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Commissioner David Stern had a conference call with the media at 9:45 PST, and confirmed that the Hornets have traded Chris Paul to the Clippers.

The Clippers traded (SG) Eric Gordon, (C) Chris Kaman, (SF) Al-Farouq Aminu and their unprotected 2012 first-round draft pick to the New Orleans Hornets for (PG) Chris Paul and a pair of 2015 second-round picks.

The 2012 pick, is tied to the performance of the Minnesota Timberwolves, which could become the No. 1 overall selection.

ESPN’s Marc Stein originally tweeted at 4PM PST that the Clippers and Hornets have reached a deal to send Chris Paul to the Los Angeles Clippers:

ESPN sources say NBA approval to be issued by night’s end to seal CP3 and 2 future 2nd-rounders to Clips for Gordon/Kaman/Aminu/Sota first.

The NBA wanted Eric Gordon to seal the deal, and by the looks of it the Clippers granted their wish.

As Laker fans are aware, the original deal agreed by the Lakers on Thursday was killed by the NBA and Commissioner David Stern. Due to multiple inquires (and the general outrage expressed amongst NBA fans and media members), the league office released this statement Friday morning from David Stern:

Since the NBA purchased the New Orleans Hornets, final responsibility for significant management decisions lies with the Commissioner’s Office in consultation with team chairman Jac Sperling.

All decisions are made on the basis of what is in the best interests of the Hornets. In the case of the trade proposal that was made to the Hornets for Chris Paul, we decided, free from the influence of other NBA owners, that the team was better served with Chris in a Hornets uniform than by the outcome of the terms of that trade.”

All of this made for an extremely awkward Friday at the first day of Lakers training camp. Pau Gasol showed up to the Lakers facility, but did not participate due to a quad injury.

Lamar Odom, who earlier stated that he was in “disbelief” from what transpired late Thursday night, showed up 90-minutes late, met with Mitch Kupchak for about 15 minutes, then left without speaking to the media. Shortly after, he told the L.A. Times that “it’s better to stay away” from the Lakers facility.

After a request to be traded the Lakers traded a 2012 2nd round draft pick, and Lamar Odom to the Dallas Mavericks. In exchange, they received a 2012 first round draft pick, and an $8.9 million trade exception.

Initial reports on Thursday had the Lakers packaging Andrew Bynum, not Pau Gasol, with Lamar Odom for Chris Paul. That report was then corrected by Adrian Wojnarowski from Yahoo! Sports, who then reported (via Twitter) that the Lakers have agreed to trade Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom for Chris Paul.

Hornets working to finalize details on 3-team deal to send Chris Paul to Lakers, Gasol to Rockets and Odom, KMart, Scola to NO, sources say.

The Houston Rockets also jumped into the deal, making it a three-team trade that was initially agreed on by all parties involved. The Rockets would have received Pau Gasol for Luis Scola, Kevin Martin, Goran Dragic, and a draft pick. Here’s a breakdown of the original trade proposal:

Lakers Get: Chris Paul.
Hornets Get: Lamar Odom, Luis Scola, Kevin Martin, Goran Dragic and a Rocket Draft Pick.
Rockets Get: Pau Gasol

Three NBA trade vetoes later, Chris Paul ends up in Los Angeles. Just not to suit up in the purple & gold. has moved the Clippers odds to win title from 50/1 to 15/1 with the Paul trade.

  • double

    This past week has been an utter disaster.  Hope the Lakers still have some tricks up their sleeves.

    • Michael A. Robson

      The trick is Bynum playing for 2 months without any knee problems. If we do that, well, we’re contenders. And we have more options at the 1. Fisher was a sore spot last year.

      Frankly, between Pau’s choke last year and Bynums ‘Mr. glass’ impression over the years, I don’t know why we didn’t trade them both for D12

  • no parade on fig

    I LOVE IT  fakers dont get him . now if you want howard it will cost you gasol and bynum  and you will be weaker .  i love it no parade on fig for sure . now i can sit back and listen to myopic faker fans cry and yell or think of some other way to try and rip off someone in a trade .  well jerry west is in golden state . try there he is a true laker he will give you their best guy for your crap .  like the gasol trade ..

