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The Chris Paul trade may be in jeporady.

According to Yahoo! Sports, Adrian Wojnarowski, NBA owners were irate that the (NBA owned) New Orleans Hornets agreed to this deal. According to a source the NBA has killed the potential three-team swap:

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Stay Tuned to for updates on this on-going situation.

  • BlackMamba_Beto

    WTF Mate

    • Willod212

      so is there n chance this happens

  • Stephen_wright4

    this is total crap..when MIAMI got chris bosh Lebron James and Dwayne Wade Together no one tried to pull the plug…

    • Guest


    • Jon Eric Gonzales

      I hating this just as much as you but 1) the NBA doesn’t own the Miami Heat; 2) Lebron and Bosh were free agents and were involved in a sign and trade; 3) NBA owners and the NBA just killed the New Orleans Hornets because instead of getting something they get nothing when Chris Paul leaves their sorry behinds 

  • Willsolorzano13

    I’m a Heat fan but that’s just messed up. David Stern man up don’t let the owners tell you what to do

  • Andrew Centeno

    There is a difference…..Cleveland is owned by someone, NO is not. As a Knick fan, I wanted anyone but the Celtics and Heat to get him. Eventually he’s go to you guys.
    That was a fair deal: NO got Odom, Scola, and Martin

  • Sdadas

    THis is so dumb!


    We didn’t see this bunch crying about Garnett to the Celts. They didn’t cry about LeBron going to Miami, but when it comes to the Lakers they stop the trade. What a steaming pile…

  • Birdman

    Who cares what players lakers get. They arent going anywhere as long as 30% shooting , 1 assists useless dead weight kobitch is on the team

    • BlackMamba_Beto


    • Cook88gh

      hey birdman eat a dick ….and say something with some knowledge instead of hating on the mamba ….fcn birdman, reminds me of a player i hate .

    • Michael A. Robson

      You’re right, the Lakers need some shooting guards/small forw— wait, WTF?

  • Mrspiky8


  • Mike Conley

    that’s ridiculous.  Lakers are giving up 1 all-star and 1 near all star.  Between the two of them, they avg’d 32 ppg and 19 rpg last season.  How is this not a fair trade by any standard? 

    • Andrew Centeno

      He wanted to do the deal. It was the small market owners that pushed this to be cancelled: Blame Sacramento, Phoenix, etc.

  • Blah_die_davidSTERN

    the nba is anti-lakers…why did they let this happen to miam last year? die david stern

  • Andrew Centeno

    guys you are going to get him. Don’t worry. 

    The reason the owners did this was because the team has no owner!

    My knicks have nothing to trade for him. The danger for you guys is if the NBA forces him to stay there. Then he’ll probably sign with the Knicks.

    • Random

      That is exactly what they are doing.The Knicks will get him because Stern blocked this trade. 



    • Andrew Centeno

      He wanted to do the deal. It was the small market owners that pushed this to be cancelled: Blame Sacramento, Phoenix, etc.

  • Ratmono Reach

    Garbage!!!! no one has the right to force a team to not be able to do what they want with their players!!! I might have to boycott this season and just watch Hockey!!!

    • Andrew Centeno

      The can when the NBA owns the Hornets. Relax, you will get him.

  • Gearhartej

    everyone stop crying! The hornets are owned by the NBA!! there were complaints last season about a useless trade so this has been going on. No team should be allowed to make a trade if they don’t have an owner!

    • Andrew Centeno

      You are correct. Now the problem is who is going to buy the Hornets when they know Chris Paul is leaving.

    • Leesratchandthe

      What if the trade makes them better? How’d the deal almost cone to fruition if somebody who the NBA put in place didn’t allow it? Then David Stern? Who hired him anyway? He thinks he saved the NBA and yearly all I see is him trying to ruin the league.

      • Aaron

        I actually believe the Hornets got the most benefit out of this deal. I believe it was a precursor for the Lakers to get Howard but that is not a given. This deal would have made the Hornets exponentially better, therefore attractive to a new owner. The Lakers are taking a chance here believe it or not. Paul could sign with anybody at the end of the season as well as Howard. How does it look if the NBA lets the Hornets lose their best player without anything in return. Silly.

    • JJsquizz

      It seems to me that you and Andrew Centeno are being level headed. That was the argument I had with friends. As soon as they get an owner, they will be able to do basically what they want as far as the trade goes.

  • 123kid

    the NBA is a bunch of player haters. Might as well be the NBA vs. the Lakers or something, cuz everyone else is just jealous. 

    • Andrew Centeno

      Relax. The NBA owns the team. Let the Hornets to get an owner.

