Bunch of the folks over at the Forums, seem to like the idea that our Machine won’t be sporting any green but personally, I think it’s just a bit silly. What are your thoughts on this? Sound-off!

Inside The Lakers: I’ve been meaning to write this for weeks but never found the right outlet and just can’t bear to keep it in the can any longer because it’s too funny. But the other day, a bunch of us reporter types were chatting with Sasha Vujacic after practice, mostly about the Lakers season, what they could do, what the expectations are for the team. Then we got into how last season ended and Sasha immediately got serious, proclaiming pretty resolutely that he’s taken a personal vow not to wear green, the Boston Celtics colors, this year.

Seriously, no green. Not a thread of it.

“I’m serious about it,” he said, very seriously. “No green.”

  • kobe124

    very serious!

  • kobethegreat

    UMM i think sasha was smoking some green when he said that…

  • lakerschamps09

    yea me neither… im a packers fan soo i got a favre jersey… i have not worn that since they lost the nfc championship game… lol.. and then wen we lost to celtics i have not wore green and dont plan on it for a long time.. lol

  • http://twitter.com/nugge7 Jim Murdoc

    [Comment ID #53267 Will Be Quoted Here]

    LMAO! Comment of the day.

  • Mike

    I don’t wear green either, and it has nothing to do with Celtics. THE COLOUR SUCKS.


    Dude AMEN SASHA. I tell evenyone that same shit. Ever since game 1 I told my self that I can’t wear green durring this series, and when we lost to this team I made a vow to myself as well that sh*t color green will not go on my body. I even mention it to people when I see them wear it, “why are you wearing green???????” But I have a little green on some of my boxers. I will only make an expection to wear green when ever I put those on because it is holding up by d*ck, balls, and a**. But great article!!!!!!! SASHA and I, great minds think a like lol.

    PS. I advise all of you LAKER fans to do the same.

  • Lakers 24 7

    Lean Mean No Green Machine?

  • True Lakers Fan

    I havent wear green either haha Lets Do This Shiiiit!

  • gus26

    i didn’t realize that i haven’t worn green either, but now i’m going to make an effort not to wear it!!