    • Xdave1003

      Guys like you who have nothing better to do than post on other teams websites are pathetic. Get a life

      • LakersAreDead

        We are fucked, im no longer a laker fan

        • sayem quazi

          Then you never were…

        • kobe24venom

          indeed sayem ,couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • Guest

      Lol at this loser coming here to brag about something that doesnt even involve him.

      Parade for Clippers maybe?

    • lakerd2423


    • Really?

      Lakers will always be the Lakers its make it seem as they won’t leave their imprint in Basketball in the years to come….

  • A Sad Laker Fan

    The ups and downs, trades, no trades the past week have been laughable to say the least. The Lakers have gambled, and so far it’s gotten them nothing. Now Dwight may stay in Orlando? Wow. Has the 2012-2013 started already?

  • LakerFan


  • Lakerfan411

    Dwight or we are done for. This is unfortunate,but expected. I hope the lakers can get Dwight Howard now, but Orlando will make them pay for him…

    • LakerFan

      they arent getting d12.. GM for magic aint trading him

      • Michael A. Robson

        And the reason is because the Lakers don’t wanna give up Pau/Drew

    • kobe24venom

      are u fcn kidding me? we are not done for, this team still has 2   7 ftrs a defensive scheme and a lot of young talent at the point …..and u all seem to forget a healthy #24 so lets move forward with the team we have and lock down teams this year  with a new prspective on defense …….not worried in the least.

  • Guest

    Mo Williams set to make 8.5m this year.
    Lakers have a 8.9m trade exception from Lamar Odom.

    Clippers probably would want to unload on Mo’s contract since they already have so many PGs. A LO/Mo Williams swap doesnt sound too bad to me.

  • Colasuss

    Chill out Laker Fans this is Sports Franchise like the Yankees who get to Many Haters who just wanna wine and Bitch because there Teams aint doing so well so they got nothing better to do then Talk trash about the Lakers I look at it from a Positive stand Point with the Celtics Sucking like Hell and Heat Losing last yr and us winning back2back Titles sure ill take all the Hate I can get cause at the End of the Day the Lakers fan have somthing that no other NBA team Has an Owner that cares and loves winning bottom Line 

  • Ken

    If we don’t get dh12 now; then we shall say gud bye to championship this year. i don’t even know that we can make it to play off. Mitch kupchak do something about this. I am a lakers fans and i want kobe to to get atleast one more ring.

  • Magiclakez

    Let’s get Dwight Howard or bust. We had already decided to give up Pau and LO for CP3 and were prepared to give drew for D12. Let’s look at it this way: we were giving up LO+Pau + Drew for CP3 and D12. So right now we have lost LO and we still have Pau and drew reserved for D12. Let’s atleast get 1 big fish and then acquire another decent PG. Howard and Kobe could be the next Shaq and Kobe combination and we all know that led to 3 titles. Not to sound like a case of sour grapes, but CP3’s were suspect after his surgery and ask yourself this: which one out or two would you like to be the next face of our great lakers franchise after Kobe???

  • lakergang1112

    now what do the lakers do?

  • Magiclakez

    Why do we keep hearing that we are giving up too much for D12???? We had already accepted the fact that we would be without Pau and Drew and LO if were getting D12 and CP3….So right now we still give up the 3 (2 atleast since we lost LO for monopoly money) and get D12….Lets atleast give ourselves the chance to build around d12,Kobe and the pieces….We can also use LO trade exception and get a decent pg like Mo williams which will cost us 8.4m….LO’s trade exception is 8.9M….I think this is destiny….this might be the right think for the lakers in the long run since i doubt we would have got both…..I think we were destined to get D12….this is the only chance we have to get him or forever regret!!!!!……….I think d12 would be the best bet after Kobe retires to takeover as the next face of our beloved Lakers…

     Projected lineup if we somehow manage to get d12:Kobe/ Gerald greenMo Williams/ Derek Fisher/ Steve BlakeDwight Howard/ sign a veteran back up center with Sasha’s exceptionMetta world War/ GoudelockJosh Mcroberts/ Devin ebanks

    • Michael A. Robson

      Thats quite a lineup


      • Magiclakez

        I like my chance for the future better with d12 than without….anyways.