  • #davidsternsucks

    WHAT THE FUCK… the miami heat can get chris bosch, d wade and bron but we cant get cp3 THIS IS GARBAGE

    • Andrew Centeno

      Those three were Unrestricted Free Agents.

      • #davidsternsucks

        but still, they cant just deny a trade because the lakers are too good

      • DIE_STERN

         didnt htey had a sign and trade for lebron? moron

        • William Crisolo

          No moron. The Cavs got no compensation from the Heat when LeBron signed with them. There was no sign and trade. 

    • Klineses

      thank you shit bs always happens like this 

  • els92

    Call me crazy, but as a Laker fan, I’m glad the deal was blocked. Why would you give up two seven footers for a guy who’s barely six feet tall, regardless of his talent? Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom have done so much for LA. The Lakers’ advantage was their SIZE. They essentially have three seven footers with Pau, Lamar, and Andrew. To me, giving up two of them is way too much, even for arguably the best pg in the league.

    • Dsax909

      yah………but if this happened, how much more will the league be pissed if we get D-Howard?  They’re gonna decline that trade too, damn bastards!!!

    • Fuckstern

      YOU’RE FUCKING CRAZY. there would have been more trades. yeah we have three seven footers, but we did last season and we fuckin went NOWHERE. fuck david stern. fuckin jew.

    • J Garay850

      The Lakers last season, in case you forgot, were swept in 4 by Dallas. We all saw how
      good Gasoft played and  Odom with his no show. Not to metion Bynum.
      The Lakers need to focus on the future and the will need to start with one of the best guard in the
      NBA CP3 since  Fisher has one foot out the door and Blake at best is nothing but a 3rd string point guard. Teams like the Thunder & Memphis are not going anywhere.

  • Thomasallston

    he’s going to the lakers 

  • 123kid


  • twonesix


  • Sz

    No worries. NBA doesnt own Orlando… they cant decide what they do

  • bigpapa

    League is trying to kill this deal, cause it’s the LAKERS…


      nba is anti-lakers. i dnt know why but the lakers organization is the main reason why this fuck-up league came to be known as the nba.. lakers dynasty made the nba

  • benlakersforlife

    so the heat get bosh, lebron, and wade, and we can’t have chris paul? They’re killing the trade just because the lakers are the lakers. They were smart about their marketing and deserve this trade. If every team involving the trade agreed, then why do other team owners have any say in this? mark cuban the dallas mavericks owner is the one that complained? wtf… and if david stern won’t let us have chris paul then how are we going to get dwight howard? man, were being punished just because were the lakers… BS

    • ilikebasketball

       the heat stupidity is why stern is doing this.
      to prevent dumb ass lopsided teams like that!


    • William Crisolo

      The heat got Lebron and Bosh through FREE AGENCY. They can sign wherever they pleased. They could have all gone to Utah if they wanted to. Why do people keep mentioning Miami like if they did something wrong?

  • firedavidstern

    Fire David Stern

  • J Garay850

    The NBA owners approve the trade that sent James to Miami but turned down the proposed
    trade of CP3 to LA. The are all full of it. Is pop a head of the committe to stop all trade that
    go thru LA?

    • ilikebasketball

      the miami crap is why they stopped it!

    • shady

      the thing is, lebron wasn’t traded to miami. but other than that, i too am disappointed.

  • Nate Mcmillian

    Well if it is true that this deal has in fact been iced I know a lot of you are happy. I say that because the mass majority of you seem to be Odom worshipers. Lamar Odumb has plagued the team long enough it is time for him to go on his way. The team needs changes to be made in order to compete again unless you guys are content with teams bringing out the brooms in the playoffs assuming we make it that far.    

    • Michael A. Robson

      And who has the Lakers swept .. um… refresh my memory? Didn’t we get smoked in the playoffs by….longtime Bridesmaid Dallas?

  • Diggy

    NBA owns the Hornets. They cant block trades from any other team. Is that hard to understand????

    • Michael A. Robson

      Exactly. I’m surprised most people on here, diehard Laker fans, didn’t know this. Stern blocked this deal because it would devastate the Hornets as a franchise.

  • sully

    Undeniable now Stern is the small market owner’s bitch boy and that is the real conflict of interest.
    What deal did these crybaby owners offer for Paul before they got their panties in a wad. This is collusion between these owners and Little David Bitch Boy Stern to stop the best deal on the table for CP3. 

  • Redondotim2

    i dont know why the nba owners are so upset at the cp3 deal, most ppl i talk to here in LA think that we gave up too much. this whole CBA has been about controlling the lakers dynasty.

