either that, or come off the bench and play with the second unit because lamar is a bum.



  • T.A.



  • T-Dub

    All we need to do is add Artest to the mix at SF, and bring Odom off the bench as a six man.

  • Gelo

    Odom for Mike Miller and JCritt. JCritt is better at getting the hoop than Farmar and he has a nice tear drop shot going.

  • Gelo

    [Comment ID #41630 Will Be Quoted Here]

    That’s exactly what we need.


    You may be right but I’d still take RJ and would give him WHATEVER he wants….even if that means paying him,what is it,42M….HERE YOU GO MY BROTHER,as long as he’s happy and helping us win ‘chips,I DON’T GIVE A DAMN!

    I watched for 3 yrs. how RJ name came up in trades talks and always said the same thing,”I’ll be good wherever I’m at”.Marion on the other hand WILL NOT TAKE MLE(SURPRISE ME),NO WAY,HELL NO and they call Kobe selfish.This guy kept whinin’ like a lil’ B-word and wanted the Suns to trade him IMMEDIATELY then to make matters worse he fights with Amare….NEWSFLASH:He is supposed to be co-captain,am I correct?

    To be honest,I’d rather focus on the Players that WANNA WIN ‘CHIPS,take your pick:

    Mickael Pietrus (3,470,771)

    Kelenna Azubuike (687,456,waaaaaaay cheap)

    Jamario Moon

    Antawn Jamison

    Ryan Gomes(another guy with agood work ethic)

    Grant Hill(Ariza’s best friend)

    Sebstian Telfair


    Too many guys to names besides the everyday GETARTEST,GETMARION AND NAME THE SITE THIS-N THAT,STOP!And that includes me too.Let’s just be smarter when talkin’ who the Lakers need(Money wise, it is a BUSINESS).

  • lakerfan

    [Comment ID #41564 Will Be Quoted Here]

    If he has to work on all that….why keep him? Put him on a hook as trade bait.

  • dub824

    i’d rather trade LO for the 2nd pick rather than get marion

  • BigThree2k8

    [Comment ID #41627 Will Be Quoted Here]

    WRONG!!! KG did take less money. After the trade to Boston KG signed a 3 year contract extension of $51 million with around $8.5 million in trade bonuses. Big discount considering he was eligible to a 3 year extension worth $90 million including trade bonuses.

    For salary-cap purposes, however, his salary in each of those years will jump by $1.75 million to account for the trade kicker, making it $23.75 million for 2007-08, $24.75 million for 2008-09, $16.4 million for 2009-10, $18.8 million for 2010-11 and $21.2 million for 2011-12.) Come on LakersFirst do your research!!!

  • BigThree2k8

    Correction $8.8 million trade kicker spread out over 5 years.

  • SEAN

    first of all forget mike miller the guy cant play defense if his life depends on it,second forget marion cost way too much money. i rather keep Lamar. and resign sasha sorry turiaf as much as i like u i dont think they can afford u plus where were u in the playoffs?
    pg: fisher/farmar
    plus ressign mbenga he was cheap plus seemed like he played way better then mihm.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #41663 Will Be Quoted Here]

    No D*ckhead you’re wrong!!! Firt of all do your math right, his 3 year contract extension is worth $56.2M, so how you got the $51M extension in your previous paragraph is beyond me (you probably just copied and pasted it from an article you read). DO YOUR RESEARCH!!

    Secondly, yes he was eligble for a 3-year $90M extension, that had he got it, would have kicked in starting the 09/10 season, when KG would’ve been 33 years old! KG will be 33 years old starting the 09/10 season, do you really think an NBA team is going to pay a 33 year old player $30M per year over three years (Shaq didn’t even get that deal even though he wanted it)? Use your brain a**hole, you’re not signing for less when you were never going to get it in the first place (and you know his f’n agent told him that).

