ESPN: The Kobe Bryant-to-Chicago trade talks are very real, and they’ve been real for a while. has learned that the Los Angeles Lakers and Chicago Bulls have been having daily discussions about Bryant trade possibilities for at least the past week, with Bryant’s no-trade clause throwing a unique wrench into the situation.

The Lakers are asking for a package built around Luol Deng, Ben Gordon, Tyrus Thomas and Joakim Noah, which is more than Chicago is willing to surrender. Also, Bryant would not want to play in Chicago if the Bulls surrendered all four of those players, believing there would not be enough talent left to compete for a championship, and he would veto that trade even if the Bulls and Lakers were both in favor of it.

Further complicating matters is the division within the upper echelon of the Lakers front office, a house divided between the competing desires of owner Jerry Buss, his son, Jim, daughter Jeanie (and her boyfriend, coach Phil Jackson) and general manager Mitch Kupchak. One faction seems more determined than ever to part with Bryant, while others still are hanging onto the belief that Bryant can still be persuaded to stay in Los Angeles.

Bryant sat out the Lakers’ final exhibition game Friday night in Las Vegas after injuring his right wrist in the Lakers’ previous game. It has become an accepted fact around the Lakers that Bryant still wishes to be traded, and two sources with direct knowledge of the ongoing trade discussions said Bryant’s preferred — and most likely — destination remains Chicago.

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Kobe trade remains possibility for Bulls

  • magicbalala245

    this can’t happen guys Kobe wearing black and red cannot simply happen guys come on Kobe just wait we will have JO here for you mitch call pacers and send bynum and odom for kobe right now mitch

  • kgmvp

    here´s our lineup


    and more

    Ben W.
    Joe S.
    Andres Nocioni

    This deal will be ok for the bulls for the lakers i don´t know but still i think this deal might happen remember Kobe wants to play with Ben Wallace he didn´t say that he wants to play with LUOL.

  • nyla

    And Kobe hated playing with Shaq. I can’t wait till Big Ben’s air-balling free throws in the playoffs.

  • steve

    Lets hope by tuesday this is sorted out and we have people that want to be lakers playing…not 3 year old kids with lots of money

  • lakerschamps08

    yea umm if this is the trade THERES NO WAY IN THE HE** that this trade happens from cgicagos point of view they are giving too much and kobe wont accept going to a deplited team so yea if this is only trade its safe to say kobes staying L.A. for NOW

  • Kid Licorice

    I’m a Laker fan and I’m a Kobe fan; that being said, I’m all for the Lakers trading Kobe to Chicago. It’s works out for everybody. The Lakers may not get an all-star in return, but they’ll get some terrific young talent with the potential to become all-stars. Also, the Lakers will still have Lamar Odom, who played his best ball last season when Kobe was out.

    As a Kobe fan, I would love to see what he can do in the East, with a a talented Bulls team.

    Overall, last nights game was so fun to watch, because everybody on teh floor and the bench was into it, everybody was giving it their all and there was a real sense of team unity that just isn’t their when Kobe (and his sulkign attitude) are in uniform.

    Kid Licorice

  • ryc3

    KOBE JUST HAS TO REALIZE THAT WHERE EVER HE GOES THE LAKERS ARE GOING TO GET THE BEST ON THAT TEAM AND MORE. Kobe has to realize that he has 3 championships. Thats rare for an NBA player. Everyone has not felt the sucess and glory he has in the NBA at this stage in his career and KOBE should revaluate the way he is treating this team,his fans, and the LAKER organization as a whole. This team can be great this year with the COMING OUT OF ANDREW BYNUM and the amazing DEPTH that we have. A LITTLE TEAM CHEMISTRY AND THIS TEAM CAN MAKE SOME NOISE IN THE WESTERN CONFERENCE

  • Jrich

    [Comment ID #15485 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Agreed! Time to let Kobe go. It’s a big sacrifice but there’s so many good free agents next year. If we add Agent Zero next year, we will be a very deep team.


    YEAAAAAAAAA!!! We have a bright future ahead of us! Trade Kobe now!!!!!!!!!