  • Nguyễn Sơn Tùng

    Clippers now has CP3 and Blake so we must have Kobe and superman

  • bbz62

    we offered NO a better f’n deal and now we’re fucked. if we dont get dwight… shit is looking f’ckin bleak. with LO the only thing we needed was a PG. now we have to possibly give up pau and andrew.. imo that will make us weak and hella small. im pisT

  • Yungking85

    the lakers should sign gilbert arenas

  • Yungking85

    the lakers should sign gilbert arenas

  • Yungking85

    and josh howard. our 2 weaknesses

  • Magiclakez

    NBA TV JUST REPORTED THAT Clippers have gotten way below the cap space(14.5M), why aint that jackass M***** F***** gilbert and Cuban complaining now!!! This Sucks…Lakers should demand the original trade back as this is unfair trade practice…This is bad business….How can Lakers take this lying down..Lakers need to explore some legal action or something as they got screwed in the first place and that nba grinch helped out another team…..WTF WTF

  • Mtsantos

    To the Lakers nation, I am so stressed over this….this just absolutely sucks….Kobe has 2-3 years left of great ball….if we had a solid pg that could defend he would have probably about 4 more years….the lakers were right in trying to make a move…we had a great team that got us two rings and three straight finals appearences, but it was time for a change we wouldn’t have won anything with the group of guys we had… and the idea to prepare for the future and have something to build around when kobe slows down was necessary…we got fucked by the league…we will get broken down by every pg in the league…okc will embarrass us unless the lakers pull something out…I hope they do I really do….but if not I’l still be watching every game supporting my guys

  • Mtsantos

    MagicLakez I completely agree…how can they take this lying down…this is the most rigged situation in NBA history….Something needs to be done..The league denying the trade did much more to he lakers organization then merely not giving them the best pg in the world             

    • Magiclakez

      I feel your pain Mtsantos,

      …I think we need to now get D12 somehow and pair him with Kobe and sign a decent pg like mo williams by using LO’s trade exception…mo williams has 8.4m left on his contract and LO’s trade exception was 8.9m….I think the clips will be willing to let him go as they now have cp3,billups,mo at pg….also mo williams knows mike brown’s system very well since they were together in cleveland……i mean we had agreed to trade both PAU and LO for CP3 and were keeping Drew for D12…..Atleast we now have a real chance of getting D12 as magic gm wants both Drew and pau for d12….we can still get a good pg and a decent back up for d12 and this would be a good start and we can build on this……..I think most of the laker nation would agree that after kobe retires we would like to see d12 as the face of the franchise more than cp3…i dont man this really sucks and atleast the news of d12 will bring us some christmas cheer

  • Raiden239

    eah NBA lets ignore the fact that the Rockets-Lakers Trade was much better Scola. Odom, Martin, and 1st rounder. Lets ignore the fact that you were Punked  by Gilbert ,Cuban and Jordan into Blocking  a trade.Lets ignore the fact that you want to stop SuperTeam Yeah and since you blocked the Trade you basically killed Odom’s value and made us trade him Oh yeah so much for quote “protecting small market teams from not getting bullied by big markets like Los Angeles o wait the Clips play there. No the NBA is tired of Lakers Dominace and I cant blame them.  5 titles in the last 12 years  i guess its fair So what other Hanicaps would you like to give the rest of league so they can TRY to win a fraction of that

  • Andrew Youn

    The cavs just used amnesty on Baron Davis should the lakers go after him? what do you guys think?

