Just thought I’d post this up for your speculation. Interesting considering he plays in Indy, but remember players like Boozer, Garnett and Artest own property in L.A. as well. However, all signs point toward JO becoming a Los Angeles Laker. Hmmm…

Sources have told WTHR’s Henry Wofford that Jermaine O’Neal has purchased a home in Los Angeles within the past 6 weeks.

  • http://twitter.com/nugge7 The Nugget

    Hmmm, indeed. :O

  • magic32

    good if they get JO , but i don’t see how you can give lamar odom and andrew bynum for him. THATS TOO MUCH FOR JO THATS EVEN TOO MUCH FOR KG. If lakers have to give odom and bynum then i say no deal, i would like to see one of them go for JO along with somebody else and a draft pick. JUST NOT BOTH OF THEM.

  • LAKES ON 3!

    I’ve heard that O’neal will DEFINITELY be a Laker within 2 weeks…I hope so although we all wish Garnett would come, I don’t think it’ll happen. O’neal will definitely work and I think Kobe knows that.

  • Moe

    Agree with sending bynum and fillers and not LO too, but remember the cap….we would be over….

  • Ricky

    I really think the Lakers and Pacers will make a big trade in the coming weeks; sending Jermaine O’Neal to Los Angeles. I agree with most people that trading both Odom and Bynum is too much for anyone. The best scenario is taking either Lamar or Andrew, the 19th pick, and a few fillers to even the salaries a bit. Also, the Lakers will be over the cap so I think Jerry Buss should just fork up the money for tax because it will be worth it if the Lakers can go deeper into the playoffs and have an actual chance to contend for the championship. In my opinion, Indiana will want Odom and Bynum, but we cannot give both. They want Lamar because he is a proven player and veteran who can lead them, no one else in Indiana can if they lose O’Neal. But to Indiana, Bynum is mass potential (size, length, good hands, youth). So if the Lakers can get a deal with sacrificing only one, the Lakers should keep Odom because he would be a great third option and I don’t think Indiana would pass on Bynum, even if it means not getting Odom.

    Lets all hope this deal happens soon, I can’t wait to hear about all over the news.

    Go Lakers! Kobe Laker 4 Life, lets get JO, keep LO, Go Lakers!

  • arnel,chicago,IL

    hey all lakers fans very good trade but be better if we get jo and tinsley u know to have pg…. do not give up odom see how he does and maybe trade him for kg,,, if not get ron artest for luke but we all luke but… as long as we get 2 or 3 new veterans players who can help kb24 in playoffs the stupid front office has done a good job…L.A.L. FOR LIFE

  • Just_A_Laker_Fan

    I know Garnett will not be traded but most likely opt out of his contract and probably join the Lakers. Can you see Jermaine and Garnett down low in the paint, man that will be crazy…. I still think the Lakers are gonna do more then trade for players but go over their salary cap. Not everyone will agree with me but it wouldn’t surprize me what so ever if they did. Still hoping we could pick up Rashard Lewis but of course highly unlikely…..

  • http://www.kb24.com darkice18

    i think we should trade bynum cause kobe doesnt wanna baby sit…also kobe loves Lamar…and tradin him will crush kobe…i think this would work….

    1st trade(INDIANA): Bynum (pacers want potential not injury proned players like LO), Kwame (the East isnt as hard as the west so kwame will actually play better there and maybe his confidence will stay high and he’ll actually be consistent), Vlade (i think pacers will want him because pacers havent had a good 3 point shooter for a while plus hes young),and of course the 19th draft PICK (to us this isnt that important, but for the Pacers this would be great for a team that wantsa rebuild)…and we get Jermain O’neal….

    2nd trade(SACRAMENTO): we sign and trade Luke and sasha for Artest…and if their pushy we’ll give em our one of our 2nd round picks…

    our team would be strong in every major category if healthy…..

    PG: Farmar/MLE
    SG: Kobe/Mo Evans
    SF: Artest/Cook/2nd round draft pick
    PF: Lamar/Ronny
    C : J.O’neal/Mihm/veterans minimium

  • Rpoc

    If it HAS to be the worst case scenario for JO Camby makes total sense for this.

    1) Lamar Andrew Cook #19 for JO
    2) Kwame Farmar for Camby
    3) Mo Williams for max MLE deal
    4) No way the queens trade with us so resign Luke

    C: Camby/Mihm if he can play
    PF: J.O’neal/Ronny
    SF: Luke/Vlad
    SG: Kobe/Evans
    PG: Mo/Sasha

    The crap part is Sasha and who knows if Mihm can play. It’s MUCH BETTER if you keep either Lamar or Andrew!!!

    Please Lakers, sway the Pacers to have only one of them!!!!!!

  • http://www.bebo.com Ashraf

    I diffently think that lakers should get jermaine o,neal he and kobe will make the team better and rise to the top to get him they should trade larma odam, Andrew bynum to get o.neal.

  • rmeazy82


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