  • jogu

    isnt it impossible to do a 1 for 4 trade? dont we need to do 1 for 1 trades. isnt our roster full?! seems like we got to give up more than just kobe to get all those bulls players. guess we give em cook vlade and brown? or what? doesnt seem very possible to me :/

  • kb24 4life

    We have had a lot of rumors with players like KG, Kidd, JO, Marion, etc… and that trades never became serious, so why think that a kobe trade is possible and not just speculation..
    the lakers just cant make a trade and kobe is staying.

  • Jrich

    Milo. You need to be banned for all the foul language you always use. By the way, “unloyal” is not a word. Trade Kobe now.

  • kyler_hay

    for the LAST time KB24 won’t go nowhere

  • lakerschamps08

    yea like i said if kobe feels like the place that he is going is giving up too much for him than he wont accept the trade so yea.. i want kobe to stay but lets look at this form his point of view would u play for a team that had betrayed u and lied to u big time?????

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    Kiss Kobe goodbye, all you Kobe fans. I went out with a friend last night who knows a current center on the Laker team and he admitted, the entire Laker squad all hate Kobe and want him gone.

  • AAA

    i think kobe should be traded beacuse all you laker fans don’t deserve him

  • steve

    Remember that guy that was the coach of the heat in shaqs first season…..thats right stan vangundy….how long before this egomaniac gets skiles fired…?…

  • Peter

    When I first saw Kobe he was 17 and throwing up airballs Vs Utah but I said to my buddy that kid is going to be great. I was right but what I didn’t see was a quiter. In my opinion as much as I like Kobe (Him and Magic are my favorite of all time) he is quiting on the Lakers! Listen the Lakers backed him up during the Shaq trade, backed him up during the Rape case and now just because he’s having a hard time getting deep in to the playoffs he wants to quit?? Listen Kobe you play the game because you love it, well dammit play the game and if in 2 years Bynum doesn’t develop or Odom doesn’t change than by all means opt out. I will have more respect for you and so will all the other Laker fans!!
    My guess is Magic isn’t trying to convince you to stay because he’s embarrassed by your attitude and quite honestly I’m getting there too!

  • MILO

    [Comment ID #15496 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Ok umm, well if you want to get technical i think you should be banned for you’re disloyalty to Kobe when he has brought us alot of great moment’s as a Laker…SORRY LAKERNATION STAFF I’LL TRY TO CUT BACK ON THE 4 LETTER WORDS!!!

  • http://deleted JBMONKEYMAN

    Peter i couldnt agree with you more. I want him gone I just hope we get a good amount of young talent for the ingrate.

  • BEC

    [Comment ID #15509 Will Be Quoted Here]

    How exactly is Kobe quitting on the Lakers? More accurately the Lakers are quitting on Kobe. Kobe loves two things the game of basketball and WINNING. I dont like the way Kobe expressed his frustration, those actions were unacceptable, but they were valid. Actions speak louder than words and our FO first priority isnt winning. If we were really about winning we wouldnt have young/rookie type players on this team around Kobe, we would have veterans who know how to play. Im a Laker fan first and foremost, im only a Kobe fan because hes a Laker, but players like him who have a desire to win that is unmatched by anyone in this league, should be on a team that can contend, on teams with FO’s that are willing to contend. Theres only two other players in history who have the same desire to win and thats MJ and Magic, thats why theyre so great, Kobe just wants to win and clearly thats not important to our FO.

  • BEC

    All Kobe wants is to WIN and bring a title to LA. We all want the same. Until he shows a lack of effort, when it counts, during regular season games, can we criticize Kobe for quitting on us.

  • D LO

    Kobe doesn’t want to be here BEC get it through your thick skull. Real fans don’t want him here and you can bet for damn sure that his teammates don’t want him here. He’s a primadonna. He’s always had his way. He and his agent made sure that he’d end up with Lakers (which was great for a while), he got Shaq and Phil to leave, was ok with Phil coming back once he learned how great it was, and now wants to leave because he wants to go to the East where it would be SOOOOO easy to win. He saw how LeBron got to the Finals with less than the Lakers and got jealous. What a friggin pansy. I can’t wait to see him get crushed by the Mavs, Suns, or Spurs for the rest of his selfish career.

