Agree? Disagree? I know they’re not about to say LeBron is #1.

Kobe BryantSLAM Online: …in which we discuss Kobe Bryant’s greatness, through the words and opinions and clever turns of phrase of men who never heard of Kobe Bryant, because they’re dead, and mostly have been since long before basketball was a thing that existed; but, as these were clearly smart and opinionated guys, and as some of the smarter and more opinionated guys I’ve met in my life watch basketball, this method of observing Kobe Bryant’s greatness seems right and just, if not in fact infallible.

The fact that their definitions of greatness differ wildly is beside the point. And at least half the fun.

And: Because no matter how tedious this might turn out, writing about the things Kobe has done and still can do on the basketball court would be infinitely more tedious. You know. You’ve seen it. There are no secrets. There is nothing left to know.

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  • BigT

    Man this pisses me off, all Lebi**h does is dunk and travel while he goes to do it. When the Lakers play the Cavs does kobe usually shut that fag down yes he does. God i cant believe this kobe is better than lebron end of story

  • Omamba

    Though Kobe has more help than LeBron does, he uses his team better than LeBron uses his. He doesn’t have to make the assist, rebound, or score as much as he did before, nor does he have to do them as much as LeBron “thinks” he has to. He let’s his teammates make the play when necessary, and only takes over when needed, not trying to take over the whole game, which LeBron “tries” to do. This incessant discussion about LeBron being better than Kobe is although true, they don’t say the obvious reasons he is better, they just say he is. Kobe may be more skilled, but in the end, LeBron and Wade are more better only because they’re younger and have less mileage, but there is no way they’ll ever be more skilled than Kobe. There’s a difference between being better, and being fundamentally better, or even being better skills-wise, Kobe is better than everyone in the league fundamentally and skills-wise. He also knows how to win, something LeBron and Wade have had a hard time learning how to do.

  • LAKERS4thewin

    Kobe: 4 Rings
    Lebron: 0 Rings

    Get your facts straight Slam!!! You rank someone based on Potential!!!

    Kobe has accomplished way more than LeBron! When its all said and done, people will realize the amazing feats Kobe accomplished during his reign!

    Don’t be passing the Crown down to the Proclaimed “King” when the “King” hasn’t done anything to help his Cavs win a championship.

    Enough said.

  • CK

    Greatness? Depends on how you measure greatness, in my mind its success and so far Kobe has the edge, but if I were to rank players by who I would surround a team with TODAY and create a team with you have to obviously go with LeBron, I have no problem with him being #1 as he is eventually going to replace Kobe or likely already has as the player who has the most impact on the game for his team.

  • The Mamba24

    I ain’t even gonna read that.

  • http://LakersNation Marwan

    This is what we have to face being a Laker fan. Face the hate, and this will just fuel Kobe. How much media was around him last season, not much and how much hate did he receive, alot, especially the “you can’t do it without Shaq” and he used that to prove them wrong and win number 4. Where as LeBron had all the media and no hate what so ever and go eliminated in the ECF. Hey, at least he made the finals… in the East. So, as this may seem negative, take it in a positive way, as motivation to prove them wrong, I know I would.

  • Robert

    Look at it this way: LeBron is going to miss out on another championship this year. This might be the best ‘stacked’ team for him to even have a chance to win it all — but he won’t. What will he do then? If he’s out of Championship contention, he’s going to NYC. Then he will continue to ‘not’ have chances to win a championship. He will be one of the best players to ‘not’ win a championship (like Karl Malone? Karl scored the 2nd most points in NBA history, and was a top 50)

    In the meantime, Kobe will win several more championships, and pass MJ, and the Lakers will pass the Celtics. Kobe will be remembered ‘like’ MJ, and LeHype will be remembered like Karl Malone.

    footnote: the only chance LeBron has of being even as great as Kobe, is if he comes to the Lakers and plays alongside Kobe, and learns from Kobe.