UPDATE #2: Seems like he has agree to terms with the Cavs. It was fun while it lasted…

UPDATE #1: Apparently, he hasn’t gone to the Cavs quite yet…

O.C. Register: Sources Tuesday night at Staples Center told me that the Lakers remain in the running for Smith and he is strongly considering coming aboard with Kobe Bryant. As for the New Orleans Hornets, they appear out of the running.

joesmithN.Y. Post: Unconfirmed reports maintain Smith already has one of those wink-wink deals in place to rejoin the Cavs once he tiptoes across the waiver wire.

My sources assert the Lakers and Hornets – prepared to commit past this season to Smith – are giving the Cavs stiff competition. Cleveland also is in the running for Gooden, but someone in the know says he’s leaning toward the Spurs over the Mavericks. Both will make their decision known today…

  • i hate the color green

    i don’t really see a problem w/ this cat. we got enough guards, at least we’re trying to get bigs, he’d be nice coming off the bench. mbegna sit yo a55 down, smith ur in.

  • lakersman24

    I agree, I would wayy rather have smith in the game instead of mbenga.

  • Diehardfan

    Just imagine the starting five:
    Odom,Kobe,Smith, Fisher, Pau! could you imagine our line up when Bynum comes back. On top of that, Luke coming off the bench would make the bench that much better. do it Mitch!

  • xtro

    yes! finally! i hope he joins us. he has a better chance of winning a ring w/ the purple and gold than playing for the cavs. cavs aren’t even sure they can slip past the c’s in the east. plus, smith’s family resides in arizona, so he’s a lot closer to home if he plays in the city of angels. do it mith! work your magic!

  • jellybean

    oh yea mitchhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyy boi!!! DO IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • joseph
  • lakersman24

    I dont think hes signed with the cavs yet.

  • 123kid

    if smith goes to the cavs, i say we try and go after gooden. either one adds a big body down low.

  • http://getgarnett.com golakers75

    either one of these guys would be a major upgrade over mbenga who just plan bad. gooden and smith both hit the mid-range jumper but i think if gooden is healthy he is more psychical and a better at getting boards. either way i hope the lakers get one to buy time till drew comes back and once he does look out.
    starters when drew comes back
    c.PAU /BYNUM
    sf.luke /TREVOR
    sg.KB/ SASHA
    PG. FISH / AND HOPEFULLY BROWN .cause farmar sucks

  • mr.laker19

    PLEASE MITCH! These are the kind of the moves that seperate Getting to the finals and a championship. We HAVE to get Gooden or Smith.

  • jason

    lol we dont HAVE to get anybody. But it would help for sure cause DJ MBENGA SHOULDNT EVEN BE IN THE LEAGUE let alone on the court for us. As long as they’re eligible to play in the playoffs, sure it can help. The idiot up top that said we should start Joe Smith should be shot though, what are u an idiot, oh excuse me, your a luke hater, idiot.

  • lakersman24

    Yea no sense in starting Joe Smith but I would want our lineup to look like this when Bynum gets back

    Center: Andrew Bynum – Sub Pau Gasol
    Forward: Pau Gasol – Sub Lamar Odom – Josh Powell -Joe Smith
    Forward: Luke Walton – Trevor Ariza – Adam Morrison
    Gaurd: Kobe Bryant – Sasha Vujacic
    Gaurd: Derek Fisher – Jordan Farmar – Shannon Brown

    If you run it this way, you start with bynum with the starters and then u switch gasol to center and bynum to the bench with about 2-3 min left in the 1st. odom comes off bench to play with gasol and Im sure we can agree that gasol and odom work really well together actually odom works really well with gasol opposed to playing with Bynum

  • 50

    Mar 3rd, 2009 at 1:52 pm
    He just signed with the CAVS! SHYT!


    you’re right man……he did sign!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I don’t want any random additions unless Smith actually comes to a Laker practice and Lakers actually see some potential. Even if he does get signed, you know how Phil is toward new players. If they don’t know the offence perfectly, they don’t play till were up/down 25+. Drew Gooden is injured and he probably won’t be out there long enough to play the C’s again.
    Keep the money and sign a young player with talent over the offseason.
    Oh and why is everyone treating Shannon like a GOD? I believe that Lakers are working on Morrison’s shooting and by mid next season he’ll be a 6th man (just a guess. Don’t kill me for imagining things.)

  • http://www.lakersvolssparks.blogspot.com Margo

    That article is not on espn…the link is not taking me to the article. I don’t see it as a definite anywhere that he already signed. I really believe that Joe Smith can be “that” extra piece we need right now. And giving Shannon Brown more playing time would help as well…lol.

  • http://www.lakersvolssparks.blogspot.com Margo

    OK I C he is gone! I really wanted him. Gooden seemingly gone as well to the Spurs!

  • Lker Roger

    is joe smith gone ? mitch pack up mobenga what the heck does he do. The guy does not have the ability.
    Luke cant play defense cant jump and they say he has a great basketball I Q . Just cuz hes white.
    The idiot left Matt barnes to hit a open 3.
    Matt Barnes scored 30 his season high thanks Luke.
    Farmar he s a joke no outside shot defense dosent exist, bums all these guys are horrible.

  • Lakers 24 7

    According to a report in the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, the former No. 1 overall draft pick from 1995 may join the Cavaliers as early as Wednesday.

  • purpleandgoldvein

    really, jordan farmar sucks? really?

    wow, this guy calling half our squad bums probably coming from the guy who just realized he likes the lakers and never played a game of B-ball in his life. shut up man if your just going to hate. and if you are at least have a valid argument, saying farmar has no outside shot or his defense does not exist is unfair because he is a very solid NBA player.

  • kb24

    [Comment ID #63416 Will Be Quoted Here]

    and u want lamar or joe smith to play the 3, have no floor spacing at all, and know ball movement…ya that would be great retard…do you kno how basketball works…luke is the starting lineup for his ball movement/low post mismatch…period…and he plays his role well..any points he scores is a luzury

  • Diehardfan

    Forget them both! How about A. Foyle or Stromile Swift?

    Besides Odom is better than either Gooden or Smith and defenitely better than Mikki Moore. As long as the Lakers get Bynum back we are going to be Okay! BTW! Mikki Moore is not 7 feet tall. Maybe if you take his long hair into consideration he’s 7 feet tall. He is 6 feet nothing and weighs 100 and nothing! LETS GO LAKERS! F! all of those other teams.