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Yet another trade scenario, are you keeping up?

According to Sam Amick, from Sports Illustrated, the Houston Rockets are trying to get in a three-way deal with the Lakers and Hornets:

League sources say the Houston [Rockets have] been trying to put together a three-team deal with the Lakers and New Orleans in which Paul goes to LA.

It has been reported that the Rockets have been active in getting a big man. As they met with free agent center Tyson Chandler on Monday.

Pau Gasol would fulfill the need for an inside presence. In return it is assumed the Rockets would then trade some of their young, up and coming, players to the Hornets. Possible names include: Kevin Martin, and Luis Scola.

This would fall in line with a recent Adrian Wojnarowski tweet stating: “The Lakers are trying to do a deal for Chris Paul that will allow them to keep Andrew Bymum, front office source says.”