UPDATE: After practice yesterday, Ron officially responded to the swirling rumors around his supposed desire to be traded:

“No, definitely not. Just because you’re not comfortable doesn’t mean that you’re not happy. Obviously when I was on other teams, I got a lot of touches. But I’m playing with the greatest player in the history of the game, and I’m playing with All-Stars. I don’t have a problem with looking bad on the court for the benefit of the team.”

Read the full report here.
Hear what D-Bricks and Jason Riley had to say about it here.
See what Lamar Odom had to say about it here.

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UPDATE: Ron has broken the silence, well, kind of. Around 4:10pm this afternoon, he tweeted:

“Dont believe those trade dumped. Lakers working on 2011 banner!!!”

Whether or not Ron wants to be traded, and should be traded, may be two very different things. So, Laker Nation, is now the time to trade Ron, or do we continue the chase for the 3-peat as currently constructed? Let’s hear your thoughts…


UPDATE: Per the L.A. Times, Ron’s agent David Bauman has refuted ESPN’s report and made this statement regarding it:

“Ron is not looking for a trade. The frustration is there among everyone on the team. But Ron is a Laker, and he just wants to win. Ron is frustrated with the losing, as everybody is.”

We’ll continue to provide updates on this post, Facebook and Twitter as they become available.

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This morning, ESPN’s Marc Stein was hush-hush on his sources, but made his point deafeningly clear:

“I’ve nonetheless been assured this week that Artest — though he hasn’t outright demanded a trade and is likely to publicly deny it — is serious about wanting to be dealt somewhere ‘he can have fun again’ less than a year removed from the pivotal role he played in that ring-clinching Game 7.”

We’re not sure what to make of this yet, but we do know that Ron-Ron is, and always has been, an emotional guy. Taking that into account, along with the media onslaught over the Lakers recent struggles, and you have to ask the question:

Is Ron legitimately unhappy, or is he just frustrated with the current situation the Lakers find themselves in?

We expect the next couple of weeks to answer that question for us. In the meantime, check out Marc Stein’s entire piece on the Artest situation.

  • xtro

    Trade him for Tyshaun Prince if he REALLY wants out of Los Angeles, but I doubt it.

    • More Cookies 4 Kob

      Tyshaun? Try Shane Battier if you want a lock-down SF defender who can hit wide open 3’s

  • Lakerso0828

    this Team is Falling apart

    • mike


  • Boston Sucks

    Lakers need to go after Gerald Wallace. It will be expensive.

    • king-manu

      it would be great! but wont happen….

  • Tyler

    Meh. Ron Ron changes his mind all the time. But seriously…what is this team doing…do they need this much media attention to put forth an effort ….

  • Mark

    If he wants out… trade him for ARIZA!!!!

  • daboss1848

    Bye bye Ron take Luke with you, you won’t be missed. U can’t even hit a wide open shot

    • dabοss1848

      nice hack^

      • daboss1848

        lol hack calling out hack

        • dabοss1848

          There’s three types:

          (the real)
          (the half – who speaks rationally at times)
          (and the extreme – where it is very easy to discern it’s hack)

          • daboss1848

            rofl – which one impressed me?

          • dabοss1848

            Mr. Cool comment came from the half. Response from the real.

        • daboss1848

          im just happy u keeping everything in check for me. good looking out as u kids say.

          • dabοss1848

            only beef: why assume “kid” is behind this.

            This is during school hours, right?

          • daboss1848

            lol figure of speech – condescension not intended.

    • cseal

      obviously you missed game 7 (stick)

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  • LANative

    with all this grim news. news about what smush is doing nowadays will pick you up


    • Mike

      haha damn he’s really fat now… if shaq were a point guard it would be smush parker (stature wise, not talent).

  • Inverse

    Anyone can see this coming. ROn ron’s “slow” brother has recently been tweeting his great dislike for kobe, saying he’d even knock him out lol. Obviously ron’s upset and wants out, and if thats the case, gotta let him go. I love ron, but he just isnt producing.

