It’s no surprise Smush perhaps never liked Kobe. In fact, after he scored 81 I remember Smush credited the win to the “Lakers defense.” Either way, a video has popped up and features Smush saying things like “the problems start and end with [Kobe].” I think it’s unfortunate because I always felt Smush had talent… but with this attitude, we can see why he isn’t in the league today. What are your thoughts?

  • iamthetie

    there is a reason why we call the worst player on the court “smush of the day”. I’ve seen more basketball intelligence on a callous on my left foot.

  • baltimoresbest01

    this kid had so much talent, he was just incredibly stupid and basically pushed himself out of the league

  • dipset

    hahaha this is why smush isn’t in the nba anymore and is playing random streetball. he was garbage and i’m glad he doesn’t play for us anymore

  • The Dynasty

    Smush is WEAK. For him to come out and say that type of stuff this far gone, just shows how bitter he is that he could never make it. Try this on for size Smush, you played your BEST basketball around KB24. Ironic? Nope.

  • double

    Smush showed potential at times, but I don’t miss him at all. I wanted to like him when he wore a Lakers jersey, but ultimately I was so happy when I heard we wasn’t coming back.

    Nothing in this video shocks me. he’s a d-bag.

  • Kam Pashai

    I hear my local rec league is looking for a PG…

  • ScorpyDoo

    wait! where’s the RAP? hahahaha! i thought there should be one! haha! clean the courts smush

  • kapone66

    Smush was and always will be a bum on the court.

  • kobe4ever

    haha thats such a stupid comment by smush, he put up his best numbers with Mr. Kobe Bean Bryant and he got to start alonside Kobe when before he was a benchwarmer (not even a role player on the suns). I agree with DOUBLE, Smush is a d-bag.

  • SmushCalade

    I was the best guy coming off the bench. I was better than the bums on the bench. I can outplayed the whities on the team. Still have my SmushCalade.

  • ez24

    wait… my cousins mens league team needs a pg.
    anybody have smush’s phone number??!??

    …. wait nvm
    id rather not get him

  • willow

    Haha! What a loser!!! One is on his way to the Hall of Fame and Smash, Smutch, Smear, Smores, whatever the f*ck his name is…is in the first ballot for the Hall of Shame.

    For him talkin’ trash about the Closer this far off his years with the Lakers just tells you why he’s not in the NBA or even on any NBDL teams anymore. He can’t even make it into any of the bottom dwelling teams in the NBA (i.e Clippers, Minnesota). Pick up games?!?!?! Fo real?!?!? Damn what a loser!!!!

  • lakers2000

    LOL What a piece of work! He used to piss me of when he would chuck bricks from the three point line before the offense was even in the play. Ball hogging Beaaatch!

  • MagicLaker

    Too bad there’s another video of Smush at the AllStar weekend from ’07 where he is giving props to Kobe for being a great teammate and a great mentor.

    It’s sad, Smush has talent, unfortunately it’s street-ball talent and with it comes the street-ball mentality. Unfortunately, he won’t go too far in the NBA.

  • Jack

    Wow. this is the reason we need Smush back on the hardwood. Does anyone know if he ever settled the dispute with the parking lot attendent? If i were a parking lot atten. i would smush smush’s car at the wall. At least he should have thanked the fans who liked him.

  • SBehm

    Smush said, “The problems on that team start and end with Kobe”. Umm what was our record with you Smush? and what is our record now? I don’t think the problem was Kobe. Dumba$$

  • Lakers #1

    Wait a minute
    Didnt this guy get his 15 minutes of shame
    Playing along side of kobe
    Come on nobody even knew him before that!!

  • kobebean24

    i could understand that kobe may be a hard teammate to play with because he prolly has high expectations of his teammates. and that’s why smush is so bitter. he never exceeded any expectations. even though he had his best statistical numbers w/ the lakers, he still was bottom of the barrel in comparison to other PG’s in the league. and if i recall correctly, wasn’t it smush who upon leaving the lakers said in regards to phil jackson…”i stopped trying to figure out that man”

  • Smush Parker

    hey guys why u hating on meh?! i smush pa’ka!!! i weal good!! i maybe has not great face but i gooder player dan kobe dat for sure fellas!
    kobe is noting to me he trash

    u know y i have the grim reaper on my arm? coz everytime i step on teh court i kill!!!! kobe dont kill kobe weaker dan me guys u have to believes me!!!

