Harry How | Getty Images Sport

In an interesting update from last week’s news regarding a Derek Fisher/Lakers reunion, it now appears that Derek Fisher is actually eligible to re-sign with the Lakers now. Per Marc Stein of ESPN:

…in Fisher’s case, confusion surrounding his player option for the 2012-13 season led to the belief in some league circles that he had picked up the option before the Houston Rockets bought him out. In reality, sources confirm, Fisher was bought out by Houston before he was eligible to invoke the 2012-13 option, which means that his contract was deemed to have ended June 30, sending Fisher to full-fledged free agency on July 1.”

With Fisher as a true free agent, the only thing keeping him from joining the Lakers is the current logjam at point guard. With four point guards currently on the roster, the Lakers would need to trade away either Steve Blake or Chris Duhon to open up a roster spot in addition to sizing down their $100 million payroll.

Should he rejoin the Lakers, it’s not yet clear whether Fisher would be the primary back-up to Steve Nash or if he would play a deeper role in the bench. Though, with two 38-year-old point guards on the roster, the Lakers would easily have the oldest backcourt in the NBA. What are your thoughts, Laker Nation? Should the Lakers actively pursue the resigning of Derek Fisher?