  • Mr Laker19

    I feel like somebody just butt raped my dog… the NBA fucked us bad and its nothin we can do about it…

  • Mtsantos

    i dont trust baron davis

  • BK

    I am very frustrated with  David Stern and how he has treated this LAKER team, I really think he has a issue with the lakers may be due to the long lock out? is this pay back? whatever it is,  it smells and stinks like fish, not only are you the commissiner but you also owen the Hornets this alone should be conflict of interest.  All I know is at this point MITCH YOU NEED TO DO SOMETHING AND DO IT FAST! It is very clear they are positioning most of these teams to win. Where does that leave the LAKERS?    I’m a LAKER Lover

  • Raidz

    The NBA just the F the Lakers.

  • Ken

    everything is just fkinig over! Lakers team is worst than last year. They will need superman!

  • LJones

    Looking forward Dec 19

  • Dj Ice

    Dallas got Lamar, Clippers got CP3, Dwight Howard is staying in Orlando, What in the Heck did we ( Lakers ) get ? C’mon Mitch, I sure hope you start making better decisions.

  • Keith Viverette

    Man I feel sick.  Thanks for nothing NBA.  Now this whole season starts off with dissappointment in the air.  The NBA amazes me that they can’t see that **** like this continues to chip away at their credibility. So everyone else in the NBA is allowed to get better besides us.  Once again Thanks for nothing NBA.  I’ll be glad when you leave Stern!


  • J.dizzle

    Instead of Phil Jackson & Odom we have Mike Brown & Josh McRoberts haha it feels weird right now. Odom gone for a bag of peanuts and Gasol still feels a little down after that mess. Kapono wasnt a bad signing but he adds no athleticism. He hit a good percentage of 3’s in the past but we all now what happens when these players come under the bright lights in LA. Hopefully he actually hits his shots. We’ll see happens, I’m not all that confident at the moment but they gotta understand that Kobe only has a couple elite years left. Damn D.Rose is gonna go crazy on Christmas, I dont know how much longer we can watch Fisher & Blake get lit up every night.

  • Mr Laker19

    The hardest part is that we jut have to take it. We live in a world full of Laker haters… fans, owners, commissioners… the world knows the lakers got screwed hard but it doest matter. I trust Mitch but I believe this has gotten too far out of control. I love the Lakers, but I believe Kobes run will stop at 5… its hard to say but at this point thats all i see

  • WillyMo

    I hope we are blessed enough to get Howard and keep Pau… somehow, some way.

  • Ken

    get eric gordon as PG then go back and kill clippers!

    • Maxkobe24

      yeah we can get a good pg and wait and see

  • jolida

    I’m Glad Chris Paul sign his contract so you clowns can get off the Lakers board. If you want to see Chris you have to wait a week after the Lakers play at staples with the Clippers!

    • Ken

      stfu u dip shit; the lakers will definitely fingered their ass hole. just watch kobe go 100 on them!

  • Anonymous

    we lost lamar for nothing

  • Baron

    Lamar had to go. His passion for the game has been displaced by…………….

  • 11

    is kaman, gordon, and aminou better than odom, scola, and kevin martin? who would watch hornets basketball now? clearly they didnt want the lakers getting paul.

  • Typical Laker Fan

    The Lakers screwed up by going after CP3 in the first place.  They don’t need an All-Star Point Guard.  Just one that can keep up with the quicker guards in the league.  TJ Ford would probably have sufficed while they groom Darius Morris.  The only way they should have traded any of the big three (Bynum, Gasol, or Odom) was in a trade for Howard.

    Now we lose LO for basically nothing, no PG expected to come in and all we do is sign three scrubs.  If this is what Jimmy Buss’ regime is going to look like expect things to get worse.

  • Ken

    don’t get me wrong i am a lakers fan, the lakers is not going to win championship this year if DH12 is not coming…realistically the roster is just bad comparing to knick, lac…. and one more thing they lost LO for nothing and got nothing big in return. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT MITCH KUPCHAK. Thats not the present i want for this Xmas Lakers. :@

  • Perezrob83

    Now let’s see all these wana be clippers fans jump on the bandwagon.. yea they got a good team 2gether and I hope they do good for Los Angeles, but Lakers run L.A. look at the banners hanging in staples, We ain’t done!!

