There’s still no official word on the Shawn Marion-for-Lamar Odom swap detailed on Tuesday. Marion told me he wants the deal to go down, and he sounded genuinely excited about the possibility of changing scenery. Marion also said he spoke with Kobe Bryant over the weekend and was left with the impression that Bryant supported the trade.

The Lakers, of course, need to appease Bryant. Bryant’s angry tirade in May about the Lakers’ inability to surround him with more talent became a major story of the offseason. The Lakers haven’t done much to improve their roster this summer, and while it could be argued that swapping Marion for Odom wouldn’t lead to significant improvement, it would at least be a change. And the Lakers need a change. If the Lakers are convinced Bryant wants this trade to happen, they’d be foolish not to pursue it.

So what’s the holdup? The deal was presented last week, giving the Lakers and Suns plenty of time to evaluate it.

As I said, there has been no official word. But a source close to the Suns says the Lakers are grappling with the same misgiving Phoenix has expressed: They’re wary of giving Marion an extension, which could cost in the area of $65 million over three years. If L.A. traded for Marion without extending his contract, Marion could opt out next summer and hit the free-agent market. The Lakers still could re-sign him then, but the team might not want to run the risk of giving up Odom, its second most important asset, only to watch Marion leave after one season.

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  • SILO

    Well the contract is a very heavy load on the lakers especially for free agency,considering if JO opts out, he can take the mle.

    As for marion, the contract extension should probably vary on this season, assuming he does get traded to the lakers.

    There is always the option of a sign and trade if marion opts and the lakers dont want to extend him.

    other case is that also gilbert arenas is also becoming a free agent.

    getting rid of marion would open up cap space to sign a great free agent like agent zero. Though i doubt him and kobe can share the ball, like Baron Davis and Jo could.

    as far as anything goes, this season is all that matters. if the trade for Marion does excel the team to a high level, then it might not be so hard to say, “give the man his money”. if its the same season as last season then will, you know.

    After all this is all about kobe still. to appease his needs and make him happy.

    if this is what he wants, then give it to him. after all who would know his team better than him on the court?

    if it dont work out? what do you have to say now, kobe?

    I guess the Matrix will have to wait to be released into the staples center.

    but lets hope for one thing, if he come.

    Pray, he is not like the movies.

    Classic first movie. Sequels suck!

    Hopefully he will be truly a blockbuster.

  • kb24mvp

    isay give him 4yrs 65-70mil he will crack like KG he got an extension at what he was being paid now,marion needs to know that KOBE…KOBE…KOBE! makes 19mil(THATS IT CRAZY)he does not deserve more than KB24,he is slightly overpaid at what he is now but i say give him 4yrs 65-70mil that is someone made a good point we car gonna have to dish out an extension to odom and he is gonna want a lil less so you might as well get a guy who would compliment KOBE better, because thats all that really matters here and this will be what the 6th guy kobe has ben opting for. effing mitch get this done,just like JO this is falling into ur lap wake the fuk up mitch and jerry write off on this so we can do it.
    c-bynum/kwame/turner or brown
    pf-marion/turiaf/cook(trade sasha w/LO)webber

  • Michael_23

    Give Phoenix Bynum and Kwame since they lost Kurt Thomas.

  • Lakers2410

    Man! I don’t see any reason why Marion can’t just sign the extension to the Suns( or maybe to Lakers if he goes over here), then get traded to the Lakers for Odom! I don’t want this to end like JO, or KG, or Artest (actually, I really don’t know what happened to Artest moving to the Lakers, nor any team.), and pretty much every single opportunity they had of getting a guy whom could help the Lakers! Mitch, Jerry & Jim Buss, MAKE THE TRADE TO GET SHAWN MARION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tim-4-Show

    There’s no room for fear here.

    First, Kobe is contracted with us for only two more seasons, this one and next. That’s it. He’s gone after that, UNLESS we show some good faith (which we have NOT done in 3 seasons so far).

    That element of fear, the element of risk exists no matter what we do or don’t do.

    Second, all these stars have signed for less once they’re traded. Shaq did it. KG did it. Also, if Marion was worth 20 million, all sorts of teams would have been knocking on Phoenix’ door trying to get him this summer since they knew he was on the block. Teams would be tripping themselves to get him. He’s NOT WORTH IT. That means there’s a lot less risk in some team (who would have to be UNDER the cap) offering him a huge contract like that!

    Finally, but certainly not least… the marketability of a franchise player in Los Angeles is potentially worth several million a year for that player. Kobe makes a lot in endorsements, and the Colorado thing cut his endorsements in half back then. If the Matrix shows up and actually plays like an all-star and someone who has a realistic chance at making the kind of money he’s talking, then the corporate sponsors will be lining up to sign him. This means he potentially can make a lot more money in LA than in Phoenix from venues other than basketball… that *does* equate to a lower pay requirement from the Lakers, since a lower salary would be offset by other income that he otherwise wouldn’t get.

    These are things that Mitch and Dr. Buss can help with.

    Check your fear at the door and have some confidence in YOURSELF fellas. If you’re fearful of him leaving the Lakers, ask yourself why… is it because he too won’t trust you?? If that’s the case, then sell the team, and sell it NOW.

  • einyo

    I say so it. It’s a change and Marion will be more agressive. YOU CAN DO IT!