  • mr.laker19

    Ron is on the block. Its alot of guys id take over him right now

  • Nick

    Ya its called u fucking suck and Pierce shit on u all day Sunday. Go see your therapist and ask him what 2 do about that. Better yet ask him what to do when Pall Pierce AKA The King of L.A AKA The Truth AKA The Boa Constricter shits on u and ur slavemaster Kobe Bean. U are a bunch of fucking jizz drinkers who worship fags like Magic and Kobe. 2 fags who will no doubt die of aids one day. It was great to see Gasol at K.G’s mercy again on Sunday horrified to go within 10 feet of him. U Euro Spic homo. Go be a nurse and put ur finger up men’s asses. SO CAL PUSSIES!!!

    • big II

      This has 2 be the most ignorant comment I have seen grow up

    • lakerman34

      Celts can’t guard Kobe, and congrats, you won a regular season game.

      I guess you have reason to be cocky, seeing your 2010 championship trophy and all.

      Oh, wait a minute….

    • Odom the player

      Hey Jackass why are you always on our site?

    • Tyler

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    • Big Dan The Fag

      Why if it isn’t our little green friend “Nick the Queer” Laker Nation gracing us with his presence! What do you have for us today! Boston and LA game was over three days ago man! I’d be worried for your sake, Boston is only going to be around for possibly, and I mean POSSIBLY TWO MORE YEARS BEFORE THEY CHECK INTO THE OLD FOLKS REST HOME! Oh you guys can always trade away HALF OF YOURE TEAM TO GET ONE PLAYER LIKE YOU GUYS ALWAYS DO BEST! You guys may win it this year, but then it will be another TWENTY more years before you see another Finals Little Nicky! That’s sad!

      • Nick

        U fags cannot even come up with real names. And by the way whos ur best young player??? Rondo is 24 Perk is 26 Big Baby is 25, Avery Bradley is our scret weapon. U guys act like u are so fucking young, Kobe has bone on bone in that knee, Pau is a pussy and won’t age well. Odom ain’t that young either moron. Whos your Point guard of the future? Steve Blake Shannon? Get real we have more good young players than u do, u guys better just pray that that ball hog Kobe shares the ball and lets that little queen Odom get some shots so he doesn’t cry to the Kardashians. I’m out here in Fall River Mass chilling in 8 inches of snow, u pussies can’t handle me or Celtic Green.

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        • lakerville213

          but why are you on this site is the question…

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          • http://yahoo ccmushroom

            seriously, the truth dude needs a wheel chair if you sneeze on him fucken drama queen. Lakers are old but everyone wants to play in L.A. thats why they have only missed the playoffs 5 times in there existence. so Kobe getting old opens the door for guys like Durant and Howard and you know they dream of playing there enjoy it while lasts. We still have a better team then you. to be the man you gotta beat the man and the lakers are the team to beat whetther you like it or not

          • http://TheLakerNation Pretnenders not Contenders

            To bust your queer ass and lay down some truth on you. You guys think your team is so good when in reality Nick is right with all of the young player the Celts have that he just named plus the point he made about your point guard of the future. Answer his questions instead of getting mad. Like I keep telling you guys LA’s team age average is older then the Celtics

          • NBAmazkingKB24

            because he is scared of our team, and he wants to see every single move we make…

        • Jerry

          who is avery bradley???
          is he the equivalent to ammo last year i take???

          oh and shannon is better than rondo… 49% free throw ROFLAMO

        • Jon

          Nick you really need to shut the fuck up before someone finds you and knocks you the fuck out.. If u really had some balls why dnt you come down to the best city in the world (L.A) and talk your shit.. But I know you won’t because u like having that old Celtic dick rite up ur pussy u lil bitch.. U dnt know shit about bball.. Lakers tied the series last year with boston 1-1 and we still won in the finals obviously u dnt know shit about the NBA.. What really matters is who’s holding that trophy up high during the champions parade and unfortunately for you and all the haters.. that’s going to be here in the greatest basketball city.. LOS ANGELES BITCH!!! We have the best player in the game and u say he’s old and his knee is bone to bone.. That didn’t stop him from scoring 40+ on the so called great defense Boston.. Kobe can score whenever the hell he wants.. If he wanted to he could score 81pts+ on boston Dnt hate cause you wish u can live in Cali we all know everyone wants to be like us to bad u will never have the opportunity to be great like us you will always be trash and so will all those pussy ass fools that wear green and run theyre mouth.. Get the hell off this website we will always shut u up and when Boston dosent even make the finals this year u best believe we will have another nice chat.