  • Ra

    Maybe Stern did the Lakers a favor by nix’ing the Paul deal.  Remember that was Jimmy Buss pulling the trigger there.  What a jerk.  He would have given away 1/2 the team … for Paul?  I know Paul is one of the greatest PGs, but again, that’s on offense, and we need more of a player who can ‘defend’ in the PG position. 

    We just need a ‘slasher’, not a distributor.  And that ‘slasher’ should be a good  – no, great defender.  Paul doesn’t fit the bill with that.  The Clips, on the other hand, could use someone like Paul to distribute to Griffin, so it makes sense for them.  Although, they gave up Eric Gordon, who was more of a slasher (the Lakers could have used them).  Clips will be an exciting draw this year (no, I’m not a Clips fan – just stating a fact).

    We already have a superstar – Kobe, and Pau is a ‘star’ too.  We still have the length, we just need ‘great’ defense, and maybe one slasher, and we’ll be fine.  We don’t need 100 superstars on the team, just one!  And a couple of ‘stars’ (like Pau, maybe Drew).  A team is made up of components that fit perfectly.  The previous Lakers teams fit perfectly for the Triangle.  We need some other components so that it works with Brown’s system.

    Recall Brown’s ‘Finals’ team a few years back.  One superstar, LeBron, and a few OK Big men, but no ‘stars’.  Brown has a chance to take the current team and take it into a great direction.  We have a better player than LeBron (c.f., Kobe), and some great length.  And don’t forget, Ron-Ron (aka MWP), will play A LOT better in a NON-triangle offense.  Remember Houston a few years’ back?

    It’s a new game for the the Lakers, and we could see some ‘great’ fireworks this year.  Let’s go for the ride and forget about Paul. 

  • Drake Ramoray

    Lakers need to protest by sitting out the season. All this collusion and bull shit hipocracy against the lakers. The league basically said CP3 cannot go to the lakers and that’s that. No justification or reasoning other than the simple fact that all the owners don’t want the lakers to get all the best players. There are more laker fans than NBA fans. The NBA without the lakers would be shit. I feel sick to my stomach right now that this whole thing went down this way and the fact that the lakers couldn’t do anything about it makes the whole situation worse. I’m still fuming about losing Odom for jack shit. Can’t hate on the Clippers though because now their team is gonna be so sick!

    • no parade on fig


      • Drake Ramoray

        Go eat a dIck

  • Bleedpurpleandgold

    The Lakers need to flip two fingers at David Stern, Dan Gilbert, and anyone else, lose every game this season, since its short anyway, and get the no. 1 draft pick. The day David Stern leaves the NBA will be a great day. He better watch his back if he ever comes to L.A.

  • Drake Ramoray

    Not tryin to dog on the Clippers but all of their fans are actually by default from people who live in LA and hate on the Lakers. Every clipper fan hates the lakers and since the clippers play in LA they’ll just root for them instead. Now I hear people talking about Clipper Nation…Lol. There’s no such thing as Clipper nation because in the entire existence of the Clippers in LA, they have done absolutely nothing to have people cheer for them up until them drafting Blake Griffin. So I just want to say as good as the Clippers will be, they can never run LA because their fan base is going to be a bunch of bandwagon laker hating fans just like the fans in Miami. Lakers all day baby!

  • Drake Ramoray

    Lebron likes to toss Dwade’s salad!

  • Magiclakez

    Let’s accept it Lakers are the Yankee’s of basketball…no way can you keep a good product down..

