Lil Wayne, and Ice Cube have produced songs about the Lakers. But, Snoop Dogg and Game may have topped them with the newly released music video entitled “Purp & Yellow”, a remix to Wiz Khalifa’s hit song “Black and Yellow”

Current Lakers stars Ron Artest, Matt Barnes, and Shannon Brown all make appearances. You will also see Game smash a guitar, Rock & Roll style, in the video, but it didn’t come without injury. Game had to go to the hospital after he mangled himself when shards of the body shot back at his hand.

Not sure if tears factored into the making of this video, but we know blood and sweat did.


  • Joshua Herrington

    I remember when this song came out! Its a good video, though.

  • Pau Gasol The European Mexican

    Fo Shizzle my Nizzle bitches.

  • http://TLN bigdubb88

    That’s What i’m talkin bout, lets’ git it crunk 4 da 2nd half !!! I smell 3peat – even if it by the skin of there teeth. Just Win Baby!! OOhh the Video was tight too!

  • LakerMarc

    Yeah this was sweet……..nice cameos from Ron, Shannon, and Matt

    C/mon Lakers get it going!!!!!!


    Yup let’s get all get in that 3 peat mood


    Just heard that Melo is a Knick.

  • LANative
  • jaydubb415W

    Man ” The Game ”killed it on that + they had the right people in that video its time for artest n barnes when he gets back to start ballin in this second half of the season you to shanon brown.Honestly i think that version of wiz khalifa is better than the remix of the black n yellow or am i bias cuzz im laker fan????

  • Ali

    YEAH TOO BAD WE’RE PURPLE AND GOLD. Jeebus Christ, that stupid song is retarded, the steelers wear black and gold, Lakers wear purple and gold. To call the Lakers purple and yellow is like calling the Raiders Black and Grey.

    • Dub

      actually youre wrong. its Forum blue and gold not purple. but i do agree with you about calling them the wrong name would be like saying the Raiders wear Black and Gray