At the least, Kobe and the Lakers front office are seeing eye-to-eye on something. A good thing… Maybe? Tell us what you think, sound-off in the comments.

HOOPSWORLD.COM: Sources close to both parties indicate neither the Lakers nor Kobe Bryant feel a trade sending out both Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum for O’Neal is a move worth making.

Whether pressure from O’Neal himself will help or hinder a compromise remains to be seen.

If the Pacers would consider a package built around Bynum, Kwame Brown, Brian Cook and Aaron McKie (thrown in via sign and trade to balance the salaries), the Lakers might have a solution to the Kobe Bryant crisis.

If not the Lakers will have to look elsewhere for help or risk standing pat. As it is, Bryant still views the Chicago Bulls as his destination of choice.

It’s also why the Pacers feel they can just wait the Lakers out.

  • as1084

    stupid learry bird. ur over-pricing JO and its going to bite you u in the a**! even the twolves lowered there asking price and soon the pacers will have to also because JO is going to opt out if he isnt traded after this season. JO and Bynum is way too much for JO!

  • HustlinPhenom

    Thats a good start!

  • double

    At least Kobe’s on the same page. Interest from the Nets will make it difficult for us to obtain a better deal for O’neal. Bird’s playing it smart… I just hope he eventually sees the value in what the Lakers are offering.

  • mlkg721

    Thats great news that Kobe doesn’t think that would bea good trade, but I’m not suprised by it. Kobe knows that if Odom is included in that trade then the trade wont work. But if New ersey is really offering Jefferson and Kristic, then thats a good deal for the pacers. But it was good that J.O. said he doesn’t want the team gutted that he’s going to. Kobe and J.O. both know that they need a big 3 if they’re are gonna do it, 2 stars aint enough anymore as we could see by the championships won in the NBA since the shaw and Kobe era, (excluding the heat title, which basically took one star. Dallas is weak.) but anyway, hopefully we can get that deal done and I think Kobe with JO and LO would be great. FIND SOME WAY TO GEt IT DOne

  • as1084

    JO even said himself that Bird tries to make unfair deals that make the other team worse off. every GM is going to start to realize that and not even bother trading with Bird.

  • LAalltheway

    “It’s time for me to move on,” he said. “And the Lakers are the team I want Indiana to trade me to.”

    “but obviously [the Pacers are] in a situation now where they’re rebuilding. I told them I can’t be in a rebuilding mode right now. I’m at a point in my career where I can’t wait another five years to contend. I’m not in a position physically to take in five years of losses and downtime.”

    “Larry Bird is a hard man to deal with,” O’Neal said. “He tries to make unfair trades. He wants to gut a team, but the Lakers are trying to get over the hump. I want Indiana to benefit, but with some nice young players and draft picks. I want to make it clear that I don’t want to gut a team that I come to because then it’ll be like I’m in Indiana all over again. If things don’t work, I have an option in my contract next year and I will opt out and become a free agent.”

    “Me and Kobe have talked a lot this summer about getting me here,” O’Neal says. “We’ve been on each other since we were 15, playing AAU basketball, adidas All-American Camp, Nike All-American Camp. It’s been a long relationship. We’ve been trying to make this happen all summer. He understands the desire that I have right now. Mentally, we’re on the same page.”

    Those are all some pretty straightforward statements if you ask me. Whether or not the Lakers get JO, Indiana IS in rebuilding mode, and Jermaine is unhappy there. Most likely he let all those comments slip, getting caught up in the moment, and not thinking about the consequences. That doesn’t make them any less credible. Neither does backtracking not even a day later, and having a panicked GM clarifying those statements just as promptly. Bird is doing his best Mchale impression now. Doesn’t this sound suspiciously similar to what the Wolves were trying to pull to get the most out of KG? And they think they can wait US out?

  • as1084

    i still dont see why a RJ and kristic offer is a good one. RJ is damaged goods and he is ALWAYS injured.

  • as1084

    all of the trade talks were to appaise kobe and if kobe doesnt believe a trade will work why would the lakers feel pressure to make that trade. it doesnt make sense. Bird is a moron. THE LAKERS WONT GIVE UP BOTH…DEAL WITH IT..EITHER GET WHAT U CAN FROM ONEAL OR KEEP HIM IN INDY!

  • Noriega7333

    Why would they want LO, if they’re in rebuilding? LO is nearly the same age as JO, so you won’t be getting young talent.