    No ulterior motives, collusions, schemes, hypocracies, conspiracies can ever succeed in killing something which is beautiful…My only regret is that we had a great master plan but we came short in executing it thanks to our lazy and incompetent FO….Jim buss tried to portray himself as some kind of a renegade hero but came up awfully short….I have never seen a lakers front office reveal and spill the beans on such deals…ever.   it is usually done in a clandestine manner behind closed doors away from the glare of the media and public…this time it was kind of weird how they kept disclosing their next move publically………
    Whatever i try to say against That a**h*** stern and the 29 other hypocrites(especially Dan, cuban, Jordan) is less……
    These M*****F****** hypocrites have combined their evil forces together to punk the lakers and stop them from getting the players which they were about to get well within the system and guidelines….and we were not breaking any law or code of conduct…we were well within our rights and it was good business and planning (however poor execution as i explained earlier)I wonder if the lakers could explore any legal action and probably just boycott this season and im sure this season will bomb and nba will lose money as no one wants to watch the other teams anyways…….The only consolation and christmas present the entire laker nation can get is getting D12 and losing only Bynum or Pau…It will be unfortunate if we lose both…then again our future will be secure if we land D12.  IM SICK OF THIS F*****S*** I Need a drink or two as i can’t sleep..This is indeed a dark day in laker history….I’m flipping channels like a maniac, hoping to see some breaking news about D12 coming here….WHAT ELSE CAN I DO I’m helpless just like the entire laker nation..

    • no parade on fig


  • NuggetsBasketball

    pick up Baron Davis, he aint what he use to be but he’s still a good defender and can still play that PG spot, fuck dwight man…honestly adding all stars to the lakers makes them the miami heat of the west…just saying im not even a lakers fan 


      No way.  He has back problems and is projected to be out 10 weeks w/ a herniated disk. 

  • jenny troy

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    Here is my issue…We need to get a Superstar because our superstar will be soon fading.  Currently the market doesn’t have any coming out soon and the only one that is available and is a superstar is in Orlando.  We are going to wait and see this season.  Right before the trade deadline the talks will resume about Howard being traded.  The lakers will be battling for the 2-3rd spot in the west and will think about messing up a good thing / chemistry.  They will not pull the trigger and the nets will get him.  Then we will be stuck w/ a pissed off Kobe, a Mr. Glass Center, a broken hearted Gasol, no Power Forwards and a guard that will be better off using a Hoveround to guard anyone because his walker doesn’t help him.

    Now all everyone will see the clipps as the place to go and not the Lakers.  If we dont get dwight then welcome back the days of Cedrik Cebalos, pig miller, doug christy, sadel threete….I hope i’m wrong.

  • thegreatma3

    lakers will have something up their sleeves.  yes lakers got screwed by the nba and no the lakers season isn’t lost. IF bynum’s knee is able to hold up and if he’s improved his game, then lakers are still in a good position. coach brown’s d will definitely improve the lakers, there’s no question about that.  look at how old the celtics were when they won the championship.  d comes from the heart and tricky defensive schemes.  they have the players who can play d.  remember the pistons that beat the mighty lakers?  or the most dominant trio in west, baylor, wilt that couldn’t win the ring?  the current lakers just need someone who can “guard” quick pgs!

    • thegreatma3

      im talking about the current celtic squad with kg, rondo, pierce, ray allen.  and mighty lakers composed of shaq, kobe, payton, malone

      • Drake Ramoray

        Lakers got crap up there sleeve. Jim buss is running the Lakers now and everything is out in the open for the public to know. Great laker trades happen when u don’t hear about it. F uck U Jim Bust!

      • 123kid

        Agreed. And as a bleed only purple and gold laker fan true and true, I think the Lakers dont panic and start making drastic measures just to make a deal. I really think they go into Christmas day with what they have right now, but with some minor pick-ups here and there. Last I heard was that Troy Murphy was being taken a look at and I think he could possibly be signed to fill in the spot of Caracter and I think the Lakers see how well things are during the preseason and a couple of games to when Drew comes back from suspension, then they see if Otis Smith wants to have REAL talk and not that kind of talk of just calling to say Happy Holidays, but the REAL talk of we want to trade, so no BS and lets get Dwight to LA.