  • lakerfan81

    I am so sick of hearing about all this Kobe-trade drama, that I would almost welcome a trade. At least then the front office would be choosing a direction and not just standing in mediocrity.

    One more thing. I don’t understand why everyone, myxelf included, thought that the lakers would be back at a contending level in 2-3 yrs after trading Shaq. I just don’t think that was a realistic goal. You can say all you want about potential trades that didn’t happen, but the truth is no one knows if any of those trades were ever truly possible. Even the Kidd for Bynum trade. I hear sometimes that it was Odom and Bynum for Kidd and other times I hear that it was Brown, Bynum + fillers for kid. Even if it was the latter trade (which I find hard to believe), a Kobe, Odom, Kidd trio would not have won a championship (Turiaf would have been center with no one backing him up). We would have been better, but not championship level.

  • MILO

    [Comment ID #15503 Will Be Quoted Here]

    How could they hate Kobe when he has carried them on his shoulders for the past 3 years???I think that it would have been better said that they hate on Kobe because he is the best player in the world.It’s not his fault that they cant step up to the challenge and perform like true profesionals…

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    [Comment ID #15534 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Why do they hate Kobe??? Oh could it be because he publicly threw his teammates under bus, DEMANDING for change publicly. Basically he’s saying, PUBLICLY, my team sucks, I need new teammates.

    As a true professional, and the supposed “leader” of the Lakers, and out of respect for your teammates who you go to war with 82 night a year, YOU DO NOT publicly bash them like this. Then he goes on and bashes Bynum publicly … and you are wondering why they hate him??? Are you blind???

    If Kobe has a problem with his teammates, then he should address those issues privately within the organization. He shouldn’t cry and whine like a little b**ch making the organization look in disarray. Then he goes on to bash the FO. MILO – Have you ever wondered why KG did not want to come here? I mean even KG said that he didn’t want to deal with our FO, most likely because Kobe kept publicly saying it. And yes, our FO is probably is disorganized, but you do not publicly say it so the entire rest of the NBA knows it. Kobe’s idioacy is the reason why he will never be greater than Jordan.

  • MILO

    [Comment ID #15535 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Kobe is greater then Jordan!!! Jordan also was tough on his team mates and you did’nt hear anyone critize him, i think he even went as far as slaping them around so please dont start the comparison’s.Till this day i have’nt heard of Kobe slaping anyone like he’s their dad so i applause Kobe for calling them out.That was the right thing to do…


    the bulls do also a sign and trade with pj brown for a 1 yr 11 mil. do it and lets rebuild…


    not bad!!!!!

  • Michael_23

    Lakers get Luol, Gordon, Thomas, and Noah. Bulls get Kobe and maybe Vladimir. After this year Kobe opts out and accepts mid-level exception with Lakers.


  • as1084

    i havent run the numbers or played the trade machine, but i think its imperative that nocioni is included in the trade. i love his game and he is a great shooter. PLEASE DONT MAKE THE TRADE WITHOUT NOCIONI!!! Deng, Nocioni, and ben gordon or thomas = kobe 24. ship his a** out! i am a huge lakers fan and Im getting tired of his sh**!!

  • lakerfan81

    A deal with Chicago is extremely unlikely they just don’t have the salaries to match unless Wallace was included, which I doubt the Lakers would do, why would they want 3 yrs of Wallace’s huge salary if they are rebuilding? If wallace is not included then it would have to be a 5 for 1 swap, that would mean that Chicago would have to replace 3 players (before the season starts or as soon as the trade if finalized), and the Lakers would have 2-3 too many players so some people would need to be cut. Even if Heinrich was included only 6M of his 11M counts for matching salary because of BYC. Plus I really do not think Chicago is going to gut their team even for Kobe, as good as Kobe is its just not worth it for them. Besides that I don’t think Kobe would agree to go to a gutted Chicago team.

  • foxxy


  • laker4life23

    its KOBE “MAMBA” BRYANT, is dads the “BEAN”