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According to league sources, the Lakers continue to have advanced talks with New Orleans to see if they can land Chris Paul.

The Clippers, Warriors and Celtics have all jumped into the sweepstakes. The Warriors and Celtics even willing to take the chance that Chris Paul does not sign an extension with them at the end of the season.

According to’s David Aldrridge the Lakers are still major players:

A league source involved in the discussions said late Tuesday night that the Lakers are still among the teams the New Orleans Hornets are having advanced discussions with on a potential trade of Paul, the four-time All-Star guard who is seeking a trade after spending his first six seasons in the Big Easy.

The Lakers’ potential offer would send either center Andrew Bynum or forward Pau Gasol along with forward Lamar Odom to the Hornets for Paul.

League reports are also saying that Paul would like to team up with former teammate Tyson Chandler.

Teams like the Warriors may be able to entice Paul if they can also sign Chandler who is a free-agent, and will not return to the Dallas Mavericks.



  • Bjax21

    Man, Paul is good but Bynum or Gasol and Odom good. Paul is not worth 2 of our best players, imo. I say, do what you have to do to get Howard, THEN see if you can pick up Paul.

    • Chrmnuddha

      Wtf are the lakers doing..cp is not worth both of PG or AB n LO…Dwight Howard is worth it but not CP

      • Anonymous

        I know. Depleting our front court for one back court guy makes no sense. Now if Emeka Okafor is included, it’d be at least somewhat worth it.

  • Ktran8

    we need CP.  Our point guard position compared to most the teams in the league is extremely weak.  Dfish is aging with every passing minute and lets face it he CANT keep up with other point guards in the league (cp3 was burning him last year in the playoffs) and you cant tell me blake is a sufficient point guard too. WE NEED CP!! it would be unbelievably great to have Howard but we dont entirely NEED howard, but we NEED CP.

    • Guest

      Trade two of our interior players and all we have in the middle will be Gasol or Bynum and some scrubs. No way will I do that for CP3. At least if we trade for Howard, his size will make up for DFish and Blake’s defensive mistakes.

      I would only trade one of them and a player like Blake/Barnes/Ebanks or a first round pick for Paul. Get Howard first

  • love kobe
  • love kobe forever
  • Retardforjoiningarmy

    whats the possibility of us trading bynum and odom for CP3 then picking up  tyson chandler via FA???

    • Anonymous

      I’d like that but its probably doubtful. I could see Bynum and Odom for Paul and Emeka Okafor though, not that Okafor would be great but that would keep us from becoming completely bare in the front court cubbard, so to speak.

  • Random

    People did you guys already forget we are trying to get both Howard and Paul. This is not saying we are giving up on Howard but are serious about getting both. I am sure if it comes down to it the Lakers will choose Howard. Also Paul is arguably the top point guard in the league he is worth AB or PG and LO  

  • Anonymous

    Trade Brake + Odom + Artest and next year first round Draft Pick for CP3.

  • Anonymous

    Gasol and Byrum for Howard and Turkolu

    • Retardforjoiningarmy

      u might b the dumbest person n the entire world

      • Anonymous

        no, you r mister. stop calling people name when you don’t know anything about how does trade work, mark my world this is only way lakers can get howard most expert agree,

        • Retardforjoiningarmy

          haha ya ok, the only person that would accept the trade of blake odom artest and draft pick for the best true PG n the nba (CP3) would b gary busey so keep dreaming with ur nba2k12 trade fantasies

  • Mr Laker19

    Im definitely team Howard. Do the math. How many Great PGs are in the league right now? Several. How many great centers? 1… no brainer.

    • Anonymous

      Not to mention, Dwight has been able to carry the Magic all the way to the finals, something CP3 hasn’t been able to do with the Hornets. I’d rather have a proven successful leader take ove for Kobe than CP3, as great as he is.

  • Mike Conley

    seriously, can’t go wrong with either.

    what matters most is who the Lakers are giving up.  If Bynum, I’d like Howard.  If Gasol, then Paul

  • Laker Gang

    Trade Gasol, Metta, Blake, and Barnes for CP3 and Trevor after that trade Bynum, LO, and future draft pick for D12 and Hedo. (Unlikely going to happen)


    FIRST go for Howard, THEN go for CP3.  If the hornets want a combination of players for CP3 then we go after Howard and they wanted the same combination then we are screwed.  Lets give what the magic want then if we land CP3 great.  If not then all we would need is an above average guard and not necessarily a super point guard.  But lets FIRST GET HOWARD.  Line up…



    I’d rather have Dwight instead of cp3.  But if we can get both then Mitch would be the GM of the Year!

    • Retardforjoiningarmy

      if we get both he will b Gm of the frickn century lol

      • Anonymous

        And we would have a depleted lineup. Believe me, I’d love to have both guys but I’m not sure it would be worth it. I could easily see us as the next Miami Heat. Great superstar trio without a supporting cast. At least we’d be fun to watch and be competitive. I would just cringe every time one of our main guys had to take a 10 minute breather on the bench.

    • ilikebasketball

      we need a pg before we need a center.


      we already have the height.
      we need the pg. we’ve needed one for two years.


  • Mike Conley

    also, that whole “Jim Buss doesn’t want to give up Bynum” thing makes no sense.  If Lakers get Howard for Bynum, then Jim Buss gets credit for getting Howard. 

  • Anonymous

    Bottom line: go with the guy who’s carried a team all the way to the finals and thus has the best chance of giving the Lakers a chance at a few titles long after Kobe is gone.

  • Xdave1003

    I think the trade that will happen is odom and bynum for howard and bass. That would be an excellent trade for both sides. We don’t need cp3 with dwight howard in the middle. The problem with our point guards is they would get beaten so bad off the dribble. With howard patroling the paint, we won’t be giving up those easy layups like we did against the mavs.

  • ilikebasketball

    LAMAR ODOM????

    jesus christ.

    i can see sending bynum over.

    but odom and gasol?

    they are off the table for me.


    we dont need a big name big check taking guy like chris paul.he would be great,
    but an aaron brooks type would do just fine.
    a jj barrea type did fine for the mavericks.

  • ilikebasketball

    you guys are dumb.

    everyone clamoring for howard juts wants him cause they are all on his jock.
    anyone who has watched the lakers the last couple of years and knows anything about basketball knows we need a PG first.


     we have a great team. all we need really is a GREAT pg and some role players.

    seems like jim buss is doing well, signing the 3pt shooter, and now going after Chris Paul first.

    he clearly knows his shit better than most of the people who post their thoughts here.

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