Here at the Lakers Nation, we wish Kurt all the best! Get ‘em!

Twin Cities: The Timberwolves’ coaching search is over. The news conference will have to wait a couple more days.

Wolves owner Glen Taylor confirmed late Saturday night that the team has come to a verbal agreement with Los Angeles Lakers assistant Kurt Rambis to be its next coach.

ESPN: The Minnesota Timberwolves and Kurt Rambis have reached terms on a deal that will install Rambis as the Wolves’ new head coach, according to NBA coaching sources.

Sources told ESPN.com that the Wolves are planning a Tuesday news conference to introduce Rambis as the replacement to Kevin McHale.

Long considered a potential heir apparent to Los Angeles Lakers coach Phil Jackson, Rambis has been lured away from Jackson’s staff by a four-year deal believed to be worth in excess of $8 million.

After turning down the Sacramento Kings’ job during the NBA Finals, Rambis was chosen by new Minnesota president David Kahn from a group of finalists that also featured ESPN analyst Mark Jackson and Houston Rockets assistant coach Elston Turner.

Kahn interviewed more than a dozen candidates in a deliberate search that began after the NBA Draft in late June.

The Los Angeles Times first reported Wednesday that Rambis traveled to the Twin Cities to meet with a Wolves contingent that included owner Glen Taylor, which appeared to signal that the 51-year-old was the choice to fill the league’s only remaining coaching vacancy.

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  • KB8124

    This is good for him and we all know Phil probably was happy about it and that goes for much of the Lakers staff. He wanted a GOOD head coaching gig and got it. Good for him! This is not a bad thing. Just think about it as a true Laker part of another team, we’re everywhere!

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  • Ajay Virk

    Byron Scott where you at when Phil retires. There is always a spot for you in LA when Phil leaves.

    • Paul


    • John

      no, i dont like byron scott as a coach. as much as a i love him as a player. i’d rather phil develop B. Shaw

  • TheFishthatsavedLA

    Done deal; Congrats to Rambis & good luck! He’ll always be a Laker

  • pio2u

    Good luck Kurt aka “Superman aka Clark Kent.” He’ll do a terrific job with the T-Wolves.

  • Lakers 2009 Champs

    cya later Rambis. Byron Scott a beter replacement for Phil anyway

  • ed

    CONGRATS! Clark Kent!

  • YellowPurpleFever

    Best of Luck Clark Ken!

  • http://www.inverter-china.com/blog lovekb

    Good for Rambis.

    And goodby to Rambis. Have a sweet trip there.

  • http://nabilmurday.com/ Nabil

    Yeah, first off, you gotta feel great for the guy. He’s paid his dues big time.

    Second off, REVENGE!!! Haha, he took over McHale’s job, in McHale’s home state none the less. Isn’t it weird that a dude from Minnesota clothes-lined a guy on the team born in Minnesota, and then later an new team would start in Minnesota and bring in the dude from Minnesota, only to replace him with the dude he clothes-lined, thus stealing him away from the original team from Minnesota? Don’t-cha-know?

    Hey, that reminds me….when I was a kid spending the summer in Minnesota, while playing football in my friends yard, I was running full speed ahead, looking back at the ball in flight, and I got ACTUALLY clothes-lined…by a clothes-line. I was a Celtic Fan turned T-Wolves fan turned Laker fan (due to moving). Nobody said I pulled a Rambis…nobody understood the beautiful irony of it….they were too busy laughing at me. True story.

    • http://6thegenaccord.com king

      HAHAHA that was the weirdest, odd, strange post/story i’ve read in a while. i dont even know if your messin around or really serious lol

      • http://nabilmurday.com/ Nabil

        All true events. Although it might have actually been on a christmas trip there. We did play football in the snow alot. My memory and time-sense has been off kilter ever since being clothes-lined, lol.

  • KeyTurn

    Congrads Kurt we’ll all miss you. Just don’t develop Flynn & Love too hard!

    • sil

      congrats kirk, kirk leaving cause he knows after next year brian shaw going to be the head coach when phil retires,well at least that the rumor

  • T-Dub

    holla at cha A$$. Welcome B. Scott!

  • chad

    Kurt the animal, rambo, rambis…. good luck!

  • dude

    “Here at the Lakers Nation, we wish Kurt all the best! Get ‘em!”

    Boy, talk about being p-wipped. That writing style reminds me of a High School cheerleader. I just hope the writer is female otherwise, that’s gay…

    Time to man up son.

    • desecrator09

      how the f*ck is that ga y? Retard

      • http://nabilmurday.com/ Nabil

        Yeah dude, what do you want him to say? I mean…dude, common, dude. I love your name by the way…bro.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=765475173 Ryan Eusebio

    sucks, but I wish kurt the best. Congrats to him, he will be a good coach.

  • Bshawk

    Now, B-Shaw is Number One Son.

  • INGL3W00D

    he wont last…

  • http://sirtoken@aol.com Steve in Vegas

    This great for Kurt and the Lakers. Now we can have him send the Lakers a big unbalanced trade in a few years, just like Kevin Mchale gave his good buddy Danny Ainge(Garnett for junk trade).

    • jonathan

      i don’t know is al jefferson is necessarily junk

  • http://sirtoken@aol.com Steve in Vegas

    Also, this is a great chance for the Lakers to hire a real defensive coach. Someone like Jeff Van Gundy, if he wants the job? He would even be a great choice to replace Phil when he retires.

  • Jack Nicholson

    This saddens me. But I see the bright side, the wolves losing just as much as everytime and Kurt gets blamed, and come back. But I hope he’ll do a great job though and come back.

