Still wondering why or what happened to the Lakers offer to Minny? The L.A. Times gives a brief explaination:

L.A. Times: In June, McHale turned down a Lakers offer of Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom, reportedly because Odom has two years worth almost $28 million left on his contract.

  • shakobe

    I think mchale turn down the lakers offer because he wants to send garnett to boston, mchale, dany and bird they are not going to trade with the lakers, they hate us, the three little leprechaun have screwd us. But if Kg is smart he will step down from this trade. I honestly dont think bird will even trade jermain with us, he just put a high price on jermain so we can back off because he knows we are not going to give up lamar and bynum for jermain.


    this all looks like a conspiracy!!! i bet the league is planning something so they get better ratings. watch and see boston and the lakers will both be much better than they were last year and ratings will go up like they were in the 80’s.

  • dark_ice18

    all good things come to an end….

    …if mitch had creativity like Jerry West…we woulda had KG by now…like the Latimes stats that Lamar’s contract was the main reason why they didnt want to deal. Mitch could have made a 3 way trade involving Odom to a team in need of a PF in Odom and in return we could of gotten back potentials, and an expiring K. Then trade Bynum and kwame and 2008, and 2010 picks, but NOOO!!…mitch is a fool and cant get deals done.

  • nba analyst

    dark ice….what makes you think that West could have done a deal like this?? It was very clear that Minnesota wanted Jefferson and wanted a big expiring contract like Ratliff. And those two #1 picks are the cherry on the sundae. Getting Garnett to waive his trade kicker was also a factor. You think for a minute the Buss’ would have done an extension with KG and put themselves into the luxury tax? Fat chance

    Still, this is a very steep price Boston is paying. The Celtics are going to be paying luxury tax with the extension to Garnett. The Buss’ will not pay the luxury tax….no matter how much the fans squeal…they aren’t doing it (and really, it is their money, not the fans money).

  • mr47

    Remember when Jim Buss said that if a major trade had not been done by July, laker fans should be disappointed? I want someone to ask that rat what happened.

    dark_ice18, you make a very good point. It seems like mitch threw that deal out there and we never heard of anything new. It was like, “hey we have drew and odom….yes?…no? NO!? Ok cool.”