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A starting line-up consisting of Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, and Dwight Howard?

Sources close to the Lakers, and around the league are saying that is something they are looking to do.

According to ESPN The Magazine’s Chris Broussard, the Lakers have intentions to make a blockbuster deal that would bring both Howard and Paul to L.A.

It is no secret that the Los Angeles Lakers would like to trade for Dwight Howard or Chris Paul, but sources with knowledge of the situation say the Lakers actually have something greater in mind: acquiring both players. Hoping to pull off a pair of blockbuster moves that would rock the NBA, the Lakers are willing to trade anyone on their roster outside of Kobe Bryant to bring Howard and Paul to Los Angeles, two sources said.

Whether the Lakers are able to make it happen remains to be seen, but with stars Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom on the roster, they have the talent and the financial capacity to make the trades work. The Lakers have had cursory discussions with New Orleans about Paul within the past few days. It is not clear whether they have spoken with Orlando.”

If the Lakers are willing to shake up their whole roster, this is not as far fetched as you may think.

The Hornets may be willing to give up Chris Paul straight up for Pau Gasol. In that case the NBA owned New Orleans Hornets are receiving an all-star in return for their all-star. Secondly, if Orlando likes Andrew Bynum’s potential you could package Bynum for Howard, and if need be throw Lamar Odom in to seal the deal.

This move would also make the Lakers a lot younger. Chris Paul is 26 years old, and Dwight Howard is only 25 years old. In what would make for a perfect transition as Kobe Bryant (33) gets older, and needs more help on offense.

It is also worth noting that the three (Bryant, Howard, and Paul) played together on Team USA in 2008. That team of course won the gold medal.


  • bbz62

    Dooooo Ettttt

  • Retardforjoiningarmy

    plz god plz god plz god plz god plz god plz god plz god plz god

  • Kura

    I doubt it’s going to happen.
    It would be fun watching the three of them playing in our beloved Lakers, though.

  • lance leo

    well, chances to happen are slim. I could see one but both? Well, I have been surprise by the Lakers before. 


    how about bringing back Smush Parker to LA? XD XD lol

    • Ohhcory


  • Lakers4Life

    I think I just had a boner reading this.

    • Ronald M

      You got a real problem!

  • Mr Laker19

    All I want for Christmas…


    I think this is why….get rid of players under contract that are very good (Bynum, Gasol, Odom).  Not only will they free up some money but, if it goes through, the lakers will be ready to offer/sign the new class of available stars next year.  With a superstar core, players will jump over hoops to join our team.  We will have so many stars we would be known as the galaxy of the nba….oooo yeahhhh

  • Lol

    ofc lakers would do this. the issue is if other teams r. gasol for cp3 is not enough. y would they want a 31 year old that has 3 years on his contract that would pay him nearly 20 mil annually if they want to rebuild? gasol is still beast but he is playing to win now not the future.

  • Hmm165

    make it happen

    • Resley

      ron artest was never mentioned here. why not throw him into the deal as well? it’d increase the chances of this happening. gasol/odom for cp3, bynum/artest for dwight or whatever. just play w/ the combo of gasol/odom/bynum/artest

      • Lol

        y would anyone take artest? hes got 3 years left at around 6 mil annually. hes washed up too. even if he wasnt, these teams are rebuilding. y take on another bad contract or have an old player for the next 3 years

        • Anonymous

          We almost traded Artest last year for Gerald Wallace….. it only fell through cuz Artest expressed he did NOT want to play in Charlotte..

  • lakerman34

    Lets focus on one before we focus on the other. The Lakers’ main target should be Dwight Howard. Chris Paul is extra. Worry about him AFTER D12 is a Laker.


      i agree 1000 %

  • ilikebasketball

    this is sooo dumb!
    no loyalt nothing.
    giving up pau gasol?

    we are going to look like assholes, like the miami heat if this happens and we dont win.

    or we are going to look like lakers in ’04. karl malone gary payton.

    and then you guys will say “but they were old”. who cares.
    it’s boring and lame to just put a bunch of all stars on one team. thats why miami is
    a bunch of bull. and why most poeple hate them.
    do they lakers want to become that?

    and i promise if this happens, which i dont think it will, we will not win a ring. teams that do this dont win rings.
    TEAMS win rings. not crappy thrown together stars. ugh…
    have some loyalt lakers fans, have some integrity!

    anyone who wants this, better never talk shit about MIAMI again!

    • Ronald M

      I agree!

    • DCLakeshow

      The only reason why you can’t compare this to the ’04 season is, those players where on the downside of their career.  Dwight is “hands down” the best Center in the league and only 25.  Chris Paul (do you remember what he single handedly did to us in the playoffs?) is arguably the best PG in the league and only 26.  You would be matching them up with Kobe Bean Bryant… still, in my humble opinion.. the best all around player in the league.  

      The thing is… having loyalty for the players and all that sounds good from an emotional point of view, but the fact of the matter is, this is a business, and the Lakers have to do what’s in their best interest to stay relevant, and to stay in contention for another title.  Had Gasol not played like “youknowwhat” in the last playoff race, then his name probably wouldn’t be mentioned in these trade rumors… but HE DID.  He has two rings.  He’s not going to go crying to his Mommy.

