Happy New Years, our fellow Laker fans! What a great year 2008 was for us.

We started 2008 uncertain where our team was going, and around the middle of the year, we knew where this team can go, and now, in 2009, were still left with that same sentiment… weirdly.

We’d like to thank everyone that made this a memorable year for us at the Lakers Nation; from Bob at AM570 to Brandon (Real Deal) who helps us administrate the Forums. Thanks to our members, without you, we seriously wouldn’t be here. Thanks!

Before we let you go, we’ll leave you with one question: What is your 2009 Lakers resolution? For most of us, it’s to catch more Laker games with our friends and family, either live or with the tube. So, what is yours? Sound-off!

Go Lakers!

  • xplayforrealx

    go to another laker playoff game =D.
    get good grades focus on school.
    do good in basketball.

  • PhilsJackson

    Go to my first lakers game
    Studty for tests
    and make redsarmy wet his pants. :)

  • TLN

    Go to LA for playoff game…uh that would be awesome….
    just enjoy my rest of HS year …how many month left now 6 month damn.
    By retro logos jersey or magic…..
    and ya
    GO lakers.

  • Freshh


  • will

    [Comment ID #57513 Will Be Quoted Here]

  • domz

    New Year’s Resolutions are for fools

    -Phil Jackson

  • David Togawa

    To see the Lakers win the NBA championship.

  • ignard

    to stop being such a p**y and call Money after the game, lol.

  • imfasterthanur

    I’m studying abroad in Ireland, the land of green.

    I’d like to catch a Laker Game at the local pubs/bars and show my pride.

    Not really a resolution, but hell, it’ll be a blast.

  • eagleslakers2011

    to go 2 atleast 4 more laker games..
    Keep up the 4.0
    And go 2 the parade(not the rose parade…I’m thinking of another parade)

  • kb24thebestever

    to keep ma grades up so i can keep playing basketball at school.

    and hopefully this year we can go all the way in my AAU team.

    and the last nd best the lakers to win the championship,kobe to win the nba finals MVP, and i hope that god makes everybody open there eyes so they dont say that lebron its better than Kobe Bean bryant.