  • LAalltheway

    RJ is a great player, and I don’t think any more injury prone than Lamar. I haven’t seen Krstic play much, but I’ve heard good things about him. Of course, LO and Bynum is a better package, but that’s asking a little too much. If it is both, they better throw in at least granger, which I don’t think they would do (I wouldn’t want LA to do that anyway). But the Pacers are in rebuilding mode, and hopefully their interest in Bynum is greater than it seems at this point. Plus, Bird said he was looking for shooters and point guards. Farmar can have an immediate impact, or they can build around Crittenton and Bynum. Cook would be a great shooter for them. Kwame is a decent backup center, as much as I hate him, and he could be ok in the east. Is that a better package than RJ/Krstic/Collins? I think our players are a better fit for the Pacers. And if they are rebuilding, Bynum should be more attractive than Jefferson. But you never know. We seem to be getting screwed by a lot of Celtic alumni lately.

  • Pedro La Pacas

    We as the Laker Fans are spoiled by the Laker greatness, and we just can’t stand losing anymore. We are not used to mediocrity, we want championships. JO is really our only option left we lost KG and PG. And now the only big man left is JO. Mitch we are counting on you to make us champions. We are the Lakers! I know that your job as GM of the Lakers is probably the toughest GM position in the league, but that is what you get when you have previously been successful. Other teams get jealous, but us as Laker fans have lost confidence in the Laker FO. You need to prove to us that the FO can do its job and keep Kobe. We do not want to build for the future, we want to win now. So be proactive and get JO, our team is ready for a change.

  • mj2kb

    ohhh so bird and the pacers want to play hard ball huh? well the pressure is all on him bcuz JO wants out and can opt out next year. Making a trade happen is the only way to go bcuz theyll get something in return

  • cyrus

    IMO, this paragraph is the heart of this article by Eric Pincus:

    “Then there’s the question of why O’Neal would show up in Los Angeles at a charity game that he wasn’t playing in. He had to know going in the kind of questions he would be asked by the local reporters. Unlike most players Sunday, O’Neal made himself readily available to the media.Perhaps he was hoping to kick-start the process.”

    Cyrus:The trade demand by JO was intentional and planned by JO and Kobe (friends for the past 14 years) during JO’s visit in LA. Think about it for a moment; Kobe’s trade demand weakened Lakers position; other teams are taking advantage of the fact that Lakers must appease Kobe. JO’s trade demand to the Lakers balanced out positions on both sides. It’s just a fair game.

  • BringDFishBack

    Really? OMG!!! That came out like 2 months ago.

  • BEC

    [quote comment=”11060″]Why would they want LO, if they’re in rebuilding? LO is nearly the same age as JO, so you won’t be getting young talent.[/quote]
    Thats what makes Bird such a moron. Getting LO in this deal dosnt make any sense when there reuilding, 9 players on your team with 3 years or less of NBA experience, means YOURE REBUILDING!!!!! Moron, you dont need LO, all hes trying to do is gut our team.


    [quote comment=”11060″]Why would they want LO, if they’re in rebuilding? LO is nearly the same age as JO, so you won’t be getting young talent.[/quote]

    Bird wants LO just to bust our balls

  • OCHOA714


  • lakers4life

    if they want lo and bynum they better give us granger

  • lafanfromindiana

    I have such a bad feeling about this whole situation.

    If the Bynum/Odom combo is dead or close to it….Buss has to push Kupchak aside and get a third team involved himself asap before some team that we havn’t heard about yet picks up JO. Sad part is…I don’t see that happening.

    If I was GM..I would spend 1 day trying to pull off a 3way and if I couldn’t…I would trade the both of them for JO considering the only good memory of Bynum I have is the one time he dunked on Shaq and the fact that Odom only plays his heart out 1 out of 10 games.

    Besides that….how is Kobe/Odom/Bynum going to get along inside and outside the lockeroom after all this summer drama especially if they start the season off bad.


    I’m happy with that lineup at the beginning of the season and I know more stars will come during the season before the trading deadline. If Sac sucks, which they will, into the season….we all know Artest is going to blowup and likely to be traded b4 the deadline. Thats when we make our move with our JC or Farmar and Kwame trade.

  • rasarx

    Bird can wait the Lakers out. That’s for sure. But what that means is that very likely they’ll push themselves into a corner where they’d have to make a hurried trade as the trade deadline nears, in effect giving this O’Neal away the same way the morons in the Lakers FO threw away the original O’Neal and are still paying a price for that bad trade. The Lakers will have not gotten O’Neal, as Bird might wish, but a great cost to Indy.