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With all the hoopla of the retooled Los Angeles Lakers and the supposed dominance of the Big 4, it seems that this 0-2 start has many wondering if the Lakers acutally have what it takes to win another championship and bask in NBA glory.

Let’s remember that the NBA season is an 82 game marathon…not a 2 game sprint.

As a die hard Laker fan, I have to admit I’m a little disappointed. Seeing the Forum Blue and Gold team struggle as they did against the Dirk-less Dallas Mavericks and then have a young Portland Trailblazers team run an offensive clinic at the expense of Kobe and the crew was not easy to watch.

As a basketball purist, this really doesn’t surprise me.  After all, the starting five of this Laker team had one pre-season game under their belt.  That’s one game in which Bryant, World Peace, Gasol, Nash and Howard, as a cohesive unit, had to execute a system that has just been implemented.  One game in which Mike Brown and his coaching staff had a complete team to assess, critique and make adjustments.  You can’t sum up the season in just 2 games.  Laker fans, Rome was not built in a day.

Starting the season with two losses isn’t the end of the world. With a roster as talented as this, things can only get better.