          • cseal

            Both you assholes need to get a life. Jesus, grow up

        • Big Dan the Fag

          Nick, you didn’t read my post at all did you! YOU should be worried for the sake of the Celtics future! Let me run it down for you, Boston has thee most difficult time getting superstars to come over to play for them, LA doesn’t! Bird, McHale, Russell, Havicek, Pierce, all have been picked up in the draft, not players that came from other teams wanting to play for the Celtics. Now for LA, Chamberlain left the Warriors to play for the greatest organization which is LA, Kareem left the Bucks to come to LA, Shaq left Orlando to come to LA, Kobe refused to be drafted by Charlotte, and told them to trade him to LA or he would go to college. And now rumors are going around that Dwight Howard wants to come to LA and play for the greatest team in all of Basketball, LA! You see “Nick the Queer” EVERYBODY WANTS TO BE A LAKER PERIOD! NOT A CELTIC! Why do you think that its so hard for you guys to get players to sign for the Celtics. Garnett wanted to play along side with Kobe before being traded to Boston for HALF OF YOUR TEAM! Kobe wanted out due to conflicts with Buss, so Garnett decided to look else where! And sure enough, Boston trades their draft pick for Allen and then HALF OF THEIR TEAM FOR ONE! That’s why I think it’s sad to see this happen to you Celtic fans each decade. It’s only going to get worse for you all. Lakers are one title away from tying your Celtics, and two from surpassing them in most titles ever! Good luck “Nick the Queer” for yoursake, I really hope they do win it this year because it will be possibly ANOTHER TWENTY MORE YEARS FOR THE CELTICS TO WIN ANOTHER TITLE. Enjoy the Celtics LAST STAND BUDDY!

        • Carlitos1303

          I guess if the he (The “Truth”) is your man then uh, guess that makes u um, what? His bitch?

        • cseal

          get a life asshole, AND a team

      • http://TheLakerNation Pretnenders not Contenders

        Hey you ignorant west coast fag when are you and the rest of your left coast fag friends gonna look up the stat. Tha LA Fags team age average is higher then the Celtics you homo.

        • daboss1848

          whats a pretnender?

        • JoeMama

          “pretnenders?” learn how to spell foooool.

        • lol

          It doesnt matter what the average age is. It matters what the average age of the core players are. I believe Kobe, Pau, Bynum, and Odom are younger than Pierce, Garnett, Allen, and rondo, right?

        • BIG DAN THE FAG

          I think this guy “Pretnenders not Contenders” is our good friend “Big Dan the Fag” changing his name like we woundn’t noticed! You’re such a Fag! I just have one thing to say to you, and you’re little queer friend Nicky, ENJOY THE CELTICS LAST STAND!

    • JoeMama

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  • lakerman34

    I don’t see this as “falling apart.” He wants out, then let him out. Simple as that. There are a lot of guys that would love to be in the purple and gold. It’s just a matter of who we can package with Ron Ron to make an appealing trade. Throw in Brown, Caracter, and Blake, and see if we can get a starting SF and a solid backup PG/SG (Gerald Wallace and DJ Augustin)?

    • king-manu

      that would be a so great…but gerald is allways injured! and we allready have bynum…

  • http://thelakersnation maxkb

    Let’s dream melo and nene =artes and bynum



      • David

        Or, Ron, Bynum and Luke

        • SHOWTIME4EVA

          Yeah but they ain’t gonna take Luke his contract has 4 years left or three or whatever too long anyway.

