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It looks like the Lakers are trying to find a way to land both Chris Paul and Dwight Howard.

According to Chris Broussard of, the Lakers have made it clear to the Hornets that all offers will be centered around Pau Gasol:

Sources say that the Lakers have made their willingness to deal forward Pau Gasol for Paul clear to the Hornets, since L.A. is hoping to preserve Andrew Bynum to be the centerpiece of a trade offer for Orlando’s Dwight Howard. reported Tuesday that the Hornets have not ruled out accepting a trade package for Paul that’s built around Gasol, but the Hornets also do have reservations about acquiring the Spaniard, who turned 31 in July and is coming off a woeful playoff series against Dallas last spring.

If the Lakers can land Chris Paul without giving up Andrew Bynum, that would leave the door open to trade the 24 year-old center to Orlando to acquire Dwight Howard.

It seems the Lakers are at least exploring the opportunity to see if they can use their current pieces to land both stars.

Only time will tell.

  • lakergang1112

    lakers should show some loyalty to pau and odom and just trade bynum for paul

  • Tienn91

    man the angels got pujols and wilson and now it be so crazy if they get howard and paul

    • Lmrojas

      As a die hard Laker and Angel fan I would die if this happens

  • Mrs D Whitaker

    Yea rite…. Let’s get Paul n Dwight ASAP!!!

  • Bjax21

    Stupid move by the Lakers. I understand trying to give up Bynum AND Odom for Howard, but they’re trying to get rid of Gasol too!?!? I say get Howard, keep Gasol and let Paul go elsewhere. Yeah, it’d be nice to have him but not if you have to give up all of your bigs.

  • Mallymal2005

    I say forget Paul u dnt play hard nose defense get Howard and get Jamal Crawford since he a FA

    • Retardforjoiningarmy

      Jamal Crawford is more of a ballhog than kobe and hes not even that good…if ur making a AND1 team then get him, but this is the lakers…

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  • LakeShow85

    paul for cp3 and bynum+lo for dwight. oh my gawwwd! *singing* all i want for christmas…

  • Miketeel22

    this is a fake website right? no way Orlando is going to trade Dwight away, the guy wants to stay in Orlando.

    • LakersnBulls

      he wants to come to LA, matt barnes said he was talking to him and he said he would love to come if LA can make it happen

    • Random

      Dwight want to stay with them so much he is not planning on re-signing with the Magic  after this season. There are these trade rumors for a reason.

    • Retardforjoiningarmy

      keep telln urself that…

    • Michael A. Robson

      Dude, his Fiancee wants to live in LA. Where do you get your sources?

  • JayJay South Central

    I say pull the trigger…even though priority should be Howard and not Paul first. But Imagine the Lakers 3 1/2 wit CP3, BlackMamba, Metta World Peace lol, and Superman?? 3 more Championships for us to surpass the Smelltics…Dream Big L.A

  • Laker Gang

    Cp3 and dwight to la la la land? I’d shit my pants if this happen lol

  • Laker Gang

    Cp3 and dwight to la la la land? I’d shit my pants if this happen lol

  • Michael A. Robson

    Well, I mean… this is exactly what they should do. Of course, the only thing BETTER would be trading away injured Bynum for Dwight, and keeping Pau, but that’s nearly impossible.

    Bynum’s injured and Pau blanked out last year in the playoffs (enjoy it while it lasts, Dirk). We could both those guys and Lakers fans wouldn’t mind.

  • Rod1949us

    I dunno. with all that talent on the floor the Lakers need a solid PG that can run the offense…like a Mo Williams type.  They don’t need a CP3. I mean yeah it’s good to have him no doubt, but I don’t want to give up Pau Gasol.  He’s too vital to the Lakers.  People must have forgotten what it was like before he arrived and we had Kwame Brown’s non-catchin’ azz.  Really I think the Lakers need role players that can come off the bench and make it happen..that’s what was wrong wit em last year.  Brown played alright, Barnes was injured, Blake wasn’t producing, the traded Sasha and theo ratliff and Brown, and Luke Walton were dead weight.  Lakers need a back up big man, a decent PG that’s not that expensive. Leave Odom, Gasol, and Bynum right where they are.