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Andrew Bynum is used to trade rumors by now.

Whether it was Carmelo Anthony last year, or Kevin Garnett a few years back. It seems ever since Bynum has been picked 10th overall by the Lakers, he has been rumored to be traded.

As we all know, Bynum is now rumored to be a piece the Lakers use to acquire, All-Star center, Dwight Howard from the Magic.

According to’s Yannis Koutroupis, a source close to Bynum is predicting the 24 year old center ends up in Orlando:

A source close to Los Angeles Lakers Center Andrew Bynum has been predicting that he would end up being traded to Orlando Magic for months
now and reiterated that sentiment to HOOPSWORLD today. The belief is based off the assumption that the Magic are eventually going to be willing to trade All-Star center Dwight Howard.

For the first time in three summers, Bynum was healthy and spent the prolonged offseason preparing himself for what should be the best year of his career. The source classified Bynum as “indifferent” to all the trade talk and willing to play wherever. This is the third time he’s been rumored to be the centerpiece of a package for an All-Star, previously being involved in discussions for Kevin Garnett and Jason Kidd.

Nothing can happen until December 9th, which is rapidly approaching. A week from today to be exact.

  • Lakesrule

    Lets’s do this man.

  • Erictobrien71

    Without a playmaking point and a shooter really dnt matter

    • Ronald M


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  • JAyROk

    we dont need a play making pint, we need a pg who can guard opposing pg’s and slash to the basket aka jamal crawford 

  • Kevin

    man I hope this is true. This will be the best X-Mas gift for me if D12 come to the Lakers

  • Kevin

    man I hope this is true. This will be the best X-Mas gift for me if D12 come to the Lakers

  • R3avi

    Think of all the handicap parking spots that would then be available

    • MannyPacmanPacquiao

      thats low key fucked up LOL!

  • Guest

    Why would they want Bynum? There must be A LOT MORE going to Orlando. Otherwise this would be one of if not the WORst TRADE in NBA HISTORY!

    • guest

      It’s better than getting nothing for him when he walks in free agency after this season

    • Ronald M

      You talk about Bynum like he’s a scrub!  Far from it.

      • Smarter than Ronald M.

        From what they are saying Bynum is a FA next year too. So, it is a wash and Howard looks a HELL of a lot better in your lineup then Broken ass Bynum. He is a scrub!

  • Balssanta

    bynum and odom for howard all day long

  • Guest

    Kobe + Howard + Baron = Championship all day

    • Ronald M

      Yea Right!

  • Kmac_321

    TRADE HIM!!!  LOL 

  • Ronald M

    Bull ! source???????

  • nebs1129

    Kobe+Pau+Dwight would be the no doubt the best Big 3 in the entire league. Move over Miami and Boston, no stopping the Lake Show this year!

  • Leenick1

    I definitely want to hear all the bitc*hing if dwight  goes to LA …the same crap people said about lebron for his move.Does that make dwight weak?Does it make him a crybaby or all the other stuff people said about lebron…is dwight a quitter if he goes? Im sure the fans in LA would not say one damn word if dwight went to LA …they would cream their pants,probably are just at the thought of it happening….just leave these guys alone …it’s a business and the treatment given to LBJ was not just or right…i really will be interested to hear what these “LEGENDS” of basketball will say,probably nothing…next time had your time and guys want to win championships…that is the name of the game at any rate is it not?

    • Niceicenice45

      im a huge laker fan and i agree. we would cream in our pants if dwight came to the nba. and i couldn’t disagree with u more about the lebron situation. stacked teams with stars is amazing. ESPECIALLY in big cities. no one wants to watch small market teams anymore. deuces

      • Ronald Mitchell

        Cream in your pants for Dwight. You need a women bad dude!

    • Chris Rodriguez

      Will Dwight hold an ESPN special like ledouche did? I think not.

  • Ronald Mitchell

    Baseless bull!