N.Y. Post: The Nets’ summer makeover came close to being far more drastic.

According to multiple league sources, the Nets were “very close” to completing a three-team trade that would have landed Lamar Odom from the Lakers while sending Richard Jefferson to the Bobcats. The Lakers, in turn, would have received Gerald Wallace from Charlotte.

“It was very close, but just didn’t happen,” said one league source.

One deal apparently will get done. The Nets are expected to announce, perhaps as soon as today, a two-year extension for Lawrence Frank, who will coach whatever version of the team is assembled. With one year remaining at $2.5 million, Frank will get two more years at $8.6 million, making his three-year deal worth $11.1 million. The deal will keep him through 2009-10, when the Nets plan on moving to Brooklyn.

The three-way talks flourished a few weeks ago, and one source insisted Charlotte part-owner Michael Jordan squashed the deal. Wallace, who shares the same agent, Rob Pelinka, as Kobe Bryant, yesterday re-signed with Charlotte (six years, $57 million) after averaging 18.1 points. Odom averaged 15.9 points and 9.8 rebounds for L.A. while Jefferson averaged 16.3 points. So the Nets’ Big Three of Jason Kidd, a re-signed Vince Carter and Jefferson nearly evaporated. Again.

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  • lakersforlife77


  • kobeguru

    I bet this is what the move was

  • Big Ticket

    Gerald Wallace? I can only speculate that maybe L.A. would have used him to send to Minnesota for K.G. since the T-Wolves did not like Odom’s contract. Otherwise it makes no sense.

  • kobeguru

    we can get jo using the 6million dollar exception plus andrew and kwame, so our lineup would be fisher kobe gerald jo and mihm, pretty good.

  • Billy Kupchak

    Gerald Wallace is NOT better than Lamar Odom

  • dlakerfanforlife

    SOME MORE BS by the MEDIA!!!!!!!

  • lakerfan81

    Not Lakers news but it is interesting. Thomas played pretty good defense and hit open jump shots for this year in the playoffs. I think this might hurt them a little bit. But they did not want to pay so much luxury tax.

    Jul 20, 2007 12:37am ET
    Suns Trade Kurt Thomas to Sonics
    In THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC, Paul Coro reports “the Suns traded center Kurt Thomas this morning in a move that relieves some salary-cap pressure. Thomas goes to the Seattle SuperSonics, along with the Suns’ own 2008 and 2010 first-round draft picks in exchange for a future conditional 2nd round pick and a trade exception, worth about $8 million.”

  • lakerfan81

    I like that move for Seattle. Smart.

  • Brett

    YAY! Remember when lakers were the nba champions? OH MY GOSH YAAAAY!

  • http://Lakers.com Ed24

    Kobe Bryant
    Lakers Insider Only From No. 8 to No. 24 to … No. 10

    Who is an insider and can find more info about this? I saw this on ESPN and I don’t know what it is about. Is Kobe going to change his jersey number again or is just a play on words?

  • http://ld2k.com LD2k

    [quote comment=”8674″]Kobe Bryant
    Lakers Insider Only From No. 8 to No. 24 to … No. 10

    Who is an insider and can find more info about this? I saw this on ESPN and I don’t know what it is about. Is Kobe going to change his jersey number again or is just a play on words?[/quote]
    It’s his team USA number.

  • hksup2001

    typical Mitch accepting BS trades that make the team lot worse

  • kim

    this would be some shit for the lakers…

  • http://www.getgarnett.com Fred A.

    Odom is way better then wallace, but it is good to get
    him for Minny to get KG to LAKERS and keep Odom wth it.

  • kb2481

    at least send bymun and famar for garrled not lamar


    some way to get artest to for kwame and shash that will be greeat

    mihm/and some other vetran guy

    sign rookies too like coby mrc gasol an dthat othere dude so it can make it 15 players

  • kb2481

    i also forgot luke send vlad too, for artest

  • kb2481

    dfish kobe artest wallace lo luke mihm jav turiaf cook coby and gasol

    good 12 players on the team

  • GetPlayers

    Trade Luke, Brown, 3 pick for wallace
    Line up

  • jay

    IF KUPCHACK ACTUALLY INTENDED TO TRADE LO AND ONLY GET WALLACE IN RETURN THEN HE IS AN IDIOT! it better have been as trade bait or smoething for KG or JO. if not, then mitch kupchack is a total dumbass. wallace isnt even that good.

  • magic32

    Lakers already have a all around small forward in luke walton so why would they need a big time scorer if they already have kobe.

  • LT4Pre$

    Ey unless this was just a step in a process that would have landed us kg or someone like that I have no idea what they were thinking. Wallace is the best player the bobcats have averages 18 pts on the worst team in the EAST! If Brian Cook was the best player on a team he’d score 18 too. Wallace is nothing special especially if he’s in the west where the competition is better. he’d also have to deferr to Kobe a lot which i think would make him way less effective in the purple and gold than he is in Charlotte.

  • LakEr-nIck

    wtf is this? is this true???!!

  • M0Z

    Were better off staying with Lamar……

  • lakerschamps09

    this aint good now LO knows they were gunna trade him for sure… oh well.. idk