  • Mansa

    People need to realize why Ron is frustrated. I don’t car how much he says he doesn’t need the ball, but he does. How long do you think a player will bewilling to play lockdwon defense and not get any opportunities on offense. Ron is an capable scorer and the team doesn’t put him in any positions to be successful. Put him on the block, try giving him more minutes with the secoond unit, but do something. Its on Ron to take advantage of opportunities, but its also on Phil as thecoach and Kobe as the leader. Ron is not Bruce Bowen or Raja Bell, he’s a capabale player on both sides of the ball. YOu can’t play hard on D then take only 5 damn shots in a game. That’s why he jacks up shots somtimes, just so he can at least attempt to contribute besides throwing up threes. I’ve been very frustrated with Ron this year, but he is not the only one at fault. The team needs to put him in a position to help, otherwise he’s useless out there. And before anyone says it, moving him to the bench in favor of Barnes is not the answer.

    • DCLakeshow

      The problem is, Ron isn’t producing on either end of the floor. The only top notch player that he gives fits to, is Kevin Durant, and he’s still averaging about 27-28 points against us…but with high volume shooting. Ron isn’t as agile as he once was, doesn’t have the quick hands and offensively, he settles for the 3 way to often…and is not knocking it down. Listen…Ron’s not the sole reason for this teams recent play…but he’s certainly not helping.

      • Mansa

        I agree that Ron is not helping, but all I’m saying is that the team need to work harder to get him going. Just passing him the ball at the three point line is not working. Post him up in the triangle at times. He’s being forced to settle for offensive scraps.

  • UK

    Offer this trade: Bynum, Fisher and Artest for John Wall. It’s time to be a quick finesse team again:
    Blake, Brown and others coming off the bench.

    • LakersFirst

      I know you’re thinking with your Laker heart, but there is NO WAY that Washington trades John Wall. He’s only their franchise player and is only 20 years old.

      • david lee

        lakers suck all bout HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • JohnB

      Literally probably the dumbest trade I have heard on here. First it doesn’t even work financially, Fisher makes more money than Wall. He’s not even that good right now either. Back to Ron, he’s probably not going to be traded because no one wants a mediocre player at this point in his career for the money he is owed. If only the Lakers can somehow work into the Melo drama?

    • atlfan

      Uh no! If you’re going to go after a young player, at least get a consistent one. How many points did he score last night?

  • juanv

    I think the lakers will make a big mistake by trading ron they just need to keep feeding him the ball he is a good scorer he can post up any 2 or 3 in the league but they don’t put him in the correct position. They need to get rid of lukes sorry ass

    • Mansa

      My sentiments exactly

  • Kobe 279

    A lot of people are saying trade Bynum and put Gasol at center not a good move at all unless we get a good center.

  • David

    Trade for the guy we should have never let go in the first place…..Ariza

  • big4+perk

    RONDO RONDO RONDO. why do the dumb ass lakers keep putting Fisher on Ray Allen and Kobe on Rondo?? Let the guys cover their respective positions. Not like Kobe can do shit anyways did u guys see what Rondo did in the Finals and this past Sunday?? Question for all u L.A losers, who would u rather start your team with your best young player Bynum…. or our best young player Rondo?

    • rayray

      Bynum has more championships then Rondo, so I start Bynum.
      Can u argue that?
      hell Adam Morrison has mor championships than rondo ahhahahahaha faggot

    • Kings of the West

      What Rondo did in the Finals? he did something? Ok, it seems that whatever rondo did, didn’t help XD

      • 242LakerFan

        Sure, didn’t you see what he did? He LOST!!

  • M1ke

    Now it’s being reported by Stephen A. Smith and his sources that Ron Artest has a “beef” with Kobe Bryant and doesn’t like him. Reportedly, he just wants to “make movies, be on shows, make guest appearences on shows and movies”. Podcenter ESPN Radio. What do you guys think about this?

  • MR.Buss
  • awesomerob24

    Give up Ron,Luke, e Banks, Character and draft picks for CARMELO ANTHONY!!

    • atlfan

      Are you high? If he gets an injury, what are you going to do? Play Kobe to death?

      • awesomerob24

        he wont get injured!!!