    SMUSH WILL BE BACK i juss has to finish my contract wit teh RoadRunners of Masapeekwa but i will be NBA legend dont worrys

  • Cut La Rock

    Smush is nothing but a no good, pouting, brick-laying douchebag of a bum that will never see another ounce of PT in the Association. The Lakers problems began and ended when you’d park yourself around the perimeter to brick 3’s all day long, and then play your “Ole!” brand of defense on the opposite end. Idiot.

  • Diehardfan

    How ironic that he used the word “overrated”. Was he talking about himself? If you compare his inconsistent stats and ability to play to the fact that he was a Starting PG, what or who do you think was more overrated? He NEVER lived up to the title of starting PG!

  • Jay D

    maybe he’s being sincere… we don’t play on the lakers so we don’t know…

  • i hate the color green

    how bad was this kid that whenever anything goes wrong in the court or a player has a brain fart out in the court we all say “he smushed it” look up smush in the dictionary and not only will you see this turd’s picture on it but the def. reading; unable to make a sound decision or play 2. unwilling and/or not capable to recognize greatness 3. smush parker

  • Me

    Hey maybe the celtics can use smush, because he’ll definitely f up their games just like he did with the Lakers!!! “A legend in his own right”…in which planet???

  • DWinsRings

    So if Smush is a lengend that mEASN IM A LEGNED TOO , YEAH BABY, what d-bag

  • kobe bryant

    hahahaha o shyt
    he mad he will never be as good as me….
    he crazy
    if the problems start and end with KB
    then why he win MVP last year and we went to the finals?
    and why we gonna win this year…. and kb gonna get finals mvp?

  • lakerschamps09

    ahahahahhaahhhhhhhhhhh wow thats funny.. lmfao…. idk i neva played wit kobe but if he was such a bad teammate to play wit how come thats wen smush was at his sorry a ss best?? lol this is too funny

  • mr.laker19

    …. Your name is Smush. You suck

  • kisofdeath

    theres a reason smush is still playin in The Cage…

    he’ll never be mark jackson, stephon marbury, skip or even bassy

  • Rinnegato

    Smush is a hater- that was the one time he was able to shine because of Kobe, now where is he at? If you can’t make it on the Lakers, then you can’t make it anywhere else.

  • Eidraq

    kb is playing high quality bball in the nba and is looked to be one of the best players of all time and smush is playing…wait, he’s not playing is he? yeah….

  • kwame4mvp

    smush of the day. lmao

  • 9146


  • Makaveli3

    How can smush disrespect kobe like that? He is a total dumbass, he should be happy he had a chance to play with a great player. Look at kobe now he is doing great and his team is doing great. He is just a sore loser that he didn’t get far because he sucked ass.

  • Erick

    cant wait until kobe responds to this

  • SamV

    kobe doesn’t respond to bottom feeders…heck he barely responded to the shaq rap

  • Eidraq

    yeah kb will just brush it off and say something very discreet..the guys is used to criticism…thats all he received throughout his career

  • jason

    Who the fk is Smush Parker…seriously i must have blocked him out of my memory.

  • e-bucher

    not the first nba player to criticize kb as a teammate…

  • LAKing

    I’m so glad we got rid of this no talent piece of trash. Go back to streetballin. Smush is a nobody and always will be a nobody. Smush’s talent and name have one thing in common… they’re both a JOKE.

  • LA 2009 CHAMPS


  • Sako

    Well he’s gone on to do great things since leaving the Lakers.

  • Eidraq

    [Comment ID #64827 Will Be Quoted Here]

    yeah the ones that have are the overly sensitive type that cannot handle criticism…ie shaq, smush

  • Kwame Brown

    wow.. i can be a legend too!
    what’s that league your playing to Smush??

  • Lakeshow31

    Smush is garbage, and it’s unfortunate that he ever got to put on the forum blue and gold. Thankfully a class vet like D-fish came back to fill that role…Lake show!