      I mean… do you even remember how much we struggled last year because no one wanted to step up offensively and contribute?  Do you remember how old the Heat and Mavs made us look?

      You say “it’s lame and boring to just put a bunch of allstars on one team.”  Maybe it is unfair to the rest of the league, but it’s still GOING TO HAPPEN… whether you like it or not.  What if OKL starts adding more pieces to their young team.  What about the Mavericks (who swept us), or the Bulls or Celtics?  AND THE HEAT…they’re not just sitting back, comfortable with what they have.  Nope.  They’re already talking about adding pieces like Caron Butler and Shane Battier (whom we know can defend at a high level and hit that 3 ball).  Imagine the BIG 3 in Miami not having to do so much, and come Finals time, they’re fresh.  With those additions, that would have to make the Heat the automatic favorites in the NBA Championship race.  

      Bottom line is… if the Lakers don’t make these moves, then some other team will, and we’ll quite possibly be looking at those teams advance to the finals.  

      • ilikebasketball

        the mavs have a great solid team of players. not stars. OKC has a great solid team of players. they just need a big man to be seriously in the running(okay, and westbrook needs to grow up and calm down). those are great solid teams.

        to win championships you dont have to  get all the stars possible.
        you have to have a great team.
        BOSTON WON 1 YEAR.

        and not again.
        and they shouldn’t have one that one year, if bynum and ariza weren’t injured.
        miami won’t win.
        Dallas won last year with 1 ageing all star and one in their prime. and a roster of great solid players.


        it ain’t a business to me,so why should i think or feel like that or express that side of it?

        to me the lakers are about my youth and about my basketball world. its not about money and winning the rings. and to win rings, its not about loaidn gyoru rosters with  star players. its about getting a great team together.

        we can win again with PAU. i still believe in him.
        and i dont think bynum will get injured again.

        We just need a pg and we are back in title form!
        and a few other role players.
        except for artest…he may be a bit too old.


    • Bigbpoolguy

      You forget that the Celtics put together their big 3 and won a title that same year.  Miami put together the Heatles and should have won the title but the prince didn’t have a heart and they lost to Dallas.  Bringing in Howard and Paul could work in a shortened season, especially because of their youth.  Like it’s already been said…….this is a business and the business is about winning titles and not sitting on the past.  LA always has and always will be about TITLES….period.

  • lance leo

    Seriously having both Pau and Howard is just not happening. The best deal out there is Howard for Bynum and Odom. That would for sure be the most beneficial. I much rather have a big guy on Howard than CP3. 
    Howard you can build a franchise after Kobe is gone. CP3 you won’t. 

  • Ronald M

    Do the Lakers want both player or is this another damn rumor! All this talk, shows you Rumors are just that RUMORS!

  • byao

    Get CP3 over D12 pleaseee

    • ilikebasketball


      we need a point guard badly, not another center. our height will be there next year.
      we need a 3pt shooter and a pg.

  • lakergang1112

    bynum for paul. We would already have a core lineup of:


    trading for Howard will continue to show the weakness of the Laker point guards. Make it happen 

    • ilikebasketball

       exactly. we need a pg.

      that starting five is amazing.

      and im sure it’s easier to get paul than howard.

  • love kobe
  • The One

    The Lakers main concern should be to go after CP3 Dwight Howard is a great player no question but we need a young PG that can cause damage in the paint and around the arc. He should be the Lakers first priority because the Hornets want Pau not Bynum and if we cant get Howard we will still have a young big man that can help support Kobe and Paul.

  • no parade on fig

    you myopic faker fans heck ask for lebron for minga . . is their a rule in the nba that every team must give the fakers the best palyers in the league .. like the shit west pulled of…f or back in the don ford for worthy those old enough to renember . since your trades are always out of this world i will [play gm . one that makes sense .. you want howard  give me bynum and gasol ..

    • Bigbpoolguy

      spell check dumb a$$

    • Lilbg776

      sorry hater, you know that wont happen. Weather they get this done or not the Lakers will still be in contention for the tittle.

  • Ivanjochoa

    dwight howards a better option ‘cus if we get chris paul (which who i would love to have on my team also) he could opt out of his contract next year

  • Terry

    Go LA get another ring……….!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Arjulabundo

    Metta for ARIZA…walton,blake,ebanks for felton

  • Statsjockey

    Slow down everyone.  I’d love to have these guys too, but it’s better for the Lakers to wait for the water to boil in Orlando and New Orleans first.  The asking price for these stars goes down as the trade deadline approaches, so sit back and let Orlando and New Orleans squirm.  The Knicks don’t have anything to offer and other teams like the Clippers don’t have the brand or ownership to pull this off.  Let them all squirm, then get the most trade value while giving up the least.  Why trade away the entire front line when you can just trade one-for-one straight up?


    gettting chris pual and dwight howard will set the lakers up for years to come so go get’em

  • Anonymous

    it may be kobe’s time..adding dwight or chris will make us younger and a bigger contender fast. do this one for kobe. i ran across this article. is kobes career retirement closer than we thought?