    • ilikebasketball

       it does seem we gave up a lot for that deal.

      but i think they were probably scared of us getting howard.
      which wwould’ve been dumb.

  • ilikebasketball

    AARON BROOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and we can keep gasol and odom!!!!!!!!!

    that’s all we need!!!!!!

    goddamn it!

  • xhoopsvibe

    Wow! this just pisses me off! Bosh and James can be traded to Miami, but Lakers can’t trade for CP3. I swear the league just wants Lebron to win.

    • ilikebasketball

       the heat showed them how wrong and stupid that sort of stuff is.

    • William Crisolo

      Weren’t Bosh and Lebron free agents? How were they traded away if they had no contracts from their teams? Your intelligence just pisses me off!

      • getCP3

        both lebron and bosh were sign and trades, learn your shit before talking down to someone. your stupidity pisses me off.

  • Mlkg721

    Now we have to deal with the two most emotionally soft players in the league coming back to our team after knowing they were going to be traded…..our season is now over before it started…smh

  • J.dizzle

    You know the worst part about this. Pau and Odom are the most mentally soft players on the team. This is probably gonna make them extra butthurt & chemistry might be even worse than last seasons playoffs. Stern is joke, he’s doing his best job to make the league look very bad. Kupchak must be furious. Now he has to deal with 2 players that probably feel somewhat betrayed but they gotta understand its a business. Cp3 would of done a lot of good things for LA and more moves would of happened if he was signed. Pau & LO are in their 30’s, they arent gonna be good for that much longer.

  • J Garay850

    I’m  glad that Gasoft and Odom know how the Laker brass feels about their production or lack of.
    Going down in 4 by Dallas should have send a message to them about shit or get off the pot.
    I hope David Stern get’s a heart attack in Maimi and Cuban taken hostage and taken to Cuba.
    He was one of the owners that cried like a baby yet he is able to sign any player he wishes.
    If that not a crock of shit then nothing is. I hope someone in the league will see this as it is.
    It will be very interesting to see how the other NBA trades pan out and see if the NBA will
    cancel any other trades. 

  • Frankee_Gee

    WTF , This is flat out wrong!!! WHO DA F**K iz stern?  Sorry Ass Excuse…”Basketball Reasons”…b*tch do better then that…how bout you admit to LAKER HATING Reasons.

    LAKE SHOW on HOLD NOW…thanks sTERD

    • Michael A. Robson

      Oops. I guess we should have seen this coming. DStern owns an NBA team and now has a conflict of interests?

    • mike

      dude, it’s the owners that plugged it. stern is the nba and they approved it. not sure ur where ur beef w stern is

  • Kevin

    Is there a website that we can have people sign in to boycott the nba for this shit?

  • J Botello
  • Jay-v

    “In the end, David didn’t like that the players were dictating where
    they wanted to go. He wasn’t going to let Chris Paul dictate where he
    wanted to go.”He’s gonna end up on 1 of his short list of teams whether it happens now, mid-season or during free agency. Lakers had the best offer on the table! Especially considering no other team was willing to give up much knowing he would not sign an extension with them. So why not take the best offer you can possible get?

  • dMac43

    D.Gilbert still sour bout losing Lbron..

  • matt_UMWestern

    the NBA is officially rigged to keep small market teams relevant. To any small market fans reading this complain at your terrible owners for not giving players an extension and putting players around them to win a championship. Like Dan Gilbert in Cleveland. ITS YOUR FAULT LeBRON LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GIVE IT UP! He gave you 7 years to get players to win and you FAILED miserably. Now the league punishes Chris Paul for wanting to go somewhere to win. You might as well take the superstars from Heat, Celtics, Thunder, Knicks and Lakers and distribute the  all them evenly to every team. Thats basically what the league is trying to do here.

  • lakergang1112

    continue to pursue cp3 with bynum instead of odom and gasol. it makes the most sense considering dwight wants to leave for the nets

  • kobe24venom

    heard that gasols agent was the one who rallied the owners to complain to stern because pau didn’t want to go and play center in houston……

  • Anonymous

    Dear Dan Gilbert you are fcking idiot, first off, Lebron left because you didn’t give him quality players, you thought he could it by himself, in this new age of NBA nobody can win a title by himself nobody, second is your fault and fault only for not spending on your team, is not NY, Boston, Dallas, Miami or LA’s fault that you bought a team in small market you knew that coming in and now you can’t deal with it? and you had to go cry like a girlfriend without a man to Stern, what a pussy you are,  I hope the Lakers sue the league because of this and talks are coming in that both Chris Paul and the Lakers will sue, this was a trade that benefited New Orleans big time, they got very good quality players, we lost 2 all stars and we got one and lost height in the process, so were is this not a good trade for a small market team? But I guess when the lakers share their revenue with your team you won’t say anything because bottom line is if it wasn’t for LA, NY, Boston, MIami or Dallas your team would not exist, I guess it’s good to be a hypocrite……

    • William Crisolo

      “WE lost two all starts and WE got one…” 

      I didn’t know you were apart of the Lakers organization.

