According to sources (e.g. Stephen A. Smith on the Dan Patrick Show), Rasheed Wallace is planning to come out of retirement and return to the C’s because (and we quote) “He wants another shot at the Lakers in the Finals.” Our friends over at SLAM Magazine have the write up.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but here’s what I’m most interested in…

Over/Under. Sheed's current 'retirement' weight: 260 pounds.

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  • daboss1848

    who cares about all these NWA

    • daboss1848

      hacker strikes again! (i’m honored)

  • lakers_The_Truth

    Talk about the Celtics getting older. If that’s possible. They have I think 7 guys over 33. LOL

    • Ronin99

      Yup! Just when we thought they were old! Who’s next? May be Kevin McHale too?

  • 151rummer

    Even that moron knows the Lakers are going back to the Finals!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Steez

    Umm honestly, how far can these guys get? He will make a comeback for no reason – no ones going to fear them any more. They have to get through the Heat, and if Melo goes, the Nets as well. We havent even mentioned the Magic and the Bulls.

    Please – I am not worried.

    • lol

      sorry, but the nets? really?

  • Short Dog Loc

    Gum on the head is a joke.
    Lakers are going to 3peat.
    Lakers #1

  • lakers0828

    I dont know why everyone tends to over look the Celtics true there older but still they have yet to fall off the face of earth as eastern conf champs so Im not over looking the Celtics heck if they do get Sheed I dont know Man it can spell trouble but If Bynum plays like he is threw the Finals I can see Lakers Taking this

    • 242LakerFan

      “…threw the Finals”? Nobody threw the Finals! He was genuinely hurt! And we won! “Threw the Finals” indeed!

  • Zeki Kayiran

    NBA should reprimend the referees who take it upon themselves to decide games, as Leon Wood and Greg Willard tried to do on Sunday.

    Aside from Kobe not getting any calls, Drew was fouled numeous times (for which Amare was granted bogus blocks) before he finally objected to the BS that was going on. It is so obvious that these referees hate the Lakers. The powers in charge are not doing the GAME a favor by allowing these clowns to deny the fans the enjoyment of a fair game.

  • bclaeries

    Maybe the Lakers should have some of their playerd retire until playoffs come around as well. Seriously, Sheed would only mess with their chemistry anyway, so who cares?

  • kobefinalmvp

    man this guy should quit while he ahead coming back and loosing to the lakers again is pointless ahahahahah

    • 242LakerFan

      There’s a word for that; masochism.

  • bogoyme

    @ 242LakerFan: Hahaha damn right but at least Sheed’s more tougher than Bosh RuPaul. Now those guys takin’ their talents to South Beach will be taking more beating at the post and we’ll be the one to finish them dino-Celtics in tha Finals

    • 242LakerFan

      LOL Tough, that’s for sure. Tough as stale, 9-day-old hard-dough bread.

  • R.I.P laffs atu

    The Lakers DON’T SWEAT YOU Wallace!


    My prediction in the future is once Kobe wins his seventh ring and plains to retire, the stupid Celtics will call him up and say ” Hey Kobe” were building a dynasty of very old players! You should join us. Be apart of something special. We have Paul whos well in his forties, but still gets around in his wheel chair, Shaq has dementia and still quotes the same things over and over again, but we dont mind. And we are strongly pushing for Larry Bird to come out of retirement to join us. We’ll be the super team of the NBA. Miami will definatly be sweating us now! Ahhh Hell, lets bring in Bill Walton for half a million, we need all that we can get to beat them Lakers! Boston is simply HOPELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mr. Anonymous

      LOL That’s fuckin’ hilarious.

  • Mr. Anonymous

    That’s IF the Celtics make it to the Finals. Which I highly doubt.

  • the lakers rock!!!!!!

    bring it on bitch, it will end the same way, with you crying like raped bitches in the locker room!!!!

  • Laker Warrior

    Is this guy high . He should run the finals reel. He was slow and no threat. Pau and Bynum put him in retiretment. C mon dude this is crazy.
    Magic,Worthy,Kareem are thinking about playing also.

  • xtro

    it’s cool. we got joe smith!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    This is a guy that quit on the Pistons, and then the Celtics after that humbling Finals loss against the Lakers. Wallace is a BUM, simply a BUM. He waits around to see who’s the best team in the league and then he makes up his mind about offering his weak services. YOU AIN’T NO WARRIOR WALLACE, SIMPLY A RETARDED BUM! You are trying to win rings without working hard for them. If the Celtics win it this year, thats IF they do, the whole Celtics team except you deserve the glory.

  • lol

    Honestly, the celtics signed Shaq and Jermaine o’neal. Do they really need another center? Doubt the Cs even want his ass now.