    Had Garnett opted out of the final year of his contract (he gets paid $23M in that final year – i.e. next season + $1.75M trade kicker), which he could’ve done before signing his 3-year extension, and re-signed for less money, then you have an argument, but the fact is, HE NEVER OPTED OUT OF HIS FINAL YEAR, WHICH IS WHY HE IS GETTING PAID $24.75M this coming season ($23M + $1.74M trade kicker).

    He never opted out of anything idiot, he just signed an extension for less than the max, which he would never have gotten anyways.

  • BigThree2k8

    [Comment ID #41691 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Okay LakersFirst pay attention because I’m only gonna show you once.

    $56.20 mil
    -$ 5.25 mil ($1.75 trade kicker x 3 years)
    =$50.95 mil
    rounded up is $51 million

    Anyway I never said anything about KG opting out. My point was he signed for less than the max. The whole issue with the KG trade, besides him not wanting to come there at first, was the C’s didn’t want him for a year & then he opts out. That’s the reason the extension was offered & YES KG could have got more. A certain Las Vegas Casino CEO is a minority owner (2.4%) of the Celtics. He was prepared to go all the way to 10% if Wyc & Danny needed more to sign KG’s extension. Stands to reason that’s why Andy Miller gets anything he wants when he’s here in Vegas without betting a single dollar. Sometimes having friends in high places is the best research!!!

  • lakers874

    DO NOT TRADE NO ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • Odom the worst player

    Get Odom out of here

  • yellowpurplefever

    Yes I would do it if we can package Vlad or Fluke along with Lamar. Matrix cost $17 mils just for a year, then we pick up Artest next year for long term still cheaper than LO. With Matrix in the lineup we will we more games guarantee!! Matrix does not miss layups cuz its facial slam not that left hand roll. Bynum will clean our boards and defend our basket. Just IMAGINE LAKERS VS. PHOENIX next year!! Now thats a rivalries. Do it Mitch

  • Nabil

    For those of you who are still talking about Lamar at the 3 like it’s never been tried, we did try it and Phil didn’t like the results at all. Bottom line is he is NOT a 3. Perhaps he could BECOME a legit 3 and learn how to play on the perimeter. But I just don’t see that happening.

    So if the big 3 experiment doesn’t work, the Lakers would probably be looking to split up the minutes at the 4 and 5 spot between the 3 guys.


    QTR. MIN. PF,C
    1ST: 1-6: Pau, Bynum
    6-12:Lamar, Pau
    2ND: 1-6: Lamar, Bynum
    6-12:Pau, Bynum
    3RD: 1-6: Lamar, Pau
    6-12:Lamar, Bynum
    4TH 1-6:Pau, Bynum
    6-12: BEST TWO (guys who played the best that game)
    Lamar: 4 shifts = 24-30 minutes a game
    Pau: 5 shifts = 30-36 minutes a game
    Bynum: 5 shifts = 30-36 minutes a game

    Of course, on nights when one gets foul trouble, the other two would see a bit more time. And perhaps the 3 together tossed in there a few times on good nights to see how it works against different lineups.

    Now the nice thing about something like the above is that your 3 main big guys aren’t getting max minutes. Chick used to say a good team needs 3 solid big guys (PF,C spot). Hmm, sounds nice. MIGHT win some titles.

    The down side is that we are burned at the 3, and paying a crazy amount for a bench guy when that money could be on a MONSTA 3. (Jefferson, Matrix, Prince).


    I still say get the Prince to play with King Kobe.

  • Fantastic5LAL

    Sign Ryan Gomes and/ or Diop, and keep team

  • sclakerfan

    Marion’s numbers are way down since he left the Suns. I think Marion needs a great guard like Nash to feed him the ball to be successful. He can create some, and rebound, and defend the perimeter a little better than Odom, but overall, I’d rather have Odom. He’s younger, a better post defender, and slightly better rebounder. Last year, after Marion went to the Heat, his shooting percentage, especially from the 3 point line fell as well and now, it’s just slightly better or equal to Odom’s. If the Lakers lose Odom, then Turiaf would have to back up Gasol and Bynum, and it was clear from the Finals that he’s not ready or never will be ready for that type of action. You have to remember that as much as we like Turiaf, he’s not that great. Look what happened to Mark Madson after he went to Minnesota. What did he do?

