sloanL.A. Times: “Lord of the Flies” meets the NBA playoffs? Well, not exactly.

The Jazz may have lost the opening game to the Lakers, but they have hardly landed on an island, and as for self-governing, there’s really only one man in charge: Coach Jerry Sloan.

Sloan brought up a new image Monday morning at practice when attempting to define his remarks from the previous day about his team’s lack of nastiness, and the need for the Jazz to incorporate that concept into their playbook.

This isn’t about classy nastiness. Or nasty-nasty, as in committing flagrant fouls.

How about just plain old down-home nastiness?

“You want to be like an old nasty fly,” Sloan said. “Be a pain in the butt to somebody, but you can’t be a pain in the butt if you’re not on ‘em. That’s all I was talking about. It wasn’t anything bad. Maybe it kind of sounded that way, like we’re trying to do something crazy.”

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