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NBA coaching sources on Thursday described the Lakers as “very interested” in Rick Adelman as a candidate for the position. also talked about the Lakers interest and spoke with Adelman’s longtime assistant, Elston Turner, who thinks Adelman would be a good fit for the Lakers.

“He has experienced everything that L.A. the city and L.A. the team has to offer,” Turner said by phone on Tuesday. “He’s been groomed for a job like that. I’ve been with him 10 years, so I think I can say that much. He’s qualified to get any job in this league. He’s pretty damned good at it.”

Adelman has a 945-616 career record, good enough for eighth in all-time wins. Adelman has had stops in Portland, Golden State, Sacramento and Houston.

  • Dmitry Surovtsev

    It would be a great pick! No doubt!
    Rick is a nice coach with a lot of experience!  

  • Jayr_dayao

     Nice one. We can utilize our big men more often… And he’s a type of coach that give chance and trust to all of his players even they are bench warmers

    • Anonymous

      This. I think part of the reason why they didn’t win this year might have been because they brought in too many new faces who didn’t respect Phil. 

      You had Barnes, Blake, Ratliff (who barely did anything), Joe Smith, Carracter, Ebanks, and near the end Trey Johnson.

      Of those guys, only Barnes and Blake really got any serious minutes but they shared their rotations with other guys enough so that Jackson didn’t really trust them. 

      And I just think that might have been partly responsible for the lack of motivation that people are talking about this year. 

      Jackson hates rookies unless they’re the next Jordan, Shaq, Duncan, Kobe, LeBron etc. And many times, the changes he COULD have made, he didn’t because he’s a very traditional guy who favors continuity over creativity. 

      This worked in years past because our team had an actual identity, fewer distractions, less locker room conflict, and more chemistry. I would add talent to that list as well except I don’t think that our talent was what went wrong this year. 

      Old yes. Lameduck status I’d guess, as well.

  • Cheryl

     Sorry, I’m going with Brian Shaw.  It’s the right thing to do.

    • Anonymous

       Care to explain what the “right thing to do” is and how you reached that conclusion objectively?

      I will help you: what you think is the right thing to do is only your opinion and yours alone. It may be one that the FO shares with you, or in fact several of the players, but at the end of the day, a decision like this still has to be made as objectively as possible. 

      I like the unknown element of Shaw and I’m sure he could rise to the occasion and produce. And if the Lakers went on to threepeat this year or even got as far as the finals, I would prefer him over any outside pick.

      But that wasn’t what went down. This team needs something to shake it up. I’m of the camp that believes that if Kobe, Fisher, & company want Shaw as head coach, that it is a dangerous endorsement. 

      After every loss this year, all of those guys said the right things and blamed things like arrogance, complacency, and laziness for their failure to get it done on court until finally all these factors reared their ugly head and they got their asses kicked right out of the second round. So how can we trust them to prescribe their own medicine?

      Also, there’s also the stuff we don’t know about Shaw that could be questionable. I would assume his chemistry, more than anything, might be a positive more than a negative. But it’s things that we haven’t seen yet: like his offensive and defensive strategies, his off-court motivation… this stuff is too unproven.

      I also don’t think it’s fair to Shaw to assume he would be just like Phil Jackson or a Phil Jackson lite just because he’s observed how the triangle works for almost 10 years.

      I’m also aware of the many meritocratic reasons to give Shaw the job, including his personal tragedies and how he’s previously made the most of every opportunity he has been given. But even if I treat those matters with more respect than other Laker fans here do, I still don’t think that’s how a successful organization is run.

      Perhaps any other year, even if it ended badly as this one and Adelman wasn’t on the market, then Shaw would be the clear choice. As it is, no one is just given a job because it’s “the right thing to do”.

  • Jayr_dayao

     We need a coach that can tell the GM who are the players we need in our team

  • xtro

    i’d take him over shaw. he runs the princeton offense.

  • bbz62

    id rather take byron scott over shaw. but def adelman over both.

  • Anonymous

     Hes a great coach I wouldnt mind having rick as our coach 

  • Richowin

    As much as I would like Brian Shaw as the next head coach, I would still rather have Adelman. He’s more experienced and we need a totally new look besides the Triangle Offense. We need to start fresh. In Adelman’s last two stops, Sactown and Houston, he’s done a fantastic job. Sactown gave us a hell of a rival back in the days and he turned a injury-riddled Houston team full of young, random players and gave us a crazy 7 game series just 3 yrs ago. He’s a winning coach imo, just needs a true superstar, healthier team, and better all around talent on the roster. I believe he can deliver if he’s got the right talent. 