    If the Lakers are going to trade Odom, they should try to get someone who’ll definitely make a difference, such as Amare. Just wait until the season starts. If the Suns start to suck, then Amare may demand a trade. Well, Amare may be a stretch, but a situation will arise. Be patient.

  • Fantastic5LAL

    i like that.

    Wait patiently and a situation will arise. Some GM will become frustrated and give us a great offer for Odom cause he has a great contract. We take the offer then sign odom next off season for less!

  • yash

    lame arr odum. this is a nice deal. But i wud get artest over him tho. Even tho marion fills up stat sheet, Ill take artest. and I cant believe Im sayin tat. Artest better defender than both of em, but not a great rebounder and he a lil beezy so. IDK. Marions like 4 yrs older so ya

  • clo_iam

    I don’t know if anyone suggested this, but why don’t the Lakers look into a trade for Beasley? Beasley for Odom is a pretty good idea. It may not be what we look for to get the trophy next year, but if he performs as well as durant, and with the help and tutoring of kobe and phil, he’ll be in great hands. He has the size to play the 3 or the 4 position, can shoot, drive in, and get rebounds.

    If we were to trade LO for beasley and pick up artest as a free agent, that would be a line up… and think of the future!

  • T.A.

    I am pretty sure that Miami will trade the two pick for Lamar Odom. With Odom and Marion playing the same exact position they will be unstoppable!!!

    Then we trade the two pick to cleveland and get Lebron to be our 3!

    Cleveland would anchor their team around beasley and take probably sell out more home games with king james gone!

    Then we take our Second round pick packaged with gasol and fisher to san antonio, a team that is surely ready for a rebuilding year and they love those foreign late draft picks, for parker and duncan

    so now the 2008-2009 Lakers Starting Five


    we should be able to contend for a pacific division title and possibly a 50 win season

    but we have to remember how tough the rest of the west will be

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #41788 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Fire Mitch hire T.A. One thing missing in your trade proposals…. THE GUN YOU WOULD NEED TO PUT TO THE HEAD OF THE OWNERS OF THE SPURS AND CAVS AND THE HEAT. Also, your team u put together wouldn’t win 50 games… try 70-75.

  • laker-nate

    [Comment ID #41793 Will Be Quoted Here]
    TA ur not allowed 2 be a laker fan anymore…plz move 2 phoenix…stipid as hell lmao

  • Fantastic5LAL

    Id rather trade for Beasley than Marion

  • Billy Kupchak

    [Comment ID #41793 Will Be Quoted Here]

    start a light under your @$$ & fire yourself! :cool:

  • jedi34567

    Marion is terrible! Don’t you guys watch the games? Whenever his team needs a clutch play, he is nowhere to be found! I’ve always thought he was a big loser, but reading “Seven Seconds or Less” by Jack McCallum confirmed it. He is a “me-me-me” player with a bad attitude. And he doesn’t show up during tight games. He is a superstar when his team is 20 points ahead or hopelessly behind, but otherwise, nothing.

  • jedi34567

    [Comment ID #41788 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Are you the guy who traded up a paper clip and ended up with a house at the end? :-)

  • Marc Santos

    Is there any chance that we could get Devin Harris??
    We need a PG that can penetrate the lane so he can dish out assist to Drew and Pau!!
    Trade LO/LUKE for Marion..PLSSSSSSS
    Get Artest!!He’s dying to play in LA!!
    Trade Vlad/farmar for Prince!!

    pg – Fisher/Devin Harris
    sg – Kobe/Sasha/Ariza
    sf – Artest/Prince
    pf – Pau/Marion
    c – Bynum/Turiaf

    This will be Dynasty!

  • T.A.

    YOU are crazy if you think Artest would start over Prince

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #41804 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Mitch’s son doesn’t understand sarcasm. Billy quit playing hooky from school.

  • LinZi

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