has learned that, according to Frank Hamblin, Phil will be back and he will coach fulltime.

There has been no mention of any medical reports and we are awaiting confirmation! Sounds like he will be back next season though!

  • Vibe

    Awesome….earl must be hitting him self right now!


    i knew phil would be back i wasnt worried.

    LOL @ EARL!

  • dawg

    Phil wants a ring on his right toe.

  • Robert

    11 is a lucky number, for Phil, and 5 is on the way to 7 for Kobe.

    Don’t care if Shaq is with Cleveland, or Vinsanity is with Orlando – let them beat each other up all year long, and in the Eastern Conference Finals. Lakers will prevail again!

    Thanks for coming back, Phil! I know the Lakers will win, because Phil wouldn’t want to leave on a losing note. He knows something …

  • What will be…

    Which means the Lakers can defend their title… The all time greatest coach will be back… Memo to all NBA teams, be afraid, be very afraid…

  • lakerman1

    Just hope the new salary cap does’nt affect the re signing of TA LO & SB AND at the very least TA & LO. Guess we will have to wait and see what happens in July. Keeping my fingers crossed. The lakers right now are built for the long run while other teams are trying to find quick fixes. I.E. Cleveland, San Antonio & Orlando.

  • WifelovesLuke

    It’s kind of funny watching all the other teams jockey for position with trades and the draft while the Lakers kept put with it’s players and sold draft picks to spend on our free agents. Now that Phil is officially on board for next year, we can say without a doubt that this team is going no where.

    The Lakers act and then everyone else reacts. Funny stuff! No imagine this team with another training camp together, Bynum healthy and Brown with more time in the triangle system. I just wet my pants!