  • Dracul

    There are grips of other people with waay less basketball talent ‘playing’ in the nba right now, meaning making 500k-10million to mostly be a warm body to fill a spot on a bench.
    But they are way more intelligent to not say stupid shit and cause waves. Smush is too ghetto stupid to think how his words and actions are essentially keeping him out of the league and playing streetball.


  • fabz24lakers

    can’t say i’m surprised about this…he has the chucky atkins syndrome…meaning he couldnt hack it being the starting point guard for the Greatest NBA team…so he had to throw shots @ Kobe….typical!came in with so much hype about being the next marbury?yeah right he’s better off staying in the black top b/c he doesnt belong in staples center….the Clippers didnt even want him…what does that say about smashed….smush!!!WACK!!!

  • gugy

    sorry Smush, you are a loser player with a loser attitude. So you are not going anywhere like that.

  • NICK


  • Sako

    who’s this clown calling Smush “a legend”?

  • YellowPurpleFever

    This video was in the Summer of 2008 and now its way in 2009 season.
    What league was hes talking about? “I got something hook-up, couple of teams” Yeah right!
    Smush will always be a STREET BALLER
    Thanks for some memorable Dunks, good bye now!
    and PLS DON’T check in from time to time.

  • Lker Roger

    wait smush luke might give up his spot since he sucks like you. back to the car was huh smushie.
    you suck kobe is the best thing ever in your piece of crap life quit the hate go play rec ball at the ymca loser

  • Dan Iwao

    Smush is a garbage player who should of realized his talent level is nowhere near Kobe Bryant. All I can say is good riddance!

  • THEbrownblurr

    smush is so bad. he will NOT be back in the NBA. the freakingg Clippers didnt even want him!

  • killa kenny

    funny things is i got dudes that know smush, played with smush in brooklyn, the nba and they all say the same thing….Got game but thinks he’s too tight.. smush aint even that nice…and then he wanna bash KB24? lol..get in the NBA and lets chop it up

  • Kobe8

    Smush is a El Bumo!! He will never be a factor in the nba! on the sideline hatin! he should be mad at farmar

  • Thomas

    Now, please remind me again who is still in the League and not playin’ with drug addicts and bums on the streets of NY…Really this is unfortunate. I really liked Smush Parker but I guess his attidude wasnt right. He probably wanted to be “the man” and since it is Kobe’s team that wasnt gonna happen so he was dumped.

  • sketch

    and this is the reason why even when he’s not playing for the lakers, he’s still the smush of the day player every single night! because no one’s as bad as he is! no one!

  • Michael P

    He’s very credible going full-circle playing on they playground again. Next stop is the driveway.

  • thisbedo

    legend in his own right… as in turnovers,shots bricked so bad I could of sworn he had his eyes closed, as in the 06 smushcalade he prolly got repo’d

    ..who goes from wearing the legendary forum blue and gold to wearing some jerseys picked up at the thrift store and thinks hes taking a step in the right direct??..only smush

    when scum like this talk smack about the lakers and kb it really pisses me off …knowing damn well he’ll do anything to be our water boy right now

  • strokes

    WOW…is this ugly mofo 4 real speak a lil english u retarted cricket…. he played next to 1 of the greatest players and now hes talking ishh seriously smootch parker get a 9 to 5…. i heard the lakers r hiring

  • Lakers-Fan

    ??? Hey I admire triple ocho as much as any lakers fan but I’m just wondering why none of kobe’s teammates arent coming to his defense right away… If this was a truly a championship calibre team and someone as critical as Kobe gets dogged like that everyone on the team should be saying “hey smush your wrong… kobe is a great teammate to play with”

    why isnt anyone on the lakers saying anything like that?

  • JC

    you guys probably remember the playoffs of ’06 and ’07 against the Suns,Smush couldn’t even stop Nash,a PG way older than him…..c’mon even the Clipps didn’t want part of Smush…in the meantime we have a chance to win a title with Kobe,a player that even NBA players respect…as for Smush,he is not even respected in a daycare playground…


    SMUSH just faded away and I guess he has a sour puss about it. Why didnt he just keep his trap shut and fade with dignity?