  • Mien

    daaaaamn…BYNUM LOOKS GOOD. check out bynums new video around the facility


    [quote comment=”13809″]daaaaamn…BYNUM LOOKS GOOD. check out bynums new video around the facility


    He was duckin on a bunch of short white people. he better look good against them. it reminded me of shaq in that blue chips movie when he was scouted by nolte when he was dunkin on all those small people.

    lets see how he does against real talent first

  • Michael_23

    Hi Mien and Laker fans,

    I clicked on the link above and checked out Bynum’s workout video. I’ve watched it over and over about 5 times. Man, I just don’t buy it, he’s playing around a lot of smaller guys and doesn’t look that aggressive. He still seems passive. He says he’s confident put lets put him in against a starting center or power forward in the NBA. Let’s see what happens.

  • lakerfan81

    If you make the trade (I’m not sold on it being a good trade yet), you hold out on the extension until you see how the team does. If it works out you give him a reasonable extension (13-15M) per. If it doesn’t you let him go as a FA take the cap space along with the Kwame coming of the books and cooks salary in the trade (if he is included, I would make them take him). That would give the lakers roughly 15M to work with next offseason.

  • foxxy


  • Tim-4-Show

    I too watched the Bynum video, thank you for posting it. I didn’t really see much on it. In fact, for a “hightlight” video, it’s horrible. There’s a clip on there where Bynum doesn’t box out or fight for the rebound on the outside jumper (of course the j does go in though), there’s a clip where he reposts after the double team, and he goes left towards the middle and throws up some garbage that hits the lower right rim (why this clip is on a highlight, I couldn’t tell you). The stuff early in the video is the better, but still, I see him on the right side and he turns around baseline and shoots into the rim from a few feet out, I was actually dismayed he didn’t use glass there, because the shot as it was required his soft touch to rim in. I couldn’t make much sense of what happened on the dunk, I think it was a transition play.

    In conclusion, there really isn’t much here. If this is the Lakers idea of a highlight video then I’m getting the idea that they’re throwing us a bunch of propaganda. If they need to do that, then I’m feeling like our days are numbered.

    I was also disheartend by his comments of spending 6 weeks in Atlanta. Though this probably was good for him in working out with weights and refreshing his mental state, he really needed a serious off season given what we have riding on him this season (which is pretty much our entire future).

  • fatty


    lol – I did the same thing. It was really hard to see him. One thing I noticed was Bynum dribbling once several times with his back to the basket, not being able to get a shot off, then giving up and passing out. (was waiting for the sky hook that never came)

    He wasn’t even doubled.

    That being said, Luke and Mihm are singing his praises, so I can’t wait to see Bynum in real action in two weeks.

  • Tim-4-Show

    At first I was disheartend about his comments regarding Atlanta. Then I read the other thread and what kb24mvp posted. My thinking is that Bynum, physically, will be much more of a force, and therefore we should see more of the brilliant Bynum we saw last year intead of the Bynum that fatigued quickly. However, I stick by assessment of the video, it’s overall weak. Fatty, I thought he was double teamed on that play, but still… his drive to the hoop was out of control and the ball hit the bottom of the rim when he threw up that junk. You can see in the video though, Walton cannot guard him worth a lick, in the first sequence Luke overplays him and Bynum shields him off and gets an easy hoop as a result. I’m sure Bynum will look better this year, but SKILLWISE, he has a ways to go, keep working with the Captain! Go Socks!

  • foxxy

    whoopee do!!!!

  • Shaq786

    Step One:
    Trade kwame, v.rad, sasha, 3mill in cash, ’09 second round pick …for ricky davis, juwan howard, and trenton hassell

    Step 3: Trade Trenton Hassell, Maurice, and Ronny Turaif for Ron Artest
    Step Two: get the odom and cook trade done for shawn marion… (because if he doesnt get the cotract he wants he will opt out…. which leaves us with a grip load of cap space (marion out and expiring of r.davis)…. we can sign elton brand…..than no one is going to want to pay marion what he wants to so we can sign him for a little over the cheapest offer out there)

    Step 4: Sign C-Webb


    bynum/Mihm/Larry Turner


    bynum/Mihm/Marc Gasol

  • Shaq786

    Step One: 3-way trade(LAL/Utah/PHX):

    LAL trades: kwame, v.rad, sasha, 3mill in cash, ‘09 second round pick, Maurice, and Ronny Turaif
    LAL Reacive: ricky davis, juwan howard, and Artest

    MIN trades: ricky davis, juwan howard, and t.hassell
    MIn Recieves: kwame, v.rad, sasha, 3mill in cash,and ‘09 second round pick

    SAC Trades: Artest
    SAC Recives: Hassell, maurice, and turaif

    Step Two: get the odom and cook trade done for shawn marion… (because if he doesnt get the cotract he wants he will opt out…. which leaves us with a grip load of cap space (marion out and expiring of r.davis)…. we can sign elton brand…..than no one is going to want to pay marion what he wants to so we can sign him for a little over the cheapest offer out there)

    Step 3: Sign C-Webb


    bynum/Mihm/Larry Turner


    bynum/Mihm/Marc Gasol

    *i would trade, d-fish and walton for someone

  • Shaq786

    can the mods delete my response at 10 48 am…. and this one, thanks

  • Shaq786

    ps… the 3 way is btw…LAL/MIN/SAC… sorry

    i cant wait for lakers this season!!