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According to Chris Broussard of ESPN, Dwight Howard’s #1 destination is now the New Jersey Nets:

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As earlier reports stated, the Nets are still prepared to offer Brook Lopez, and two first round draft picks in exchange for Dwight Howard’s services.

Free agency officially begins on Friday, December 9th.

  • Nastynate2005

    naw im not believing that..if its true then D12 is the biggest idiot ever

  • Pudgy007

    B S ppl just see what the lakers are doing n now they have to try n divert Orlando trade somewhere els

  • Steve Giannelli

    Knicks would be a better NYC team for Howard…..anywho I’m still not buyin Broussard’s BS

  • Oiler16

    YA right Lakers would give Bynum up and some draft picks. Yo Dwight you ain’t winnin any championships with them sorry ass bummmmms in NJ, get over here to LA son

  • MFdoom

    How does going to NJ make his situation of becoming a legit top championship contender any different than if he stays with Orlando. He can make the argument because D. Will and I guess Kris Humphries are there, but I think the top East teams still outbeat that, even with the Knicks emerging.  Miami still has a better top 3, Chicago’s 3 would be an ideal match up, but at least Chicago has a better respectful additions with Deng and Gibson. Then with the possible addition of Tyson to NYC, the Knicks can still beat NJ. 

  • S Franchise

    so stern’s gonna block this trade too, right?  dwight is kinda calling the shots for this trade.

    • no parade on fig

      the magic is not owned by the nba

  • lakergang1112

    lakeshow should forget about dwight and retry with CP3 using bynum one for one

  • C T

    if he wants to win l.a is the place to be ! but if not go to nj and never win!

  • Raphael Rosales Tongol

    make a move lakers!!!! running out of time

  • LaLakersDailyNews

    we want Dwight in Lakers shirt!

  • kobe24venom

    no way howard goes to new jersey ……he will never win anything there with the beasts of the east over there  .L.A. is it ……the only reason i can think of is money bcause that russian owner has a shit ton of it .dwight has said its not about the money but winning titles,well then his decision should be easy ……LAKERS!!!!!!

  • sterngilbertRa$$holes

    We may still get CP3, but Stern screwed us out of Howard by canceling the trade yesterday.  Howard was gong to be the next trade as he could see the true dream team being created  with Kobe and CP3.  Now, because of what Stern did, Howard wants to open camp with NJ because he sees that as plan B with plan A not happening any time soon.  Obviously he does not want to open camp with Orlando.  Screw you Stern.  You just screwed the Lakers and us fans.  I guess its too much to be a successful franchise.  Stern and that idiot Gilbert will do all they can to see that the Lakers not succeed this time around.

    • bye bye brown

      They can still trade for Howrad I’m sure playing with Gasol & Kobe would be enough to bring him here if he really wanted to come.and then if the Paul deal goes through great. I actually don’t like the Paul deal as is who plays center for the first 5 games and who’s our PF I know we need a PG but we will just be trading one weakness for another as is.

  • Touching_Myself

    Out of everyone that’s reporting anything about basketball, Broussard is the least trusted source.  The dude is often the first to break out any news, but in the end… he is also often WRONG!

    I’m still in disbelief over what happened in the early evening hours of yesterday over the CP3 deal!  All along the league had been informed by the 3 teams involved of the player additions and/or subtracted from the potential deal.  So, for Stern, the coward that he is, to pull the plug on the deal because Melissa (Dan) Gilbert and the other whining owners of the NBA realized that they’re in a small market and that they’ll NEVER get a blue chipper, bum rushed his office.

    There’s NO WAY that this deal doesn’t get done!  The Lakers, Rockets, and Hornets are all appealing the decision was we rant!  This will be a PR APOCALYPSE for the NBA if Stern’s ruling stands!

    Anyway, back to this Broussard thing… he obviously should be in the know with his sources, but this dude is wrong so often that I can’t believe that D12 is going to the bitter cold and loser of an organization and becoming a soldier in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics under Mikhail Prokhorov!

    I gotta believe that superman will jump onto the side of “TRUTH, JUSTICE, AND THE AMERICAN WAY” with Dr. Jerry Buss!  But if he signs with Prokhorov and the Nets… he’ll no longer be superman, but BIZARRO!

  • no parade on fig

    I LOVE IT FAKERS FANS WITH EGG ON THEIR FAT ENTITLED FACE .  sorry faker fans you cant get the best players in ther nba and rip off teams like you always do .

  • ilikebasketball

    okay, im smelling bullshit.

    if dwight can be on the same team as williams
    why can’t chris paul be ont eh same team as kobe and bynum?

  • Ocho=24

    Yeah right. Who the hell wants to play for the Nets? LOL

  • 123kid

    Just heard Chris BS Broussard on ESPN stuttering about this move. The Nets are in violation of even speaking to Dwight because he is under contract. Dan Gilbert aka The NBA Hall Monitor, go snitch to David Stern.