SLAMonline: So: Is he? Is Kobe Bryant, right now, the best basketball player alive?


He is, without question, a very good basketball player. He is tall. He runs fast, and he jumps high. He makes a lot of baskets, and he possesses a “high basketball IQ.” Among the rest of the basketball players playing basketball in the NBA today, his “skill set” is arguably unsurpassed. He does, in other words, most of the things involved in playing basketball better than do most other basketball players. No. 1 seems about right.

Who might be better? Probably no one. There are only a handful of basketball players in the “who’s the best basketball player” conversation, and arguably only one in legitimate contention, but the case for that basketball player has had numerous holes poked in it. A lot of those pokes have been valid. So, maybe consensus is easily reached: There is no basketball player who is clearly better at playing basketball than is Kobe Bryant.

Ergo, Kobe Bryant is the best basketball player.

And yet.

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  • Michael_23

    Again, I’m not surprised.

  • kobethegreat

    the answer is yes and yes and yes……

  • e

    yep yep…no doubt about it

  • Zen Master

    Why do bloggers think that their teams have better bench than us? Is it because they watch their teams too much so they overexaggerate when they talk about their teams? Let’s just say they have high opinions of their own teams but they don’t think fairly of other teams.

  • mr.laker19


  • kb24thebestever


    and fuck Hollinger thats why i hate espn because stupid people like him…
    this is what he said “I’m sorry kobe fans but lebron james is the best player on earth”. fucken ignorant.

  • Paul Peirce

    WOw wow wow… we all know who the best player is in the nba.. its me i mean c’mon did you see my faking injury and coming back to score 15 points in the 3rd quater?! it was just amazing… kboe can never get on my level IM THE KING! (not labroun… the cletics are going to the championchip again and are gonna win it all!!! Paece out wiggas….

    ps: as you all konow i dint kno how to spelle….

  • Shaquelle O’neal

    YEa wat up! yo dawg… me n my new bff(yoa ming) are goin to bangkok to play a couple rounds of gulf next wekeend… and then we’re gunna get married in iraq and when we ritire we’re gonna live in sweiden…. i cant wait to spend time with my bff…. (we might loose our virginity( well yao wil cuz i already did wit robert whorry)……

    k bibi bff!!!! ttyl!!!!

  • Jof

    comment on slamonline:

    reading the post, it’s friggin obvious ryan jones wasn’t convinced.. why even write the article in the first place? instead of substance, we get starch.. considering this is the piece for “the best basketball player,” regardless if it was KB or LBJ or whoever.. seriously, if you’re not convinced, you shouldn’t be writing it.. might as well write a piece that vilifies Kobe 100%..