  • lakers4life

    Trade Ron Artest sorry ass ……… the reason why he wants out of LA cuz he knew his going to get traded haha soo he made a comment that he wants out nice Ron Artest now join celtics Bitch .. pluse he dont care about lakers cuz he already have what he wants a RIng…Trade is ass and put matt barnes on the line up with steve blake ….

    steve blake
    kobe bryant
    matt barnes
    lamer odom
    pau gasol

  • kev

    lakers should trade
    bynum for nene
    artest for carmelo
    brown for jr smith

  • maxkobe

    brown for jr smith ??????????? no way

    • kev

      yea he will give us that spark off the bench and hes a better shooter then shannon and he brings tuffness something shannon dont got

  • not6not7not8not9


  • Drive-for-17th


    • Gugy

      My take too.
      Drama sells so the media will feed on it as long as it can.

  • noms
  • ilikebasketball

    maybe this is why he’s played sluggish. not having fun.

    i think this would be good for us.
    get someone younger,

    can we get curry for artest and Blake???

  • NICK

    LMAO I love how I’ve got u guys all fucked up and posting messages as me! U are falling right into my trap that I’VE set. I’ve invaded CELTICNation and now I run this shit. HEY DANNY AINGE HOW DOES THAT BIRD SHIT PIERCE DROPPED ON UR HEAD FEEL?

  • Inverse

  • CountBogdan

    This is going to blow over in a week. Ron doesn’t really want to be traded. And there’s really no team that would take the remaining 3 1/2 years of his contract. They’ll just have to work with him and hope he starts playing better in the post. It will be up to Pau and Kobe to give him more easy looks closer to the basket. Because otherwise he looks totally out of control when he drives to the basket.

  • christ

    I knew Marc Stein is full if shiiit!

    • SteinisFullofBS

      I was taken aback when I first saw the article… then I saw who wrote and and the “source” and immediately knew it had no merit. ESPN is hungry for page views, so they make up stories… especially this sad-excuse-for-a-“reporter” Marc Stein. I enjoy how he adamantly defends his bogus report in lieu of Ron’s and Ron’s Agent’s denial. He seriously needs to give this BS report up, cause it’s dangerous… especially for the unstable, and media-sensitive Ron Artest.

  • juanv

    Who r these faggot celtic fans on the laker nation they act like they won the championship last year even on NBA tv everybody praising the Celtics like if they are the defendin champs they have one freakin title we just one back to back and the media treats the makers like they r the timberwolves. At first I wanted Boston to win the east but I am sick of these faggots I hope Miami drills them in the playoffs so all these old bastards can retire already.

    • TheLAKERSwon09

      The media hates the lakers and always has hated the lakers. Fuck the celtics… Celtic fans are just wanna be NBA fans that jump on the laker hater’s ban wagon. May they all Burn in hell.

  • Gugy

    Too much crap flying around the media.
    Maybe that’s what will take to make this Lakers squad wake up and play with fire and effort.
    Let’s beat SA well and send a message to the haters out there.
    Go Lakers!

  • Inverse
    • Big OT

      To me that isn’t that good of a trade Igudala isn’t that good of a player he does a few things here and there but nothing exceptionally well and there’s no way that Phil would play grevis vasquez as he is not up to the talent level or experience level as the rest of the starters

  • Big OT

    To me I feel that Ron Artest still brings that same sense of toughness, he brings this don’t mess with the lakers type of mentality that we wouldn’t get from probably any other player in the league.

    In 2008 the Celtics were flatout tougher than us we just got tossed around and lost with Ron we were able to win that Championship with the toughness that he provided he didn’t let our guys get pushed around and stood up for not only himself but guys like Lamar, Pau and everyone else.

    Even though Shane Battier is as good a defender as Ron he is nowhere near as tough leaving him susceptible to players like Paul Pierce or Kevin Garnett whereas Ron would be able to handle himself with ease.

  • DCLakeshow

    I hate to stir up more controversy, but is it just me, or does Ron’s latest comments SCREAM sarcasm.
    “The greatest player in the history of the game”
    “playing with all-stars”
    “I don’t have a problem with looking bad on the court”

    I don’t know… Maybe he truly means every last word, but it wouldn’t have shocked me if there were a lil wink in his eye when he said it.

  • mike

    Who really cares what Ron Ron wants? There are actually some really good options to replace him with all of his missed shots and sloppy offense. The real problem is that big bum #17! We need someone who is consistent and healthy. Sometimes i wonder if #17’s head is in the game? does he understand the fundamentals of basketball?