  • Anonymous

    So I’m reading this and this is just ridiculous

    “Hornets had scored a terrific deal for Paul, a trade that was lauded by some of Demps’ peers throughout the league. Officials involved in the trade talks said the league office was consulted throughout the negotiations, and there was never an indication Demps didn’t have the power to make a deal. In fact, several teams negotiating with New Orleans to get Paul asked the league office and were told Demps had full authority to execute a trade.

    As one rival executive with strong ties to the league office said, “Stern cared about two things: selling that franchise for the best possible price and showing the players that they weren’t going to dictate where teams could trade them. But now, there’s no way that the league can allow Chris Paul to be traded at all; otherwise, Stern is basically deciding where one of the top players in the league is going versus having any fair process.”;_ylt=AjmpO38fjO33593.ZQJ7.I85nYcB?slug=aw-wojnarowski_chris_paul_lakers_hornets_nba_120811

  • Kobe
  • Tahitiman7

    Basket ball reasons!!!!!! The league is a joke. Problem is they know it and don’t give a sht. They know damn well what they are doing. It was killed for BASKETBALL REASONS!!!???? What the hell does that mean? Screw you. That’s what it means. Screw the Lakers…. Damn it…. They keep winning. I used to have that done to me at my job…. number one all the time in sales…”you know what the sissy manager did…. killed my deals to help the little sissy’s win…. TRUE STORY. He was tired of me winning and having my name on the board as salesperson of the year. He said it’s not fair…. you know all the main players in this industry. Wanna know why….. I worked at it. So i’m supposed to feel sorry for the weak dump as…..s’s Give me a break. I was going to email him and say Hey Brian…..The NBA is doing what you did….. Weakening the Strong to make the weak stronger!!!! The league does what they want. So did he. His company is failing by the way!!!! They can say what they want stupid or not…. because they own the league and Brian was president of his company.
    This is what manipulating people do. Abuse their power. I don’t know who is more of a Dork Dan Gilbert or Stern. Gilbert is just a plain joke. Freeze to death or something over there. And make it snappy. 
     I’m not watching basketball anymore if this is what it’s coming to. Trying to kill the Lakers Dynasty….What a bunch of sissy’s. I can ‘t say that enough. I have never seen anything like this. I thought my boss was the only one that would stoop that LOW. Boy was I wrong. I’ll just move to Russia. Why don’t we just all move to Iraq and live under a dictatorship!!!  Stern pathetic and you need to lose weight dumb asss. Try to at least hide your evil side…. make up something better than “Basket ball reasons”  What a Dork. Your an amazing Dork! And Dan Gilbert if you don’t like winners go jump in the lake…. it’s pretty close. I’ve been to Cleveland…. Wow…. I’d rather live in Bakersfield. I’m a competitive guy…. and I play basketball… I don’t give a sht. Bring it on. Any team you put together ….. super stars whatever…. If I lose it don’t matter. You will know you played against me. You bunch of sissy’s that say the Lakers are not playing fair … oh it’s not fair. WAAAAH!!! make me sick. Now the league is crying like little Bi…chs!  People see what your doing stern and it ain’t good… Not for anyone …. and not for basketball dork. Better do the right thing stern and quit feeling sorry for stupid weak people like Dan Gilbert. Tell him to go play with his kids … just get out of basketball. There’s no crying in Basketball.    Quit abusing  your power…..    DO THE RIGHT THING STERN!!!    WOW can you go any lower in basketball. WOW all I can say in WOW.

  • Chadious

    I’m just curious, where on the list this David West to Boston for Jermaine Oneal falls on Dan Gilberts “travesty” list.  Because if that’s not lopsided, then I’ve been living under a rock my entire life.

    He complains about NOLA getting Odom, Scola, KMart, and a ton of pics, but an ancient Jermaine Oneal is okay?  Are you freakin kidding me?  What in the world is happening right now.

    I’m literally waiting for Ashton Kutcher to pop out of David Stern’s ass to tell us all we’ve been punk’d!

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