  • Dan

    This sucks… I felt Rambis was the perfect choice to take over after Phil. Rambis would’ve been a continuation of Phil’s coaching philosophy which has allowed Kobe to thrive & more importantly allowed this team to grow & win. I don’t understand why people keep bringing up 99 season. That was 11 seasons ago. He’s had a decade to learn under Phil including how to handle players. 99′ season wasn’t as bad as people say, he won 65% of the short season as a first time coach before Phil’s arrival. And he’s done well when he had to substitute for Phil. I don’t understand this obsession with Shaw, he has less experience and would Byron Scott teach use the triangle? I think its more about mutual respect more than about a Kobe respecting the new coach issue. There’s a reason a lot of teams were considering Rambis, he is a good coach who got better learning under the best. Its like Mitch under West before he took over….Anyways, I wish Rambis the best.

  • dracul

    Brian Shaw should be the one to step in as head coach should PJ retire – although I hope that won’t happen for at least 2 years. Shaq knows the Triangle, he’s been with and won championships on and off the court with the Lakers.

    Good luck to Rambis in his endeavors – and like its been said before – I hope he’ll hook us up with a broken trade like Ainge did for his homeboys.


  • http://Oltion@europe.com Oltion (Albania)

    Rambis is better than Shaw, period.

  • lakerman1

    Speaking of the 99 season Rambis took over @ 65%, a 53/29 season is good by most NBA standards. The 2005/2006/2007 seasons for the lakers was around 55% and they still made it to the playoffs. Rambis is going to look great if he can get the Timberwolvs close to his 99 record. Does’nt seem like a losing situation for him. Wish him the best of luck. He’s a great guy.

    • Dan

      Actually, Lakers were 31-19 in the Lockout shortened 1999 season. But Kurt’s record was 24-13 that season. On a side note, Kurt was only to be interim head coach for just that season because they just fired the previous coach, Del Harris. Contrary to what people say, it was a success for Rambis, he was thrown in spare of the moment with no previous coaching gigs. That season Lakers made it all the way to the Western Conference Semi Finals under Rambis with a team, although packed with talent, was quite dysfunctional and lost to the Spurs who eventually went on to win the NBA title. Trust me the loss of Rambis is going to hurt, He was pretty much Phil’s second in command, the defensive coordinator and was the workhorse of the coaching staff. The Wolves fans have a good reason to be happy.

  • http://s1.zetaboards.com/2Kstaplecenter/msg/?c=1&folder=-1&id=583753 Omamba

    I’m happy for him. I hope he excels in Minnesota. The good news from this: This means that Phil will probably be staying for a while.

  • Twolves suck

    This is good news for the Lakers……everyone knows about the fued brewing over the last few years with him and B Shaw over the soon to be vacant Lakers head coach spot.

  • Robert

    Best fishes, Clark (plenty of fish in Lake Minnetonka).

    In the meantime, if Phil leaves, Kobe will lobby Coach K. again. He’ll have a change of heart (esp. if KB promises another Olympic gold in exchange).

  • Connie Hawkins

    No question, this is a win for the TWolves AND for the Lakers. The Wolves get a good, knowledgable coach w extensive chanpionship experience. The lakers clear a path for an outstanding coaching prospect already on their bench, Brian Shaw. Shaw is a longtime west coast basketball icon, Celtic experience, Orlando experience and Lake experience. Learned from Red Auerbach with the celts, Larry brown while in Philly and PJ w the Lakers. he is 10 years “younger” than Rambis which plays well with the current players. He is the Lakers Nate McMillen.

  • Mike24

    Best of luck to Rambis , congrats you were a amazin person to have with the Lakers . Hope he gets succes there.

  • 151rummer

    They should hire Michael Cooper as the defensive coach…that would be bad-ass

  • aNOOneeMOOs

    This is probably how the conversation went before Rambis accepted the job:

    Kurt Rambis: Listen guys, I just got offered the head coach position by Mr. Taylor. I think this will be beneficial for myself, my family and the future of the Lakers organization.

    Jerry Buss: Congratulations Kurt, but tell me how on earth is your new position as a head coach of the timberwolves beneficial for the lakers?

    Phil Jackson: I see where your going here Kurt…

    KR: your a smart man PJ, listen jerry the wolves will be a test run for me, as a head coach, you know… by the time my contract expires, you can bet ill be back with the lakers. Not only that, i know phil wont waste the primes of Kobe, Pau, Ron, and even bynum and Odom. So instead of waiting around, knowing damn well phil aint retiring just yet. I’ll be running a crappy team with a not so high expectations which i figure will be the best way to gain the experience without tarnishing the laker franchise.

    PJ: Not only that, your busting a daylight robbery, earning almost as an experience head coach… and i mean getting mugged on a packed Saturday afternoon at beautiful Larchmont Village. The timberwolves are awesome.

    JB:Hmmm….not bad, this is perfect, by the time Ron’s Pau’s contract is up, Kobe is of age…I’m sure that’s the time you’ll retire Phil, I mean who on earth would waste our teams prime?

    PJ: Jerry, you know damn well im only in it to win it. This is hollywood baby, if i don’t dangle the possibility of retirement, whats going to be the talk in lakerville?

    JB:I knew that…Jeannie told me…


    yeah it’s weird, but it’s how I envisioned it. Rambis isn’t really gonna be there for the long haul.

  • GT

    now, his next task is to coerce David Kahn into trading Al Jefferson for Sasha and Luke Walton.