  • Anonymous

    fter hearing moments ago Doc Rivers signing a 5 yr Contract with the Celtics which absolutely pissed me off.
    I thought to myself so who would fit the bill for Lakers Head coach now the Obvious choice is to go with Brian Shaw.
    I think if we are going to go for it again Next yr why not go with an exp elite Coach like a Rick adelman who I think who perfectly work 
    Now there are other candidates like a kurt rambis or a coach k or even dunlevy but I honestly dont see any of those going to the Lakers.
    I think the best fit would be a Rick adelman. He has been to finals once 
    WCF 7eral times and has yet to win the Title.
    Brian shaw has been there and done that. 
    Now im not saying brian cant do it im sure he could but if you got a coach like Rick I would take my chances on him no doubt.

  • 123KID

     I think if this team thinks they can do it with the core they have, I think Shaw is the man. I think with the factors of the CBA, with this laker team not really having enough freedom to so called “blow up” this team and add new pieces, and with him already knowing each player and their strengths and weaknesses, I think Shaw has to be the top guy. If not him, then I would assume Rambis. If there wasnt a CBA goin on and with so much uncertainty in the NBA, I think I would of looked for another coach like Adelman or with a more defensive minded coach like a Larry Brown or with a Tom Thibs kinda style imo.

  • Mr Laker19

     No no NO! none of these old guys. Not Adelman, not Dunleavy. I want somebody with Laker blood. This is my top 3

    1. Byron Scott
    2. Brian Shaw
    3. Kurt Rambis

    Since Scott and Rambis are currently under contract I say give the Job to B Shaw.

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  • daboss1848

     No disrespect to you Laker fans, but I think you are all judging too much with your emotions and biases.  I would want Shaw, Scott, or Rambis to be the next head coach too, but Adelman is a proven veteran coach who has more experience than any of these “Laker blood” coaches you mention.

    When he coached the Kings, I didn’t know he could preach defense.  But when he went to Houston, take note of how he got a team that was McGrady and Yao-less to play their hearts out with more hustle and tenacious defense.  Houston freakin’ took our Lakers to 7 games!  Houston has defeated. Also remember that run of 21 or so consecutive wins with a declining T-Mac and no Yao?

    I want the best for this team and I know you guys do too.  However, the best does not always mean “hire a coach that has Laker blood.”  You don’t have to hate a coach that doesn’t have that blood.  Based on what Adelman aka “Hilter” has done for Sacramento and Houston, I would say should be the top choice out of all the possible coaches right now.  And I don’t want to hear that “he sucks because he never won a title as a head coach.”  Remember that many Western Conf coaches never got to win a title because Phil Jackson and Popovich were here with their super teams before.  Had these 2 coaches and their teams not been that powerful, this guy certainly would have won some titles with a lineup of:  Divac, Webber, Stojakovic, Christie, and Bibby.

    Don’t be irrational or hateful or biased please.  Look for the best option, not the biased option.

    • Anonymous

      Couldn’t have said it better. 

  • willmo

    The more I hear about guys like Kobe, Fisher and even Walton (piece of crap) scrub talk about  their endorsement of Brian Shaw because of their friendship the more I think DON’T HIRE HIM.  This team just came off of a year where there was a casual coaching enviroment that led to any early exit from the postseason and now you wanna put one of their buddies in charge of the team, I say go for Adelman.  He’s got 20 years of coaching experience and he’s been known for getting the best from bench players which is something we need cause Shannon and Barnes are coming back and so we need someone that will get in Brown’s grill and tell em to stop jacking up crap.  Add to that the fact that he made C Webb and Scola into great lowpost players and he could take Pau’s game up a notch and keep the team in line.  Give Adelman 3 years, get a good shooting and running PG and add some knockdown shooters to the bench.

  • NoDefense

    I vote getting a top tier coach,get the best that’s available,take our time and shop.

  • Magic Bryant

    I’m tired of the triangle. It has become predictable and painful to watch at times. The time it takes players to learn it and get accustomed to it will always hinder our cohesiveness. If Shaw is hell bent on bringing it back next year than I would take a hard look at Adelman. I know with him the offense will exploit mis-matches on every possession and guys would be forced to play tough, hard-nosed defense. And we could FINALLY add a quick play-making PG to take some of the shot-making load off of Kobe and allow him to play off the ball now as he gets older. Those same PGs that continue to torture us year after year, yet have no place in the triangle.

  • Anonymous

     In term of using the best talent out of the player is probably him behind Phil. 

  • Anonymous

     Unlike Phil, he would fight over unfair ref calls which unlike Phil with just in the bench and smile.

  • king with a ring

    we need a coach that can live with a team leader that comes to play whenever he feels like it…K to the B, you know who i’m talking about, grow up man.  maybe you can learn something by watching the playoffs from your living room this year!  You too Fish~ 

  • Allen Owens64b

    Lakers need to get rd of the triangle offense